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by Kav Dadfar in Woking, England, United Kingdom


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High-end printed travel magazine featuring stories and photographs from some of the most talented freelance travel writers and photographers

by Kav Dadfar in Woking, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you for all your support. Our official crowdfunding campaign has finished and we are busy working on the magazine. If you haven't ordered a copy but would like one, please contact [email protected] prior to making a donation.

JRNY travel magazine will be an A4, 250+ page high-quality printed coffee-table magazine, featuring travel stories, essays and photography from some of the world's most talented travel writers and photographers. It will be a collaboration of over 20 freelancers who will design, write, edit and produce this travel magazine. What's more, our aim is to ensure every one of these contributors is paid fairly for their time. 

From stunning photos to captivating stories, journey with us to some of the most amazing places on Earth.


Helping freelancers tell their travel stories

In a world dominated by lockdowns and restrictions, we all still crave to travel. To see and experience the world has been mankind's desire since prehistoric times. The last few years have seen an explosion in adventure holidays and independent travelling. It has been a golden era for many people involved in the travel industry.

This unprecedented pandemic has turned the world of travel on its head or rather on its knees. We have already seen some of the most famous brands disappear into an abyss. This obviously has had a huge knock-on effect on the thousands of freelancers out there who contributed to the many publications and brands in the travel industry. From writers to photographers, many have had work cancelled and in some cases have even had to change career.

JRNY travel magazine aims to give some of these amazingly talented travel writers and photographers an opportunity to get back to doing their jobs and getting paid for it.


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Who are we?

JRNY travel magazine was conceived by Kav Dadfar and Jordan Banks. We are both full-time freelance professional photographers and writers based in the UK. Through our company That Wild Idea, we share our passion for photography and travel with others wanting to learn in the form of photography holidays and workshops around the world.

But first and foremost we are freelancers so like everyone else in the industry, we have had to watch assignments and work cancelled throughout 2020 and already in 2021. We have also had to watch many of our friends and colleagues in the industry lose their jobs.

It's not just at home that the effects of the last 12 months have been felt. Many of our colleagues in destinations that we visit rely heavily on tourism which as I’m sure you are aware has completely dissipated.

Our common goal

JRNY travel magazine has come about from the positive feedback that we have received from the many writers and photographers we know as well as the general public. Our goal is to create a magazine created by travellers for those who love to travel. You won't find advertising, freely sourced photography and articles written by just anyone. The writers and photographers in this magazine are amongst the most talented around and will be paid for their time.

Our goal is to come together as a community of travel lovers to help this beleaguered industry recover a little bit at a time.


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What to expect?

This is a magazine for those who love a sense of adventure. More "exploring" rather than "resorts". There will be a range of different travel experiences from a variety of destinations. Articles will be in the form of written features, round-ups and photo essays. 

From unforgettable road trips to unique festivals around the world. From hiking in the wilderness to wildlife, these are travel experiences and adventures for you to enjoy, brought to life told by award-winning writers and photographers. The aim of the magazine is to inspire and stir that sense of adventure that we all share.

Beautifully designed and printed

Great work deserves a great canvas. This is why we will be printing this magazine on high-quality gloss paper with a 300 gsm cover. Along with the modern, clean and elegant design, this A4 magazine/book will be in more of a coffee-book style rather than a newsstand magazine.


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Amazing stories told by great storytellers

There has arguably never been a more important time for travel writers and photographers to tell their stories. We all need the inspiration and hope that one day soon we can begin to travel again. But for now, let these amazing storytellers take you on unforgettable journeys.

There will be a variety of stories in this magazine covering every corner of the globe: 

  • Scotland
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Japan
  • South Georgia
  • Gibraltar
  • USA
  • Colombia
  • and much much more

All of these stories will be illustrated with amazing photography that you won't want to take your eyes off.

We have assembled an amazing cast of award-winning writers and photographers. They include:

  • Emma Gibbs (Editor) - writer and editor from the UK with over a decade of experience for the likes of Lonely Planet, DK Travel Guides and Rough Guides.
  • Lottie Gross - UK based journalist and recently named "Young Travel Writer of the Year" with bylines in The Telegraph, The Times, BBC Radio 4 and more. 
  • Jamie Lafferty - Scottish writer and photographer for Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Wanderlust and many more.
  • Ben Lerwill - UK based author and writer with work appearing in The Observer, National Geographic Traveller, Time Out, Wanderlust and much more.
  • Meera Dattani - Freelance journalist, editor and copywriter, her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, Evening Standard, Wanderlust, National Geographic Traveller and many more publications.
  • Keith Drew - freelance writer for The Telegraph, The Times and many more as well as the co-author of several Rough Guides books.
  • Mark Stratton - writer, broadcaster and photographer for the likes of BBC, Wanderlust, National Geographic Traveller, the Independent and much more.
  • Steph Dyson - is a travel journalist based in Chile by a long list of clients such as Time Out, Rough Guides, DK Eyewitness Guides, Moon Guides and many more.
  • Claire Boobbyer - is a writer and photographer whose work has been published by BBC Travel, Travel&Leisure Asia, National Geographic Traveller and many more as well as national and international newspapers.
  • Malcolm Fackender - Australian award-winning travel photographer who has led almost 70 photography tours around the world.
  • Ralph Velasco - Location-independent travel photographer who has organized and led more than 100 international photo tours around the world.
  • Matt Parry - UK award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveller, Wanderlust, Lonely Planet and many more.
  • Ugo Cei - Italian photographer, podcaster and educator who leads photography tours around the world.
  • Darlene Hildebrandt - Canadian travel and portrait photographer and former managing editor of Digital Photography School with 30+ years of experience.
  • and many more writers and photographers.

A timeless magazine for your collection

This magazine will be designed and written to stand the test of time. There are no news stories, current affairs or product reviews. Simply great travel stories and photographs. To ensure that you will be proud to keep this magazine on your shelf, we are creating it advertising free.


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Why we need your support?

Without your support, this magazine won't be possible. We are creating this magazine to ensure that the amazing writers and photographers will still be able to inspire people after this pandemic has ended. But also because the whole travel industry needs everyone to travel again one day. So help us keep that passion for travel burning for the day when we can begin to head off on our adventures again.

What will you receive in the different packages?

1) Digital magazine

A downloadable PDF version of the magazine for you to enjoy on your devices plus lots of gratitude from all of us.

2) The magazine (super early deal)

A limited number of magazines will be sold at the reduced price of £18 (£2 off the normal price). You will also receive a downloadable PDF version of the magazine and our eternal thanks!

3) The magazine

1 x printed hard copy of the magazine mailed to you as well as a downloadable PDF version to enjoy on your smartphone or tablet.

4) The magazine (Delux)

For an extra £5 we will put your name in our thank-you section at the end of the magazine. You will receive a printed copy as well as a downloadable PDF version of the magazine. 

5) The magazine & A4 art print

Get a printed copy of the magazine and a downloadable PDF version. You'll also receive an (unframed) A4 print of a photo by Kav Dadfar or Jordan Banks.

6) 2 x copies of the magazine

Treat someone else to a copy of the magazine and save money. Get 2 x printed hard copies of the magazine mailed to you as well as a downloadable PDF version for you both to enjoy on your smartphone or tablet.

7) 5 x copies of the magazine

Treat your friends and family or your customers to a copy of the magazine. Get 5 x printed hard copies of the magazine mailed to you as well as downloadable PDF versions.

8) 10 x copies of the magazine

A bigger bundle to treat your customers or friends and family. Get 10 x printed hard copies of the magazine mailed to you as well as a downloadable PDF version.

If you would like to purchase more copies of the magazine please contact us.


Where is the money going?

As mentioned, this is a magazine entirely created, designed and produced by freelancers. Simply put, the more issues that are sold, the more we will be able to afford to pay contributors. If the funding is successful this is how the money will be used (approximate):

  • Contributors = 40%
  • Print costs = 25%
  • Transaction fees and VAT = 10%
  • Postage, packing & other miscellaneous costs = 25%


Why is UK postage free but not international postage?

That is simply because of the cost. This is a high-quality magazine and so the weight means the postage internationally will be more than UK. We do have a digital version that won't need postage.

Why does it say "images for illustration purposes"?

The images are simply to give you a flavour of the type of design you should expect. Once the magazine is funded our talented designers will get to work to deliver the best possible magazine

Can I order more copies?

Of course. Send us a message using the form at https://jrnymagazine.myportfolio.com/contact and we will let you know how you can order more copies.

Will there be another issue?

We certainly hope so. Right now we are just focusing on getting this issue off the ground.

Is there any way that I can help?

Besides buying a copy, we would really appreciate you spreading the word and sharing this project for us. It would mean a lot to everyone involved.

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