John Hannah - GE Campaign - Bathgate & Linlithgow

by John Hannah in Bathgate, West Lothian, United Kingdom

John Hannah - GE Campaign - Bathgate & Linlithgow

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🚀 Support John Hannah to be elected in the 2024 UK General Election - Help Us Fund a New Future for Scotland! 🚀

by John Hannah in Bathgate, West Lothian, United Kingdom

I'm John Hannah, your dedicated local ISP candidate for *Bathgate and Linlithgow constituency.

As we approach the General Election, it's clear that Westminster no longer serves the interests of Scotland. 

The Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) is committed to shifting the playing field from London back to Scotland, ensuring true representation for our people and putting a clear focus on fighting local issues.

We need your support to make this vision a reality. Here's why ISP stands out:

  • Supporting women's rights
  • Opposed to the closure of the Grangemouth refinery
  • Address poverty and the cost of living crisis
  • Opposed to the privatisation of the NHS
  • Signed all of Common Weal's 21 environmental pledges
  • Opposed to the implementation of freeports
  • First Scottish party to campaign for a plebiscite at elections
  • First Scottish party to commit to abstention from Westminster
  • Committed to the sovereignty of the Scottish people through direct democracy
  • Leadership backing Salvo and Scottish Sovereignty

Your contributions have already helped us change the political debate in Scotland. 

Now, we need your generosity to run candidates in the General Election. 

We're a small party without big donors, so every **donation counts.

As a local candidate, born and raised in the *Bathgate and Linlithgow constituency, I understand our community's challenges. From the cost of living crisis to the struggling NHS, the issues around freeports, poverty in the area and on to the closure of Grangemouth refinery, I'm committed to addressing these issues head-on.

Join us in the fight for Scotland's future. **Donate now and let's make a difference together!

#VoteForJohnHannah #ISPTicksAllTheBoxes #ScotlandDeservesBetter #VoteISP #IndependenceForScotlandParty #ScottishIndependence

Feel free to download and read the full ISP manifesto here: (

Together, we can create positive change! 🌟


*The new Bathgate & Linlithgow Constituency consists of the following wards:

  • Bo'ness and Blackness
  • Armadale and Blackridge
  • Bathgate
  • Whitburn and Blackburn
  • Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh
  • Linlithgow



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