Often It Starts With A Shout - Let's Stop Shouting

by Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar in Wetherby, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th April 2021 we successfully raised £5,010 with 28 supporters in 30 days

Raise £5000 to establish our groundbreaking ‘let’s stop shouting’ online training & national campaign. Aim to reach over 500,000 individuals

by Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar in Wetherby, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Our aim is to offer our Online 6 week Let's Stop Shouting Program to over 500,000 individual's by training 500 counsellors to deliver our program. 

We will be using the money to create further resources and recruit counsellors to deliver our program. 

                     Our Lets Stop Shouting Campaign


Dear Friends, 

We are hoping to raise over £5,000 to go towards training 500 counsellors to deliver our 6 week ‘Let’s Stop Shouting’ therapeutic programme which will reach over 500,000 individuals. This programme will be delivered through Watoto Play’s new online creative therapy platform, My CC Toolkit. Our long term aim is to secure funding for counsellors to deliver this program (so yes we have a stretch target).

Our nationally focussed "Let’s Stop Shouting Awareness Day" will take place on Saturday November 6th 2021. But throughout March 2021 during our four-week Crowdfunding campaign we will be raising awareness of "How it starts with a shout". 

Our awareness day will belong to our start up, the Let's Stop Shouting Community Interest Company which we are in the process of forming.

What’s the program about?

The ‘Let’s Stop Shouting’ 6 Week programme will offer support strategies on how to listen more effectively and how to have passionate conversations without resorting to anger or violence. We will share ways to improve communication, processing of uncomfortable emotions, de-escalation and conflict resolution skills. In turn we hope the project will have a considerable impact on reducing levels of both emotional and physical abuse.

Why is this important?

This campaign is incredibly important especially as we start to come to terms with the mental health costs of the pandemic and lockdown. We want to raise awareness - without shame or blame around the impact shouting has on our relationships but also our physical health and wellbeing. Our ‘Let’s Stop Shouting’ campaign is about embracing similarities and differences, as well as increasing the awareness of the human in all of us.  It will offer tools and strategies to help take the heat out of tense, frustrating situations and support those wanting to build stronger, healthier, calmer relationships with family, friends, neighbours or in the workplace.


What can you do?

We can’t do this on our own, we need your help to spread our message far and wide. If you can support us - your pledge could help deliver mental health resources, courses and sessions to potentially thousands of people. We have a number of rewards to support the campaign that we hope you’ll like. 

If you can't pledge right now that’s okay, there are plenty of other ways you can help to support us such as: 

Download our digital social media pack & share them on your social media channels, it really helps us to let others know that we are Crowdfunding and you can do this by clicking here. 


If you are a therapist and you want to share our message or sign up to learn how you could deliver our 6 Week online ‘Let’s Stop Shouting’ programme, please click here. 

Please use our hash tags they are #letstopshouting21 #letsstopshouting21 #mentalhealthmatters in any way you can! 

Share our campaign page to people you know who might be interest in the campaign and able to pledge. 

We don't know many influencers or anyone famous but if you do let them it would be great if you could let them know about our campaign! 

Take part in our ‘Let’s Stop Shouting’ awareness day on Saturday 6th November 2021. 

Try in your own life to open up the conversation about the impact shouting can have on our physical and mental health. Maybe start by looking at your own relationships with your family, friends or work colleagues. 

Share our campaign on your social media channels. 

Learn More 

If you want to know more, learn about our digital platform, or if you have an idea how you can help with our ‘Let's Stop Shouting’ campaign then please get in touch. Or maybe you’re interested in finding out more about how you can introduce our campaign into your workplace, school or community? Whether you are a parent, a professional, a corporation, a policy maker, whoever - if you share our passion, we would love to hear from you. 

We warmly welcome ideas and collaborations to help make our ‘Let’s Stop Shouting’ campaign become nationally recognised. We will be hosting a webinar every 12.00pm from Monday to Friday if you want to get in touch with us and learn more about the people involved in this campaign, you can book your place right here

Thank you again,

#letstopshouting21 #letsstopshouting21 #mentalhealthmatters



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

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Support 1 individual

To access our Lets Stop Shouting 6-week online group course. Your money will go towards paying a qualified counsellor to run our 6-week online group course. In return get our Lets Stop Shouting Goody :- - Our Sticker pack. -Lets Stop Shouting Cotton Tote Bag. - Lets Stop shouting mouse mat - Lets Stop shouting fridge magnet - 30 day Lets Stop Shouting Challenge in your inbox - Our Quarterly Lets Stop Shouting Newsletter

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The Lets Stop Shouting Coffee Time Pledge

As a thanks from us you'll get an electronic Let's Stop Shouting Pledge you can sign to show your support and commitment to our Let's Stop Shouting Campaign.

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Lets Stop Shouting Sticker Pack

An assortment of 10 cute Lets Stop Shouting stickers - posted out to your address. Show the world you support The Lets Stop Shouting campaign and give yourself a gentle reminder every now and again if ever needed.

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I Want My Family To Stop Shouting 30 Challenge.

Get in your email inbox our daily challenge for 30 days. Our "I Want My Family To Stop Shouting 30 Day Challenge" - includes daily tips, strategies and meditations, ways to de-escalate situations with your family. A once a day email in your inbox for 30 days.

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I Just Want To Stop Shouting 30 day challenge

Get in your email inbox our daily challenge for 30 days. Our "I Want To Stop Shouting 30 Day Challenge" - includes daily tips, strategies and meditations. Healthy ways to have passionate or difficult conversations at home or in the workplace.

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Lets Stop Shouting Teachers Pack

One member of your staff will receive online training to deliver our Schools Lets Stop Shouting 6 hour workshop This workshop can be broken up over the space of a few weeks and delivered in PHSE You will receive online downloads and videos to open conversation about shouting and the impact it can have on friendships.

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1 years therapist membership to My CC Toolkit

1 therapist account & 15 client accounts - fixed membership price for life founding member. - 1 Toolkit - 3 Workspaces. - Consent & intake forms signed online. - Store progress notes, clinical will, bookings. - HIPAA & IS27001 Compliant environment. - Creative Workspace : Sand Play environment, over 50 creative interactive activities and more added each day. Watch daily webinar learn more about toolkit

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Become a Patron & Fund 1 Youth Program

Your £500 will fund 1 qualified counsellor to run our 6 week "Let's Stop Shouting" online interactive creative therapy program to a group of 10 young people. We can send you our Lets Stop Shouting goody bag which includes: - our re-useable cotton shopping bag - sticker pack - Lets Stop Shouting magnets - and mega feels of pledging to a good cause!

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Corporate - Lets Stop Shouting Group Online Course

Our 6 week online Lets Stop Shouting Course in The Workplace includes - 6 x 90 minutes group sessions online with a qualified counsellor. - Maximum of 10 participants - Improve the wellbeing of your employees - Raise awareness impact of shouting - Conflict/ Resolution strategies - Learn De-escalation strategies. - access to our interactive digital platform.

£1,500 or more

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Corporate, 10 hour online program for employees

Up to 100 employees. Special Discount Rate Have a wellbeing program you want delivered to your employees? Employees can complete online at their own pace? A program that is engaging & empowering using creative interventions? Perhaps an EAP? Do you have a topic in mind? Or would you like us to create a tailored program for your company? If unsure come talk to us on our daily webinars before you pledge.

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