Leyland Tiger/Lydney EU 9722 “Mabel”

by GRCWMuseum1860 in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

Leyland Tiger/Lydney EU 9722 “Mabel”
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We aim to raise the required funds for the purchase and acquisition of Leyland Tiger/Lydney EU 9722 with further funds towards transport.

by GRCWMuseum1860 in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

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Please help the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum, registered Charity (CIO) no.1191551 to purchase Leyland Tiger/Lydney EU 9722.

On Sunday 22nd August 2021, the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum was offered Lydney (Gloucestershire) bodied bus EU 9722 which is a 1949 Leyland Tiger PS1.

The museum has been given a deadline of December 2021 to raise the funds and relocate the bus to its new home.


History of EU 9722 

EU 9722 was built by Leyland Motors Limited (later known as Leyland Motor Corporation) and bodied by Lydney Coach Works, Gloucestershire. EU 9722 was delivered new to Griffin Motor Company, Brynmawr as their 122 in July 1949. It was transferred to Red and White Services (Red and White Transport Services Ltd.), formerly of Lydney, Gloucestershire but at this point the headquarters were located in Chepstow.

Shortly after arrival with the Griffin Motor Company, complaints by Griffin of limited forward vision apparently prompted a change in design of the later 1950 batch which included a higher build line and deeper windscreen.

EU 9722 came out of passenger service in December 1963. Sometime between 1963 and 1976 it was purchased by the Multiple Sclerosis Society based in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales. 

In 1976, it was purchased by Robert Edworthy, John Jones and Andrew Mann for a sum of £100 (£763.09 in today’s money), as the society were selling it for a more modern vehicle. 

c.1982, EU 9722 nicknamed ‘Mabel’ completed a 1000 mile road trip to Vintage shows the length and breadth of Britain, from Southend to Carlisle and back. Whilst mechanically good it needed a complete body overhaul which was then beyond their means. 

A private individual of Chepstow, wanted to run it as a preserved vehicle, brought it for £600 (£1,652.22 in today’s money) a few years later, but the plan never materialised and it was left to rust.

In John Cumper’s garden, 1995 (c. Wayne Robert’s)EU 9722 in the garden of the private individual, 1995 (c. Wayne Robert’s)

Roger Edworthy told the press “it didn’t move a wheel for 30 years and it was just rotting to pieces…”

It was purchased by the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group (CTPG) back in 2012, it was stored at a private site in Lydney for some time before being relocated to the CTPG base of operations in Barry, South Wales. 

The Museum emailed the CTPG for information regarding the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company and the EU 9722 as it was a Lydney Bodied bus and a reply from the CTPG  in August 2021 provided the museum with the unique  opportunity to acquire EU 9722 “Mabel” which is the only Lydney bodied service bus to exist.

The bus itself is referred to as a B35F which broken down: B = Bus, 35 = number of seats in the Saloon, F = location of passenger entrance door in this case “Front” loading. 

Being what is commonly referred to as a half cab the bus when in service requires both a driver to drive the vehicle and conductor to collect the tickets and ensure passenger safety is maintained.

EU 9722 is the only surviving Lydney bodied service bus known to exist.

Plan for EU 9722 “Mabel”

The Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum’s plan for Eau 9722 “Mabel” is to fully restore the bus back to its original Griffin of BrynRed and White Services livery often seen around Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Subject to various agreements, EU 9722 once restored will provide the Museum with a sustainable mode of transport to ferry visitors  directly to and from the Museum a total of just over 5 miles which will take between 11 and 15 minutes in each direct (subject to traffic). This should help to reduce the number of visitors needing to travel by car on open days and special events throughout the year.

The bus when not in use will been on static display at the Museum providing an opportunity for visitors to visit the cab and also on the occasion for the bus to attend various events and rallies throughout the UK promoting both the Museum and Railway while also raising vital funds towards the upkeep of EU 9722 and the Museum and Railway in general.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

Wheel Arch

Thank you for donating towards the purchase of EU 9722. As part of this reward we would like to offer you 1-year free membership to the museum where you can keep up to date with the restoration of EU 9722.

£25 or more

Cab Door

Thank you for donating towards the purchase of EU 9722. As part of this reward we would like to offer you the same as above plus

£50 or more

Single Deck

Thank you for donating towards the purchase of EU 9722. As part of this reward we would like to offer you all of the above plus a certificate of appreciation, name on our EU 9722 donors recognition wall, a replica resin Leyland Radiator Badge (taken from the original on EU 9722) and a behind the scenes access to the restoration and finished bus once restored.

£100 or more


Thank you for donating towards the purchase of EU 9722. As part of this reward we would like to offer you all of the above plus a round trip on EU 9722 once restored.

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