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Kinisi - A portable lifting device to aid those who fall. Designed by Nemein, an award winning, innovative, hi-tech engineering company.

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We all know of someone who may be frail or frequently falls and need help getting back up, be they elderly, injured or suffering from an auto-immune disease such as multiple sclerosis. Until now, there has been little option in most instances but to call 999, often leaving people lying on the floor for hours waiting for help to arrive. 

Kinisi , a portable, light-weight lifting device, offers a solution, bringing a level of dignity and independence to the aged, injured or infirm who have fallen and have difficulty or need help getting up from the floor. With Kinisi, there would no longer be a need to call 999, resulting in a reduction of the number of ambulance call-outs, of which falls currently constitute 10%. 

We are ready to take Kinisi from prototype stage through to a market ready product this summer and are seeking Funding to achieve this, so would be grateful for any pledge. 

The Story So Far . . . 

Kinisi (ancient Greek for movement) came about following a meeting organised by Business in Focus leading to a collaboration between Dr Mark Barnard, a GP with Multiple Sclerosis and a penchant for falling and Nemein, a high-tech, innovative engineering company who wanted to help find a dignified solution to the problem of getting back up after falling. 

The Product . . .

Kinisi can be kept at home, ready for use at any time, or is easily stored and transportable in a car or ambulance.

Kinisi comes with a wheeled bag and weighs less than17kg making it very portable for individuals, carers, ambulance service, health care workers and could also be made available to the community in airports, hotels, cruise ships, gyms, community centres and other public arenas.

It consists of a flat canvas that can be placed under someone who has fallen, or are able to shuffle onto it. A light-weight frame is then attached to the canvas, enabling the individual to be lifted safely and with dignity from the floor to a seated position, from where they can easily transfer.  

It doesn't matter if you are indoors or outside when you fall, as it can quickly be brought to you and powered either by battery or plugged in to the mains. Unlike other lifting devices, it can be rapidly deployed, can raise a person weighing up to 140kg in less than 40 seconds, and is easily stored away until needed.

Bringing Independence . . .

It can be used with the help of a carer or with the seat attached can be used by the individual who has fallen, bringing a level of independence where previously a number of people would have been required to assist. 

Kinisi is not just for the fallen though. It is also ideal for those less able bodied to use at home or take to the gym for independent exercise. It can be used for lowering an individual to the floor in a safe, controlled and dignified manner in order that they can exercise, knowing that they can easily get back to a seated position and transfer. This brings independence back for many who otherwise would need assistance.  

The Next Stage . . .

The next stage is to create the market ready product. Following the launch of Kinisi is a family of lifting products from simple LanLoft steppers, to static home-based lifting devices that can be made to match your furniture, through to bariatric, aqua entry systems and aeroplane variants.  Next will come the robot that following a fall comes when you call! All will be designed and manufactured in Wales!

Thank you . . .

Thank you in advance for Voting for Kinisi and for any support you feel able to Pledge. 


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