Lets get James his autism app!

by Rachael Malthouse in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

We did it
On 28th May 2023 we successfully raised £1,530 with 39 supporters in 61 days

We need to raise £1500 to get three key aspects of James' AUTISM prototype app developed - it will be game changing for many autistic kids!

by Rachael Malthouse in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We have just celebrated reaching our Crowdfunder target! 

We do have additional elements we would love to add onto our app so we have added this stretch target. Any further money raised would support the development of additional gamified aspects of the app and 12 additional smiley animals - which is what young people have told us really want! Having spoken with Buzz Interactive Solutions Ltd the stretch target would enable us to do this and if we reach this target they will be able to start work on this ASAP!

Who are we:

We are Rachael (39), Harry (11) and James (9), we all care about helping autistic children with their super powers! We have developed a prototype app to support autistic children aged 7-14 with everyday tasks they find tricky - so they can focus on the things they like doing. 1679926164_img-20210807-wa0012.jpg

Rachael has been a healthcare professional in the NHS for almost 20 years and is currently doing a PhD exploring Health and Wellbeing technology. Harry loves sport and James wants to be a Minecraft YouTuber. We all like making and eating cake - our favourite flavours are Coffee and Biscoff!


Why is this needed?

James' challenges with some everyday tasks made us want to do something to help him and other autistic children. James often feels frustrated and cross or anxious when he is asked to do things like get dressed or clean his teeth. He finds them pointless, boring and sometimes overwhelming. Rachael's lived experience has helped her understand carers/parents often need an extra bit of support to help their child. It can feel tiring and lonely caring for a child with additional needs.

What have we done?

We have had a real adventure learning about designing and developing apps. This journey has brought the three of us even closer together! 1679926818_img-20230102-wa0010.jpg

We were successful in gaining £10,000 of funding which we used to build our prototype. We have had a lot of fun meeting with Buzz Interactive Solutions Ltd. (the software developers). Lindsay, Danielle and big James made this process extra special for us all (and they gave us good cakes!) We have also enjoyed watching this series of The Apprentice.... which helped us think about our brand and business plan!! (We think Lord Sugar would have chosen us!)

Our prototype has been developed with what we have termed a kid-co-development approach. This means that autistic children and their carers/parents have been involved in all stages of the development of the prototype. It will ensure our app is exciting and fun for autistic children to use as they have developed it! We have also involved over 15 professionals from health and social care and education to ensure it will help reduce inequalities in this vulnerable group and provide health and well-being benefits.The app will provide step by step support to help autistic children get started and complete things they find boring or overwhelming in a fun and engaging way! Parents will have access to videos offering practical tips to help with everyday tasks. The app encourages children to be more independent - which will help them focus on their superpowers!


Our Project:

We have just received another grant for £22,100 to develop our prototype into a working app, which James and many children like him, will find makes an incredibly positive difference to their everyday lives. Every pound you donate will be matched by our grant. This is a learning process for us and we have reduced our initial Crowdfunder target to ensure we raise the funds we need to be able to start to build our app. This Crowdfunder will pay for three essential aspects of the app development:

1.  Carer/parent daily tips (developed by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals)

2. A congratulations animation (the child's pet taking a trip in a space rocket!) 

The pet congratulations animation was specially requested by autistic children who have inputted into the app design. This Crowdfunder will enable us to get the app into the hands of children and their carer/parents.

Building this together

This app is not just about us, it is about supporting autistic children become more independent and confident and less anxious. We also want to provide carers and parents with advice to help support them.


We would love you to you visit our Facebook page, where you can learn and feel connected and part of a wider group who promote the superpowers of autism. We have already had great support with Parent Carer Cornwall and Anna Kennedy who do the most incredible work.

We value your time, your good will and support so much. Please be a part of our journey with us.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

Early access to the app and six-months subscription for FREE!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Early access to the app and six month subscription for FREE! PDF Getting Dressed Top Tips Healthcare professionals have created a top tip guide to supporting autistic children to get dressed. Filled with step-by-step ideas and ways to make this tricky task fun for everyone!

£100 or more

£100 Reward

VIP Ticket to our launch party, early access to the app, six months subscription for FREE and a special thanks notice on our website.

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