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A specialty Coffee shop providing free barista training and a space for creatives and the community supporting refugees/Asylum seekers

by Kwetu Coffee in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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Two things that all human beings share regardless of background, we are social beings and we all have the need for a dignified livelihood and to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. Kwetu Coffee will address these fundamental human rights by creating a safe space where refugees and asylum seekers can feel free to inter mingle amongst each other and members of the very hospitable Glaswegian community.

 Our coffee shop will provide both Barista Training and social events that promote learning of the English language and foster positive aspects such as building confidence, social skills, sense of community and belonging. This will be achieved through workshops and event ranging from performing arts eg. (Stand-up comedy, spoken word, poetry), art classes eg. Painting, pottery, etc by refugees/asylum seekers. We’d be able to encourage participation by incentivising our programs i.e providing bus fare and also engaging the community through volunteer programs that will promote interaction and through that foster integration while also providing guidance towards employability through partnerships with other coffee shops to give trainees experience in different work environments.

We will be able to measure impact looking into data e.g the number of refugees/asylum seekers who go through the training program, either successfully gaining employment or those who complete it out of interest to gain barista skills and knowledge. The number of individuals who sign into our different other programs and workshops/events.



Delivered by the founder of Kwetu Coffee who is a highly experienced barista,At "Kwetu" which means our home in Swahili, we offer barista training in specialty coffee that aims to help refugees and asylum seekers to gain employability skills, learn about the hospitality business in the UK and enhance their confidence.


This training will equip them to work in other cafes or lead on running other branches of Kwetu Coffee in the future.

This also gives our team members the opportunity to interact with people from the host community so both parties learn about cultural literacy. 



A warm, friendly and welcoming space where we invite people from all backgrounds to come, connect with people from different backgrounds and learn about world cultures through the food and drinks we will serve and the world art and music we will present in the cafe.   

“This is a chance for me to learn a new employable skill and considering that I am not able to enroll to school yet, I look forward to putting my time and focus on the training.

It's good for my mental health when I can access any form of learning“.


From live performances to art and craft sessions and stand-up comedy and poetry nights, intertwined with coffee tasting, we run regular community events curated to foster a sense of community and belonging, and celebrate cultural diversity and the richness that refugees bring to the host community.

This cultural exchange hub will thus support refugee creatives to showcase their arts and raise social or cultural awareness around issues that matter.


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