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by Beauty Cleanse Skincare in London, England, United Kingdom

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I need your help to launch a Superfood-Powered Multipurpose Face Mask & introduce multiuse gifting bags to avoid single-use plastic waste.

by Beauty Cleanse Skincare in London, England, United Kingdom

Beauty cleanse skincare products are powered by nutrient-dense Superfood ingredients – They are;

  • Multipurpose
  • 100% Natural
  • Certified Organic Ingredients, whenever possible
  • Certified Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Certified Microplastic-free and,
  • Often made from upcycled ingredients which are thrown away by food and juicing industry. 

All my products are inspired by a healthy Superfood 'Juice Cleanse'.

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Superfood-powered, Multipurpose Beauty for Better SKIN, Better PLANET

The beauty industry is one of the most unsustainable industries in the world. From our purchasing habits and our hoarding of products to how the industry is geared for profit, the mission of my brand is to address the issues of excessive beauty consumerism that is leaving a damaging impact on our skin and the environment. As beauty consumers we therefore need to take a long hard look at whether we need a latest, new, improved or wonder product. Perhaps one product can multitask and save us the need for more. And we need to ask if the products we use are truly essential for the health of our skin and the planet? 

Therefore, I never support the idea of overworking our skin with 10 -14 step skincare routines as it not only puts unnecessary burden on the landfills, but also do more harm than good to our skin.

Our skin being the largest organ of our body deserves to be fed the same way we feed our bodies with nourishing, nutrient-dense superfood ingredients that support a healthy function. And, less of a better is always more when it comes to enjoying a problem-free skin. 

Why Crowdfunding?

My capsule range of superfood skincare products is ready to complete, but I need your help to get there! With your help, I can complete the range by introducing 'A Nearly Everything Minimalist Powder Mask' that is unlike any other.

At the same time, introducing ethical, plastic-free and zero-waste gifting bags (made of sustainable cork) would also help consumers avoid single-use waste associated with travel and seasonal holidays.

Furthermore, after a year of no face-to-face events, losing my part-time job and unexpected Brexit costs, my small business has taken a severe toll. Exactly when I was ready to raise awareness of my wonderful mission, all our planned events had to be postponed due to the impact of covid19. And, now it is not possible to go ahead with any of those options anymore. Similarly, losing my job affected the business cashflow and other marketing plans which means I really need your support to ensure smooth running of the business.


Brimming with antioxidant-rich superfood extracts, it is something we all need to feed the skin with eco-friendly, skin-loving nutrients without compromising on the results. 

It works to brighten skin, refine pores, soothe, hydrate, detoxify, and offer an antioxidant boost all at once. 


This new product addresses the issues around excessive consumption in one of the most effective ways.

  • It's mainly a 6-in-1 Treatment, but its suitable for the entire body. You can also use it as a HAND and FOOT mask.
  • It is also 100% waterless, completely customisable, and made with biodegradable ingredients including not just one, but two upcycled ingredients diverted from food waste! (Discarded charcoal derived from sustainable oak fencing offcuts & misshapen white rice)


  • Key Ingredients:

Turmeric, Aleo Vera, Vitamin C, Coconut Milk, Charcoal, Rice, Liquorice and Orange peel extracts. 


  • Sustainable Features:

-Upcycled Ingredients

Do you know that if food waste were a country it would be the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases (after China & the USA)? The UK alone produces an estimated 14 million tonnes of food waste each year, according to the European Commission.

My brand is always focused on reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary consumption. Therefore, I always strive to rescue by-products from other industries – the food and drink industry in particular.

This new formula utilises discarded charcoal derived from oak fencing offcuts and rice extracts made from misshapen white rice. As always, you get Superfoods for your skin, which are SuperGood for the planet.



Why this new product is waterless? 

Water doesn’t absorb into your skin and it doesn’t hydrate you. It’s just diluting down the good ingredients.

That’s why we don’t include any water. And because our products aren’t watered down, they’re incredibly potent, which means you can use less product each time.


''Let's empower more people to declutter complicated beauty routines and show the beauty industry that it is certainly possible to make beauty rituals less wasteful and more results-driven''.



By supporting us, you could win samples of ANY of our multipurpose skincare products listed below, including the new face mask!





Our Multi-use Gifting Bags will be made of Cork, which is one of the most sustainable and versatile raw material out there.

  • Production Process

It all starts in the forest. It doesn't harm the tree, and the cork bark regrows. In fact, during regrowth, it absorbs up to 5 times more CO2 from the environment.

  • The year of harvest is marked on the trunk, so each tree isn't harvested at the wrong time. 
  • Throughout the production process, absolutely nothing is wasted. All waste is returned to the production process, making cork harvesting and production one of the most sustainable business practices on the planet.  

Next steps.

If you've made it this far down, you're awesome! Hopefully we've convinced you that this is a worthwhile business and tempted you with our scrumptious rewards. So there's only one thing left to do. 

Pledge now.*

*Please. We really appreciate your support. A lot.


For more details on the features and sustainability credentials, join our Instagram Fam @BeautyCleanseSkincare!

  • Rewards




”A new sustainability initiative to empower you to make informed purchase decisions and REFUSE complicated & wasteful beauty routines” …


(Just like we donate 1% of our sales to our favourite charity, 1% of the total money raised from this campaign will also go towards 'The Felix Group' - A London-based charity fighting food waste and food poverty)

Thank you for supporting my mission and please don't hesitate to ask should you have any questions at all. Contact: [email protected] or reach out to us via Instagram DM


  • *A Note for backers from outside UK & EU: Rewards for donations above £60 will be shipped for free, but it will be receiver's responsibility to ensure any taxes and customs are paid in full as per his country's requirements. We request you to contribute additional £10 for any donations less than £50 to cover the costs of shipping. Thank you for your understanding. 

With Love,

Saman xx

In Colab with - The Vegan Society & Ditto's Bakes. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

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Random act of kindness

A donation to the cause in return for eternal gratitude!

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Yoga Nidra Mediation Download

A dreamy 20 minute deep mediation download guided by Katie Austin. Let this recording take you to a place of relaxation, similar to when you are just about to drift into sleep. Delivered digitally, May 2020.

£20 or more

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1x Skincare Sample, Multipurpose Face Mask Brush

Get 1 x Dual-sided multipurpose mask brush (vegan, cruelty-free & plastic-free), along with 1 x Vegan Society Badge and 1 x Beauty Cleanse Skincare sample of your choice (5ML). The Face mask brush is truly versatile with a spoon on one end and a brush on the other. No more dipping of fingers in the jars and creams. Synthetic bristles and easy to use and wash :)

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Minimalist + Unique Twig Art Handmade by Founder

Get a stylish and minimalist gift for yourself or your partner/bestie and someone you adore. A unique twig art handmade by our Founder, Saman. Approx 20cm length and width & with color options of silver, gold OR black.

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1x Sample | Eco-friendly Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Enjoy healthy snacking in a stylish and environmentally-friendly coconut shell bowl. Made entirely from natural, sustainable coconuts. Durable and biodegradable. This reward also includes 1 x Vegan Society Badge, 1 x Beauty Cleanse skincare sample of your choice (5ML).

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Vegan Brownies | 2 x Skincare Samples

Delicious vegan brownies ( enough to two people ) and 2 x 5ML samples of the product of your choice.

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MINIMALIST MASK | 2 x Samples | Vegan Supplement

Be the FIRST to get access to our new ''The Minimalist Powder Mask'' - includes full size jar (40g). Get 2 x samples of Beauty Cleanse Skincare products of your choice (5ML), along with VEG 1 Vegan Supplement - A chewable orange flavoured multivitamin formulated by The Vegan Society in conjunction with HealthPlus. Designed specifically for vegans, but suitable for everyone. Comes in bottles of 90 tablets which is a three month supply.

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Vegan Brownies+ 3 x Samples+1st Access+ Mask Brush

Get yummy mouth-watering vegan brownies, 3 x 5ML samples of product of your choice, first access to the new ''The MINIMALIST Powder Mask'' and 1 x dual-ended multipurpose face mask brush.

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Multiuse Tote,Vegan Brownies, Mask Brush,3xSamples

CORK Multiuse Tote, a box of delicious 'Ditto Bakes ' vegan brownies - 3 Biscoff brownies +3 Chocolate brownies. Each melt-in-the-mouth brownie slice promises a fudgey, gooey, and decadent texture accompanied by a sweet and crispy, crackled top layer. They are made with the finest Belgium chocolate! Also, includes plastic-free Face Mask Brush + 3 x 5ml samples of ANY products of your choice & an exclusive 10% OFF discount code for lifetime

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All Rewards, Plus Delicious Vegan Food Hamper

All of the rewards listed above (from £20 to £100 donations), PLUS 'Vegan Food Hamper' - contains irresistible variety of vegan sweet and savoury treats with a special gift hamper. Either treat yourself or a loved one to tasty surprise - enjoy vegan macaroons, delicious lemon & oregano olives, seeded pretzels, handmade fudge, decadent chocolate & more. Some treats could may be subject to change. You will also get 20% OFF our products for lifetime

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Speaker Event on Minimalism+ All Rewards

I will be happy to become a speaker for your organisation's, office, school, library or any other event (incl. virtual). The session could include topics regarding minimalism and sustainability in beauty, personal care or any other areas requiring info on conscious consumerism in general. (such as, the impact of product's lifecycle, circular economy, impact of consumerism on the planet. This also includes all other rewards listed below £1000

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All of the Above, PLUS Discount codes+First Access

All of the above, plus you will always be the first to get hands on our latest launches (FREE straight to your door), with 40% OFF our entire range for yourself and your 1 bestie, friend or family member for next 3 years :)

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