Keep Annly Gift Shop Going

by Sabina France in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Keep Annly Gift Shop Going

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With the current climate, small businesses are affected to the point of closing. Help us keep Annly Gift Shop afloat during these times!

by Sabina France in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 2nd June 2020 we'd raised £1,011 with 23 supporters in 58 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

  • If we were blessed enough to raise our higher target, this would mean I would be able to buy more modern machinery such as the latest cricut machine to help me with the labeling. I would be able to outsource some of my admin and accounting work to a fellow mum entrepreneur to help them have some business too but this would also allow me to have more time to make and create.
  • I would pay for a website a few years in advance helping me get more established.
  • I would attend more training courses in various relevant subjects helping me expand on the gift shop business.
  • My dream would be to have my own physical shop one day and employ staff as well so this would be a huge step towards all the preparations needed.

I am a self employed mum of three making and creating all things beautiful around my caring needs.

During this weird time that we are all going through as a society, I have found that I am still able to provide some of my services but via postal order only. This in practice has meant for me to need to source a lot more materials specific for this such as correct sized boxes to post things out via click and drop services using a post box to avoid any unnecessary human contact in the process.

I have changed up my product range to accommodate for this change but I am struggling in finding the finances to support all this.

The ideal would be to have and be able to maintain a website for all the orders to come through rather than take them by message by message which would save time for me and help me be more efficient. This website would be changed up to have my full rage once we are over this pandemic so would be a long term investment.

To avoid leaving my house too often, I would need to order materials in bulk which is an additional cost as it is a cost that I have not budgeted for as I used to go out and get materials as and when needed. I have found a wonderful local shop who does not use any plastic materials and are happy to provide me with materials on a fortnightly basis so this would not only support me as a business, but support another local business and the environment all in one.
Bulk buying also means that I need to have storage for all materials. I do have some but not enough and again this would be a long term investment.

I am pushing my latest product which is called Little Box of Happiness. This has either 6 mini cookies or 2 large cookies inside and the toppings can be chosen by the person who buys. These can also be posted directly to the recipient which has been very successful in this last few weeks due to the isolation rules.

I would love to be able to provide this service for as long as were well in our household and carry this on past the virus pandemic.

My dream is to one day make a full living out of my passion which is to make people smile and help them keep things together. #keepingthingstogether

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