Keep Perry Beeches Swimming Club going post Covid

by Mandy Blizard in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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This is to plug the money gap that will be left on our return to swimming with less swimmers in the water but the bills still to be paid.

by Mandy Blizard in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Crowdfunder is making it 100% free for community and charity crowdfunding projects during the coronavirus crisis. The Covid-19 epidemic could affect millions of people in the next few weeks.

These are unprecedented times but together, we are stronger, and the response is coming from communities across the country.

Covid19 is an occasion that none of us could have seen coming or prepare for. We have now been out of the water for 3 months, and are hoping to return next month (government and Swim England permitting).

BUT - we have concerns that we will have fewer swimmers, and some lessons possibly no longer operating, so we need to find some way of bringing in a little to help with the running or the club. Extra cleaning and testing measures will need to be introduced as a result of Covid19.

This crowdfunding project aims to bring in some funds to supplement the monthly running costs of the club for at least 6 months, to hopefully help us to ride the storm that is Covid19. 

Many thanks for anything you can do to help us :-) Team Beeches really appreciates your help x

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