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by Edwina in Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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The Lewes Green Huts are unique. We are determined to value, tell the stories of, celebrate and rehome the Lewes Green Huts.

by Edwina in Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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The Lewes Green Huts are unique. There isn't another building like them, with such a history, anywhere. 

They are due to be demolished very soon for new housing. 

  • Your donation will help ensure the buildings are instead respected, celebrated, recorded properly and carefully dismantled, ready to find a new home and purpose.
  • It will fund outreach, a website and an education resource so their history is not forgotten.

The huts have always been a place of transition, of temporariness, of passing through. Temporary themselves by design, arriving at sites in flat packs on trains, they have been at various times a church for young men volunteering from all over the world including the Caribbean before travelling to fight in WW1, a local food market, a cattle market, an auction house selling fine art and bric-a-brac, a place for local Lewesians to come along on Mondays and outbid each other for old-fashioned chairs, china and tables, or for treasures from house clearances to be put hopefully in rummage boxes, trying to catch the eye of one of our local antiques traders. 

1717932998_unadjustednonraw_thumb_6ff7.jpgAbandoned traces of all of these memories are still in the buildings, passing through. We have managed to salvage, clean and treasure dozens of them, rescuing traces of our memories from landfill. Our creative project, A Place for Everything, devised by Lewes artist Marco Crivello, captures their moment in time in an ‘archaeology of things,’ inspired by Mark Dion’s 1999 work for Tate Modern, Thames Dig. And like Dion, we have also conducted some archaeology in the rubble pile and surveyed the old allotment at the edge of the site and found medieval building materials, fragments of 18thC pottery, remnants of the Lewes iron industry – and an unusual orchid.

A small selection of dozens of abandoned objects salvaged.


    “A Place for Everything begins by embracing the abandoned objects, land, and     buildings as a dynamic archaeological zone… transposing the last days of the       current site, onto its historical past.” Marco Crivello

Your donation will support the next stage of A Place for Everything…

1.   The Lewes Green Huts Open Day, on July 6th

Now cleaned and swept ready for the public to enjoy one last time, before demolition starts a week later, the huts are like the Marie Celeste – the office, kitchen and auctioneer’s stand, are exactly as they were on the last days they were used.

But the walls and rummaging shelves will be transformed by the cleaned and carefully curated relics discovered in the huts during the first phase, thanks to the work of members of our community in partnership with ESCG art tutor James DiBiase and his team of students. 

Former Gorringe’s employee Neil Lewis, who worked at the auction house for 25 years, will help to display some of the objects alongside other former colleagues in his inimitable style, and conduct an ‘auction’ of these finds, now treasured artworks. 

And there will be speakers too, ready to talk about the history of the huts and the people who passed through them. 

Parts of the day will be filmed. Visitors will have the chance to share their own memories and thoughts about the huts.

This will be a Lewes event not to be missed, a chance to give dignity to these buildings and those who passed through them and say goodbye to them in style. Please donate to help make this happen.

And the awareness of the buildings raised by the event will help spread the word about the buildings and find them a new home, the next stage of their journey.

2.   Deck the Hoardings

The dark green hoardings put up to protect the site are made up of 29 panels, currently empty. With your donation they will become a dynamic evolving exhibition space over the summer months, sharing all aspects of the huts and their stories as the new buildings behind them begin to take shape.

3.   Cabinet of Curiosities

Building on last year’s successful Windows of Wonder project, we will secure a window for an installation during Artwave featuring aspects of this project. Your donation will help ensure this happens, brightening up Lewes High St and sharing this unique Lewes story with our summer visitors.

4.   Hut Stories

Finally, the works will feature in Hut Stories, a Black History Month event in October celebrating the soldiers from the Caribbean who passed through Lewes to on their way to train and fight during WW1.

1717933964_british-west-indies-regiment-623x438.jpgThis will also feature a new multimedia work by ESCG art students, responding to the journeys of commonwealth troops, who would have used the huts when they were a church in Seaford in 1915.  

Please help us to make this vision happen! All donations, however small, will be very much appreciated. And thanks to match funding by East Sussex County Council Wellbeing Fund, your donation will be automatically doubled.

 All funders will be invited to the Lewes Green Huts Open Day on July 6th, and have the chance to experience the last ever opportunity for the public to go inside them. 

Demolition will start a few days later. 

Important - Please make sure you click the 'Claim Reward' option if you would like to come, rather than the 'Donate' option. That way we will know to reserve you a ticket and contact you about the event. You can then top up the sum donated to any figure you like, if you wish. Your donations will be match-funded by ESCC Community Wellbeing Fund.

Thank you!


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