Lonely Piano - Concert & Music Movie

by Jamsheed Master in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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I'm performing and filming a concert in Brighton Fringe, producing a unique music film and creating freelance work for 9 people.

by Jamsheed Master in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 25th June 2021 we'd raised £2,520 with 55 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target


I cannot believe how incredibly supportive everybody has been. So much so in fact, that Crowdfunder itself has asked me to talk at their next  seminar on my process! And that is thanks to you.

So.... with the first milestone of £2,000 achieved, we can film the concert (happening today in fact, as I type this) and venue hire, kit hire, lighting, videographer, photog and piano are paid for.

With the next funding milestone, we can get on with Part Two: making the film.

The stretch target will fund the further filming (dancers and location material) and postproduction costs of the final movie. This will require employing three dancers and film crew over two shoot days, editing and post production.

The finished film will be an evocative, evolving, unusual piece of filmmaking. It will serve as a showcase for future commissions and most importantly a beautiful piece of evidence of what is possible through collaboration, creativity and crowd support.

All REWARDS are still available and all pledges of £40 upwards include a streaming ticket for Lonely Piano in Brighton Fringe.

Executive Producer credit for the £100 pledge applies to both the concert stream and the finished film.

So get sharing (share icons at the top and bottom of this page) and get your friends on whatsapp involved and let's make something amazing together.

What a journey! THANK YOU!

Jam & the Lonely Piano team x


My name's Jam, I'm a composer based in Brighton, UK. Let's begin with...


In April 2020, I was flown home to London from America on an emergency charter at 3am. The five weeks leading up to that were spent trapped on a ship I was working on at the time, just off the coast of Chile. As the world's ports shut down in the pandemic, thousands of crew members like me were left stranded at sea.

After weeks of not knowing what was going to happen, we made our way up through Panama. To avoid any media coverage, we traversed the canal in blackout and made the Florida coast by dawn, only to find ourselves on every international news channel as the trump administration decided, live on TV, whether or not we should be allowed to dock.

Onboard, people around me got sick with an unknown virus and died. I locked myself away in my cabin and wrote music. I didn't know what else to do. For composers like me, there is nothing else. During those five weeks, I didn't know when I'd get off that ship or if I'd even make it home alive. But I did know that I had tons of music in me and had to get as much of it down, there and then, because I didn't know how much time I had left.



Fast-forward a year and I am safely at home, rehearsing my concert for Brighton Fringe! It's been a crazy ride for everyone, but I'm constantly asked what it was like. I don't really know how to express it all in talking, but my music is my art and it's all in there.

After the release of my first album Secret Winter, I got signed to independent classical label Collaborative Records to create my second album, Luna Moth (Actias Luna), a music study of the emotional data we share with these massive, beautiful moths.


I then put out The Piano Library and I have two more neo-classical piano albums currently in the works. I've also put out 12 pop singles, each in a different genre. This challenge has been so much fun! You can check it out on Spotify here.



Recently, I've set up music-making partnerships with some seriously diverse creatives and making some wonderful music:

✧ Two remotely-based choreographers in rural Canada, with whom I'm making a beautiful community dance collab piece

✧ I was music arranger for The Baby Mine Lullaby Project and hit no.5 on iTunes children's charts in 2020

✧ New music commissions for Brighton Gay Men's Chorus, Academy City Singers, Orlando Gay Chorus and RainbowChorus

✧ Producing a new folk album with one of the best contestants from X Factor

✧ And I'm currently re-imagining a classic British play as a ballet with Joseph Poulton (Cats, Porgy & Bess 2019) and Patricia Doyle (Northern Ballet)




streaming 28 May to 27 June 2021


Funding Part One

LONELY PIANO - the concert

The initial project funding is simply to put on the concert and pay for piano rental, tuning, venue hire, equipment hire, insurance and most importantly, paying people: lighting designer, camera operator, livestream tech and everything I need to perform and broadcast the show. Rewards include access to the streaming broadcast.

The concert itself will be centred around new music that I've created for it alongside the more popular tracks from my work across the last year. This includes songs from all my albums plus synth and organic sample music, in a more neo-classical style.

Funding Part Two

LONELY PIANO - the film

The long-term stretch goal of this crowdfunder will be postproduction costs to edit the final movie. What I am creating is a short music film that includes footage shot at the Brighton Fringe concert alongside dance and movement elements woven into the narrative, as well as some beautiful special effects (involving a lot of pianos!) all shot in unusual locations in my hometown of Brighton.

This will require two shoot days, editing and post production, which is where a lot of the budget goes on these kinds of projects.

The finished film will be an evocative, evolving, unusual piece of filmmaking. It will serve as a showcase for my music, leading me to future commissions. But most importantly, it will be an important and beautiful piece of evidence of what is possible through collaboration, creativity and crowd support.

Initial funds up to the first goal of £2,000 will fund the concert. Any further funds up to the stretch goal will fund the film.



In all my work, I make deliberate efforts to seek out and employ artists and creatives from under-represented and diverse communities. This is one of the biggest and most impactful things that this project will provide: FREELANCE EMPLOYMENT!

The number of people I can bring onto the project is very much defined by how much I raise here. I'm committed to fair day rates, as set out by the industry, and to providing opportunities for young people to work for fair pay in the music industry. Non-binary artists of colour like myself are under-represented in our industry too, so I also always seek to use my platform to address this.

Covid stole everything from us freelancers, but we're not that easily knocked down. Through this project, you can show your support for the creative people that the government shamefully allowed to slip through the net. 

By pledging your support, you will be a part of the creation of something unique. Music and film that is lasting and beautiful is a continued artistic gift that has life way beyond the performance.

Also, check out the fun rewards: Concert tickets, a virtual tour of my studio space, right up to YOU being named Executive Producer on the project.


Putting all of this together requires a fair amount of funding but I want to make something incredible. The great thing about film is that in 10, 20 or 100 years from now, there will exist a perfect slice of our artistic contribution. We are each put on earth for a reason and mine is to create music. But I cannot fund this alone, which is where you come in.



✧ Venue hire for my Brighton Fringe streaming show

✧ Piano hire & tuning

✧ Camera & livestream operator

✧ Sound & lighting kit hire

✧ Insurance

✧ Advertising with Fringe and local media

✧ Video post-editor

✧ Music scores printing for recording

✧ Studio hire

✧Director, choreographer & dancers

✧ Film promo & distribution



I was awarded the Irene Mensah bursary for my Brighton Fringe concert, which covers the Brighton Fringe registration fee of £150, and thanks to a couple of my incredibly loyal subscribers, I've raised a few hundred already and I have several grant applications in: Arts Council, Lottery Fund & PRS Foundation. But all funding bodies need to see other people (that's you!) already pledging support to a project before they offer help. They're also swamped right now, so arts funding is a real lottery.

As a UK freelancer previously working for a USA cruise line, I've had zero support from the UK government and no furlough available since losing everything to covid in 2020. But this has driven me to create the music that I am the most proud of in my life so far.

Crowdfunder is very sweetly waiving their fee because my Fringe show is limited to streaming only as a direct result of covid.

Streaming events sell far fewer tickets than live gigs because you only require one sale per device, rather than one per person attending a gig. This means the revenue from the Brighton Fringe show won't be a huge amount, but everything goes towards the big project. Tickets to the online stream itself, running 28 May to 27 June 2021, are included in the rewards.



Listen to me on Spotify

Watch me in concert


A great of example if the kind of film I'm planning, by one of my all-time idols Ólafur Arnalds and director Vincent Moon: When We Are Born


This project offered rewards

£40 or more

Studio tour and concert streaming ticket

The studio tour PLUS complimentary tickets to my concert online stream anytime from 28 May to 27 June 2021, recorded in the ethereal Georgian setting of St George's Kemptown. King Jamsheed: Lonely Piano, part of Brighton Fringe (usual ticket price £10). PLUS tickets to the premiere of the film when it's completed.

£9 or more

Show a Little Love

The simple act of giving. No crazy rewards with this pledge, but you will be part of something beautiful and help to employ a freelance creative for a part-hour.

£20 or more

A personal tour of my studio

A virtual tour of my studio space in Brighton. I'll show you what it's like being a composer and the synths, hardware and equipment that I use to make music everyday.

£75 or more

A Personal Birthday Performance!

On your birthday, you will receive a special little video from me singing a special little song, JUST for you! Hint: it's a popular birthday song. Only 12 of this reward are available, so be quick, and be sure to give me your birthday (just day & month) and your email address so I can send you the reward. PLUS you'll receive a free ticket for the concert stream.

£100 or more

Exec Producer Credit

This is a unique reward to be named an Executive Producer in the credits of the finished film. The opportunity to show your love for this project will be seen by every person who watches the film in the future, displaying your incredible support for the arts.

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