Kathleen’s wish an dream

by kathleen Osborne in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Kathleen’s wish an dream
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My cancer is terminal now my wish is to make the most of my time with my children go Disneyland, move into bungalow make happy memories.

by kathleen Osborne in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

I would continue making memories for my 3 beautiful children Aida-may 5 months, leo 5 yrs & Hayden 9 yrs. I would get a professional Photoshoot done to an like I said take them on holiday an continue to make as many memories as I could. I would love to go on safari an you Disneyland with the kids. My dreams is to walk the China wall and another is to be able to try complete my studies and my biggest dream is to see my kids grow up an make them happy with making memories an having a happy home to be in that’s adapted for me. 

Hi everyone this page is for me to tell my story as you may or may not of seen in the news as Iv been very open about it and hopefully raise some money to make memories with an for my 3 young children who I love so much I just want this to be the best time an be happy for the time I now have left because unfortunately in March my cancer returned. I’m one of the most caring people I will do anything for anyone a  help everyone where I can yet I have been dealt a bad set of cards except for my children there the best thing in my life they are my strength an my life, I want to do this for them.

My cancer has returned for the 4th time now which means it’s harder to treat but the difference this time is it’s terminal I don’t know how much time I have left or if it can be treated some way by some miracle. I’m currently having chemo which is due to end soon end of august time and it’s still stable and inoperable so I really don’t know how much time I have as they can’t give me more treatment for a while as have to have a break between chemos ????

I originally got cancer age 11 exactly a year after my dad died in 2005 I was devastated thought I was going to die was so scared. I had chemo and a operation to remove the cancer an replace with some metal in my leg an was given the all clear. I had support from friends at school but also got bullied quite a lot which made me shut myself away an stuff. I then thought my life would get better then I had my first beautiful boy age 18 called Hayden, I got married thought I was happy but he turned abusive towards me a. My boy an then found out he was having an affair so my marriage broke down an I was better off without him. I found love again an had my second boy but unfortunately 3/4 months after having my boy in 2016 they found out that my cancer had come back this time in my lung very large an was sceptical if it would work but amazingly again I had the chemo I had an operation to remove my lower lobe on the right hand side, I was given the clear again yay amazing. I thought I was happy an me an my partner would pull through but we started Having problems he left me just before Christmas in 2018 for someone else but we got back together nov 2019 an thought I was happy again didn’t think I’d get ill again but I found out Oct 2020 My cancer came back for the third time in my right leg and that I was pregnant to they gave me the choice to have it amputated straight away an keep my baby or go through treatment/operation then have it amputated an terminate my baby so I chose to have it amputated straight away so in November 2020 I went through life changing surgery and had my whole right leg amputated while being 18 weeks pregnant which was overwhelming weird, strange upsetting so many emotions going round my head. I was given clear an my baby was perfectly health even with me on strong pain killers.

Then In March sadly it came back all over both my lungs an the drs told me it’s terminal they said they can try shrink it with chemo an the might be able to operate. I got told I had to have my baby straight away born at 32 weeks my gorgeous baby girl was born an had 4 weeks in nicu but was strong an did amazing an still is. I had to start my treatment the following week after having her. I’m near the end of my treatment now and it’s still stable not done anything they can only monitor what happens off chemo for a bit as I cannot have more chemo for a while after as needs a break so I’m really worried an scared about what will happen when I finish this chemo with not knowing how long you have left it’s so scary an I try so hard to keep it together an keep positive an happy with it all . But my kids are amazing there my inspiration my strength my eveything without them I wouldn’t be this strong. ☺️

Please have a look at my crowdfunding page, read my story an please share share share. Any donations would be much appreciated to make mine an my kids dreams come true with going having there bedrooms decorated an sorted how they want, Harry Potter studios, Disneyland America, an much more. Just to make the most happiest of memories for them, there so many things I wanted to do with them. We really need to find an move into a bungalow with having the right adaptions or having them fitted, that would just make our lives so much easier an happier as a family to as I’m disabled now being a leg amputee, it’s really hard in a house I can hardly use the stairs, it’s a real struggle. 

Please share share share my page an crowdfunding page would be much appreciated, id be so thankful to all of you that can help out with donations an sharing ☺️ all this is for my kids not so much my dreams coming true but my kids dreams I want them happy an that will be enough for me. ☺️

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