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Shivana was inspired by Dr Viz & is determined to use her power to have a positive impact on society.

by Every Child Deserves A Home ❤ in Gibraltar, England, United Kingdom

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In April 2020, Dr Meenal Viz found herself protesting outside Downing Street with a sign demanding more PPE for healthcare workers. She had been working while pregnant with COVID-19 patients, and felt that she had to be the voice for those who needed the most protection.


It's been a whirlwind of a year for Dr Meenal Viz. She gave birth to her daughter, Radhika in July 2020, took legal action against the UK government, was featured in British Vogue, and is now working on the frontline in her home country of Gibraltar.


In early January, Dr Meenal Viz received a heart-warming message on Facebook.

Shivana Tulsidas Gulraj who is only nine years old first heard about Meenal when her parents showed her a video clip on GBC’s Viewpoint about a local Gibraltarian who had made history.

Once her curiosity was sparked, Shivana began to read up more about Meenal’s background and all her work in bringing about change and supporting the underprivileged from a very young age. Shivana was inspired to research ways in which she could contribute to making the world a better place.

She decided that she would challenge herself to hike up the Mediterranean Steps to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, despite her debilitating fear of heights, as a way to raise funds for children in underdeveloped countries.

Shivana took to Facebook to contact Meenal to let her know how much she admired her and that she hoped one day, she could join Meenal and that together they could “gently shake the world”.

Once Dr Meenal Viz knew she was coming to Gibraltar, she immediately wrote to Shivana and after a brief meeting, Shivana was inspired to help Dr Viz with her charity work in Kenya.


The Alt Cricket Foundation was founded in 2016. Dr Viz was a medical student at the time and during her holidays, she would focus her time and energy on raising funds for children in Kenya.

These young children range from the age of 4 to 15 and have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Through the efforts of Dr Viz, these young children have had access to a full education and clean water for the last five years.

The next step in allowing these children to break free from the poverty cycle is to provide them with a home where we can make sure every child reaches their full potential.

All the money raised will go into building a home for twelve young children in Kenya. These children live in a remote village in Nyahururu and you can learn more about them here.

All proceeds will be directed to our cause and no funds will be used for administrative purposes.

Thank you for reading our story and we are most grateful for your support.

Shivana Tulsidas Gulraj & Dr Meenal Viz

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