Launching a biochar project in Cornwall

by Tom Previte in Liskeard, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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We're launching a farm-scale biochar pilot project in Cornwall this summer to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and support local farmers!

by Tom Previte in Liskeard, Cornwall, United Kingdom

We're tackling climate change through launching a biochar project that will remove CO2 from the atmosphere and support farmers with more sustainable farming practices.

Here's the problem

As a planet we’ve agreed to limit temperature increase to 1.5°C or well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels by 2050.

But even if we flipped a switch today, transitioning to renewables as quickly as we can and rapidly phasing out fossil fuels, there would likely still be enough greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to nudge us over that 1.5degree threshold… In short, we also need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Agriculture is integral to the UK and Cornwall. Roughly 70% of Cornwall’s land is farmed in some way. We also know that agriculture can play a critical role in the world’s climate strategy.

However, margins are as tight as ever for farmers, soils are degraded, we have a changing subsidies landscape and on top of this all, a more extreme climate.

We think we can help with something called biochar

Biochar offers a transformative opportunity for farmers. The application of Biochar on soil has numerous benefits including increased water retention, and nutrient capacity, promoting topsoil regeneration and enhancing biodiversity. There’s evidence that biochar added to cattle feed also reduces methane emissions.

As well as all these potential benefits being researched, biochar is also a form of carbon removal.

What is biochar?

Thanks to pyrolysis technology we cook wood residues without oxygen, convert them into a charcoal-like substance known as biochar. Biochar can be anywhere from 60-95% carbon.

We want to put biochar's properties to the test on local farms in Cornwall. That’s why we’re partnering with two farmers to run on-farm biochar trials. We want to answer the following questions for the agricultural sector - 'how can I use biochar and how would it benefit me?’ alongside proving biochar’s carbon removal efficacy. 


                              Raw biochar before inoculation (credits: CapChar)

1714560784_photo-2024-04-03-08-26-51_4_(1).jpg          Biochar applied to cattle bedding (credits: CapChar's FarmEd Cow Shed Application)


             Inoculated biochar spread on field prior to drilling (credits: CapChar)

Who are we?

Restord, a team passionate about producing biochar for its climate and agricultural benefits. For the last 80 years, our family has managed a 200 acre farm near Liskeard, Cornwall. The farm is broken into an ancient woodland which we look after, and the rest managed by two farmers. Here is where we want to launch a pilot biochar facility to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of biochar.

What do we need the money for?

We're seeking funds to help purchase the pyrolysis technology needed to produce biochar on-farm.

This project is in partnership with CapChar, a UK biochar company, who provide turnkey agricultural carbon removal solutions. CapChar will supply the pyrolysis technology and software infrastructure needed for us to completely run our biochar project, which will be the first site, on-farm in the UK.

Restord also needs funds to showcase the benefits our biochar project will bring via a podcast alongside open days and workshops with the local community.

1715075169_pyrolysis_kiln_image_for_crowdfunder.jpg                             Mockup of the pyrolysis machine (credits: CapChar)

How you can get involved

By backing our campaign, you're not just supporting a project; you're joining a movement towards a more sustainable future. We offer various rewards and perks for our backers, including exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes access and open days.

Join us as we share our story, from conception to implementation, and together, let's make a difference to our climate and the way we farm.

This is our podcast!

                                     LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE


                                     A drone shot of the farm, Cornwall


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