Keeptheban + The Fox Man Fundraiser

by Keeptheban in London, England, United Kingdom

Keeptheban + The Fox Man Fundraiser

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50% of the profits from this fundraiser will go towards The Fox Man with the other half funding the salary of social media manager at KTB

by Keeptheban in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 30th June 2020 we'd raised £10,404 with 770 supporters in 32 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The more that's donated, the more foxes that can be helped! It will also allow us to dedicate more time to the Keeptheban campaign, raising more awareness about the realities of fox hunting. 

50% of profits raised will support The Fox Man animal rescue with the other half given to the social-media manager of Keeptheban so he can continue working on the campaign full-time. 

The Fox Man is a 24 hour rescue covering the North West region and helps hundreds of foxes every single year. 

"Dedicated to helping sick and injured foxes/orphaned fox cubs in the North West area by providing a trap, treat and release service to those who have foxes in need visiting their properties. Based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, we consider all areas in the North West and will endeavor to find a nearby rescue for those outside of our catchment area.

We also aim to improve the sometimes tainted image of the fox via educational talks at schools and other groups, and can offer advice with regards to unwanted foxes as well as signposting to companies that specialize in this area."

Keeptheban - Since 2015 I have run the Keeptheban facebook page. In this time I have worked over 2,000 hours on the campaign. The page has surpassed half a million followers and reaches millions of people every week. The page was instrumental in setting up the petition and supporting the resolution which helped change National Trust hunting guidelines, as well as helping to protect the 2004 Hunting Act. We are now working to strengthen the 2004 Hunting Act. As of right now I work full-time on the page. For this reason, I set up this fundraiser, the other 50% of the profits raised will be given to myself so that I can carry working on Keeptheban full-time and give the campaign the attention it deserves. 

Thank you for your generosity!

As well as supporting the Keeptheban campaign, we want to raise as much as possible for this fantastic animal rescue and to help them upgrade their existing facilities! They're a 2 man team that is on call 24 hours a day - so if we can help make their lives easier and help more foxes then that would be great! 

£200    -  Bottles of ivermectin to treat foxes with mange 

£400    -  Multiple tanks of diesel for ambulance rescue work 

£800  -  4 New traps to help sick/injured foxes 

£1000  -  3 Cellular trail cameras to alert for when foxes enter set traps 

£2000  -  Materials including wood/mesh to pay for new release pens 

£4000 - Vet bills for multiple foxes

Thank you for your support! :) 

If you wish to support the Fox Man directly with all profits going to the rescue as opposed to half of the proceeds being donated to Keeptheban - you can donate directly through Paypal here: [email protected] 


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