Keeping Toxic Air Our Of Nursery Schools In UK

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Keeping Toxic Air Our Of Nursery Schools In UK
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To provide young nursery children with clean indoor air by using NASA-inspired Air Purification Technology, to local Nursery Schools.


Recently my 6-month-old niece was admitted to hospital with her first asthma attack, and that’s when it struck me about the quality of the indoor air our young children are breathing.  
It didn’t take me long to source startling facts from the World Health Organisation. In 2016 no fewer than 3.8 million children and adults died prematurely from illnesses caused by indoor air pollution and that indoor air pollution is 3-5 times more dangerous than the air outside.  

It was only after having experienced my niece’s asthma attack first hand, did I become aware that our very young children are more susceptible to the harmful effects caused by indoor air pollution than adults, as their small lungs are still developing. Their airways are smaller, so inflammation caused by pollution can cause them to narrow more easily than in older people.  The more toxins there are in the air, the more difficult it becomes for our children to detoxify, as there is an additional burden on their bodies.   

I am urging people, to pledge funds so I can provide as many local Children’s nursery school's, with state-of-the-art, indoor air purifying units, designed using NASA inspired technology, to create the healthiest and safest possible indoor environment for the young children who attend this nursery school, now and for the future!

Many nursery schools are located close to busy roads, in heavily polluted city locations where pollutants particles can penetrate building walls, entering the rooms where our young children spend many hours playing and learning.

Toxic particles and gases can exist in the indoor air throughout nursery buildings from a range of different sources. Ironically, with increased cleaning regimes, more chemicals are being used to clean surfaces to prevent the spread of viruses, but some of these products themselves are known to release chemical gases and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – toxins that come from soft furnishings, carpets, rugs etc) into the air creating a toxic space for children and staff.

Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality on Children’s Health


On investigating the quality of our indoor air, I have learned that poor indoor air quality has been proven to contribute to short-and long-term physical and mental health problems.   We should all be concerned about our young children’s potential exposure to allergens, mould, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and air pollutants, and for good reason, especially as we spend 90% of our time indoors.  

More and more people are developing allergies at a young age, and respiratory issues like asthma continue to increase. For children suffering from asthma, good quality indoor air is imperative as contaminants exacerbate asthma systems. Other harmful effects of poor indoor air quality include nausea, respiratory infection, headache, dizziness, increase in virus transmission and mental fatigue.

 Nurseries are ‘perfect environments’ for viral outbreaks which can rapidly spread putting children and staff at risk.  Not only are the children and teachers exposed, but so are their family and friends.    

 The challenge of maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment with so many potential vulnerabilities is a truly momentous task and protection must be constant (every minute of every day) and exceed traditional cleaning regimes.

 What are Hydroxyls?

I want to provide as many nursery schools as possible with eco-friendly Air Hydroxyl Purification Units, starting locally here in Glasgow. Hydroxyls are powerful, safe, atmospheric cleaning agents, created naturally and cascade invisibly through the outside air, continually decontaminating our environment making it safe for living things.  Hydroxyls are so effective and essential to life on earth that they have been called ‘Nature’s Detergent’.

NASA was one of the first to recognise the amazing cleansing power of Hydroxyls, which they used to remove air pollution and surface contamination enabling the growing, transportation, and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables on deep space missions. Building on NASA’s idea Hydroxyl units was devised to recreate what happens naturally outdoors, indoors, by creating a self-sustaining Hydroxyl cascade, to continually suppress both air and surface borne contamination (including Covid).

Unlike other air and surface sanitising devices, Hydroxyl technology is 100% safe to use around children and adults of all ages – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    Environmentally friendly - No ozone • No aerosols • No chemicals

This clean air technology that I want to give to local nurseries, will be the only air cleaning technology that is NASA inspired and will do precisely what it is designed to do.… to continuously clean indoor air, to protect and sanitise all surfaces.

With little installation and 100% safe to use, It’s a future-proof device in the battle against viruses, bacteria, pollutants, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), allergens and many more and will provide a clean, safe and healthy indoor environment for our future generation.

Please help us make this happen by donating to this very worthy cause today.


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Free 'Solo' Ozone Unit - Suitable for Small Spaces

A Free 'Solo' Small Ozone Unit - The Solo is effective at eliminating any airborne odour. Use anywhere you have an unwanted odour, in confined areas, coat and shoe cupboards where the shoes are making the entire area smell. Keeping fridges free of unpleasant odours as well as inhibiting the growth of mould and bacteria or put the Solo in your car where the natural bactericidal properties of ozone will control and eliminate smells of smoking etc.

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