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by Jenny Wilkinson, Liberal Democrat in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

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Help elect Jenny Wilkinson as your next MP for Kenilworth & Southam.

by Jenny Wilkinson, Liberal Democrat in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target


 As you know, I’m hoping to become the next MP for Kenilworth and Southam.  A few years ago, this would have seemed very ambitious indeed.  But things have changed.  The Conservative Government has become the most unpopular government in living memory.  It is clear that the majority of voters want a change and are trying to judge who is the best alternative in each constituency and also has a realistic chance of winning.   The evidence is on our side.  In the last year we have won several district/borough council seats and now have 12 – the same number as the Conservatives.   Labour does not hold a single council seat in the constituency, so a vote for Labour will just help to retain a Conservative MP.  The Greens, similarly, have very little support – just five district council seats in one small corner of the constituency.


Since 1 January we have spoken to over 5,500 voters across the constituency.  Our campaign is being directed by Joe Harmer, the West Midlands Regional Campaign Manager, who says: “I have been closely monitoring the activity of the Kenilworth and Southam team.  I am amazed by the volume of literature they have been delivering and by the generosity of their supporters.  I have been monitoring closely the information they have been gathering on the doorstep and carefully analysing it – as I have done in several previous parliamentary election campaigns around the country.  It has become clear as our campaigning has increased that we have established ourselves as the challengers to the Conservatives.  And this means we have a real chance to do something amazing in Kenilworth and Southam. This all hinges on Labour and Green voters getting the message that if they want to beat the Conservatives, they need to support Jenny.  To achieve that we seek your help to run the level of campaign needed to make that happen.”

It is expensive to fight elections and so far, this year we have spent considerable sums - mostly on literature. It is clear from our canvassing returns that our messages have been resonating with voters.  Our Crowdfunding campaign has so far been successful and the £10,000 goal was comfortably achieved by the initial target date.  This meant that we would have had enough money to continue campaigning throughout the summer.  The sudden calling of the General Election means that we have had to throw all available resources into the short campaign that is now in full swing.  We need to stretch our goal to £17,000 to be able to fund the entire campaign plan.  We will be sending out regular leaflets and letters to voters over the next weeks to reinforce our messages – we need the help of our members and other supporters to help us fund this ambitious plan.

I am asking those of you who have already given and others who have not yet done so, to support our Crowdfunding campaign and help me get elected on 4 July as your next MP.

Why am I standing?

I am standing for the Liberal Democrats because I want to make a difference in our community. The people of Kenilworth and Southam have been ignored and taken for granted for too long.

We need an MP who genuinely cares for and stands up for the constituency; who fights for our local health service; who protects our environment and cleans up our rivers; who tackles rising food prices and energy bills; and who ensures we have the infrastructure we need for our growing communities.


How you can help

There is a clear path to winning.  But to get over the line, we still need to communicate a lot with voters, explain that the choice is between us and the Conservatives, and campaign on the issues that matter to people - including and especially health care, the cost of living and local issues like sewage in our rivers.

Now we need to close the gap in our funds, and make sure we can resource the intensity of the next few weeks.

Please, if you feel moved, consider chipping in and helping.

More about me

I was born and grew up in the Midlands and am now bringing up my three boys here. South Warwickshire is such a beautiful, well-connected and diverse part of the country and I am privileged to have the opportunity to represent such a wonderful area.

Professionally, I am a Forensic Accountant, having spent the majority of my 30-year career working to tackle fraud and corruption and I look forward to bringing much needed trust and integrity back into politics.

I am sure you will agree that things can’t continue as they are. With your help, we can change our politics. 

Thank you so much, in anticipation, for anything you can contribute.



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