Let them eat cake: desserts for inclusion

by Nicole Ewuosho in London, England, United Kingdom

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Famished is an allergy inclusive dessert brand, striving to make dessert available to people with food allergies and niche food intolerances

by Nicole Ewuosho in London, England, United Kingdom

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The Famished Story

Hi I'm Nicole, and I have always loved baking and making dessert. Having lactose intolerance myself, I made Famished!, an allergy inclusive dessert brand in London. I noticed the standard and variety of dessert available to me was very poor and I wanted to change this negative experience for everyone. 

With your help I am looking to raise £1200 to make my dream of allergy inclusive desserts for delivery a reality.

People with allergies feel deserted by dessert, often leaving restaurants feeling disappointed in the lack of options available. With more and more specialist allergies becoming the norm, we wanted to cater to them and make people feel included at the table and diversify the dessert available.

The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation states that of the 20 million people with allergic disease, 10 million have active allergic symptoms in any year and we intend to feed them all!

I want to remove the stigma around allergy centred dessert and make it easier for people with allergies to access and enjoy dessert without feeling abnormal for their dietary requirements and feeling left out.

What makes us special?

Famished! aims to feed those left behind at the dinner table when vegan and dairy free options aren't enough. 

Legume allergies, nut allergies, banana allergies and gluten intolerance can make it difficult for people to enjoy the desserts currently on offer as their dietary needs are more specialised and a lot of dairy free desserts marketed to those with allergies have allergens. Famished! is a nut free, allergen free dessert brand and we promise to cater to all - whatever the allergy.

'Famished! make the most delicious ginger cake that I've ever tasted! I've been vegan for years and it's always a struggle to find dessert brands that meet my dietary requirements and actually taste as good, if not better. I'll definitely be going to Famished! for sweet treats for myself and friends with food allergies'. - Safiyyah, 24

'I realised I had a fairly severe gluten intolerance during lockdown and it felt so frustrating to suddenly not be able to eat the things I enjoy as often. So to discover Famished!’s cookies is amazing! Often when I eat gluten free foods, sadly they don't taste nearly half as good as baked goods with gluten in. Famished!’s baked goods are certainly the exception to that rule! They are banging! For those with a sweet tooth and a gluten issue-- get 'em whislt they're hot! ????' - Jess, 33


What am I crowdfunding for?

I will use this funding to help set up Famished! and cover the costs of baking appliances I will need to get my delicious desserts to the masses. 


Costs we need to purchase and cover include: ingredients, ice cream machinery for allergy inclusive ice creams, a taiyaki iron to make exciting fish shaped dessert and a candyfloss machine to make fluffy sugary delights deliverable to your homes!


Backers will receive a special Christmas hamper selection of sticky toffee cake, gingerbread cookies, Fruitcake and Pizelle cookies. We will launch with a cake box menu of chocolate orange and strawberry tarts, ginger cake, banana cake and a chocolate brownie. 



Long term impact

- removing stigma around allergy centred food

- normalise niche allergies + improve self esteem

- improving accessibility through delivery


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£30 Reward - Limited Edition Christmas cake boxes

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