by LGBT vs DUP in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 8th July 2017 we successfully raised £445 with 23 supporters in 28 days

We are raising funds to support the fight against the formation of a Conservative/DUP arrangement or coalition.

by LGBT vs DUP in London, England, United Kingdom

We are raising money to cover our costs to oppose the DUP being a presence within the UK government. 

They are a risk to LGBT rights in this country and the conservatives have shown how little they value LGBT people by considering an agreement which is not in the national interest but in their own parties interest. 

Any conservative politician that truly supports LGBT people in this country must vote against the Queen's Speech and against the proposed budget.

LGBT members of the conservative party must stand against this arrangement. What message does this send to LGBT youth around the country? We cannot have party which has ran on an anti-gay marriage and anti-LGBT platform into the UK government. Allowing the DUP into power will only enable bigots and make these statistics worse 

LGBT young people already deal with enough hardship in this country and we cannot allow an Anti-LGBT government in the UK. 

We only need 3 MP's to vote against the queen's speech and the budget to stop the CON/DUP coalition from forming.

Follow our twitter account and use our hashtag #LGBTnotDUP

Read more about the situation here

Support our Thunderclap to make #LGBTnotDUP trend on the morning of the state opening of parliament.

All funds will be used to fund the fight against the DUP:

Example Costs are:

Website Hosting/Email Hosting Costs: £60

Development of online campaign tool to share message: £200
We would like to create an online tool for facebook and twitter users to add a facebook frame supporting our message to their profile. We would specifically target people who voted conservative and will pledge to never vote for them again if they enter into an agreement with the DUP and target LGBT people who will be affected by any rollback of equal rights in this country. 

We will then host these images as a murial on our website so the conservative MPs can see the faces of those they represent.

Tweetstorm Campaign: £140
Targeted Facebook/Google Ads in Constiuencies: Scalable

Some money may be used to cover individual's costs if they should arise during the campaign. I will be open and honest if this is the case.

Any money that is left over from the campaign will be donated to an established LGBT charity.

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