Keep the LA Community Fridge going this winter!

by Sarah Renfrey in Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

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Keep our van and volunteers on the road, & our fridges and freezers cold, this Christmas. Help us save tonnes more surplus food this winter!

by Sarah Renfrey in Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we receive extra funding we are looking to provide a warm space and a hot 'rescued food' meal at least once a week for the community over the winter. Many friendships have been formed in our fridge community and it would be lovely to provide a warm dry and social space for people to meet if they are struggling to heat their homes.

Our Refrigerated Van - Wendy (the waste food wagon)

We need money for van insurance, MOT, tax, servicing & diesel to keep our van on the road this Christmas - these alone cost us £2,518 during November until the end of January last year. 


Our hard-working Volunteers

We also need to support our volunteers by continuing to offer petrol expenses. With the rising costs of fuel and keeping their cars out and about collecting from over 100 different supermarkets and local businesses.

Rising cost of electricity

We need money to keep our 18 fridges and freezers going. Whilst we have generously had the cost of electricity (and gas for heating) funded by St James the Great Church Hall since we moved in May 2020 (and are so grateful for this gift) with increasing bills we need to start contributing. Fuel bills have been >£2000 per year and will only have increased hugely in recent times.

Cost of Living Crisis

We rescued over 7.5 tonnes of food last Christmas Eve alone (including 120 turkeys, at least 50 sides of salmon and more potatoes, carrots and sprouts than can be imagined), and over 47 tonnes in December and January. This helped support so many of our community over a tricky time, which arguably will be worse for many this year. Some were overjoyed to know they would have a good meal after volunteers gave up their Christmas Eve to work late into the evening. I personally recall a family who came on our extra Boxing Day session who's family had not been able to provide the typical Christmas meal that year, and were so pleased and excited to be able to rescue a turkey and all the trimmings to enjoy together.


We are not about food poverty, we are about food waste, but certainly everyone in the community benefits from this project with the cost of living crisis and so many people being effected by this in different ways, and are always proud to open our doors too anyone who wants to come and rescue the food we have worked so hard to provide.

Please help the Littlehampton Community Fridge do their best to rescue as much surplus food as possible and to support the Littlehampton (and surrounding areas) this winter. - Thank you! #feedbelliesnotbins


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