Jam Bookshop - help launch a new independent shop

by David Ziggy Greene in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Jam Bookshop - help launch a new independent shop


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This project will only be funded if at least £18,000 is pledged by 9th July 2022 at 2:15pm

Please help launch a small business bookshop. Supports creators. Lets an illustrator survive while doing social good. Helps the High St!

by David Ziggy Greene in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

About Jam bookshop:

Your support will help make Jam an unparalleled independent bookshop: half of the space will showcase a hand-picked selection of essential literary genres and classics, while the other half will focus on a specialist range of must read graphic novels and art/illustration/design books.

The shop I am hoping to secure is in the heart of creative Shoreditch, London. It is on the famous street that made Banksy and other street artists famous. It has a small basement for a cool little gallery & events (signings, book clubs or art groups and hosting relevant podcasts.) Funding helps me confirm this great place.


There will be a bookbank. This will be a little invention for books like the food donation boxes that supermarkets display. People can buy a book to donate to the bookbank box which will be put on display a number of times a week (always available by request). Those that can't afford a book can come and take a donated book for free.

Space permitting, there will be a dedicated section of foreign language graphic novels to promote international creators.

And where possible, there will also be art prints, clothing, gifts and other products made by unique creators.

I have deep, persistent love for books, creativity, music, illustration, communal encouragement and the pursuit of being unique.

All these loves will be reflected in Jam Bookshop.



I am looking at following a dream I've had for 20+ years: to open my own bookshop.

But... while spending 12 years as a freelance illustrator in London does strengthen your determination and skill at surviving in tough climates, it doesn't exactly leave you... rolling in excess cash for such a project.

Sure, it could be seen as radical to open a bookshop in choppy times on the high street but I honestly believe that this kind of radical risk is what people need to take to help society survive. Let's not give up on the things we love!


About me:

I have been an acclaimed illustrator while working in both journalism and publishing. My work has been printed regularly in some of the most read publications in the world. I have sold-out self-published books and have had books released by small to huge publishers in the UK and France.

Also, I created the UK & Ireland-wide event Small Press Day which takes place on one day a year, in dozens of shops to promote the next wave of small press publishing creators. It has been running and growing each year since 2016. I believe that the future fades if we don't harness the creativity we have now. Shops are a big part of that.


I have the knowledge and insight to run a efficient bookshop business using my 6 years' experience of working in bookshops with strong sales, stock control, systems management and display responsibilities.

Your help:

When I launched this crowdfunder I was aiming for £25,000 to secure a shop location that I had been offered. But despite all my efforts there was a sudden dispute between the agent and the landlord about the rental amount. In the two weeks after I had agreed to let the shop, the agent placed another £20,000 on top at the last minute! So that shop fell out of my budget.

Now! I am looking at more affordable rents so I'm hoping to raise £18,000.

This will cover

- Securing an amazing shop in a great location in London. (£15,000+)

- Contribute to the purchase of initial stock

- Shop fitting /signage

- Building a removable ramp for weelchair access from street level

- Other costs / fees / rates etc

This crowdfunding can ease the burden that new businesses like this take on, helping it get into stable profit sooner.



Thank you for anything you can spare.

Every penny is deeply appreciated - no donation is too small (or large!).


www.jambookshop.com (to be launched with successful project)



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

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£5 Reward

A big thank you for helping start something great. (via an email too)

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Tote bag + bookmark

£26 or more

20 of 100 claimed

Kate x David Tote bag

Limited edition (100) tote bag + Bookmark. This specially designed tote mixes 2 musical legends: Kate Bush and David Byrne. Two of my most popular designs combined!

£26 or more

9 of 100 claimed

Gorilla mood tote bag

Gorilla mood Tote bag. Limited edition (100) tote bag + Bookmark.

£30 or more

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£30 Reward

Ltd Edition Print + Bookmark. An exclusive, signed print by David Ziggy Greene. A4 size, colour.

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Kate x David T-shirt

Limited edition (50) T-shirt + Bookmark. This specially designed tote mixes 2 musical legends: Kate Bush and David Byrne. Two of my most popular designs combined!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Pick a book + tote bag + bookmark. Order a book from us when the shop opens.

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£75 Reward

Jam Bookshop T-shirt + pick a book + tote bag + bookmark.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

Drawing workshop + T-shirt + pocket notepad + pick a book + tote bag + bookmark. Attend a 3 hour drawing workshop in the shop with David Ziggy Greene. Date tbc with attendees.

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