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by Christopher J Porter in Falmouth

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A range of pins and patches designed to promote conversation about mental health in our generation. Help us to spread the word!

by Christopher J Porter in Falmouth

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A collection of pins, patches and accessories for the first world problem children. Little badges of honour for every day people to make things a little radder than they are.

Shop online at www.iseesea.co.uk


In October 2017 I launched The Collection by I Sea Sea, a range of enamel pins and embroidered patches that aim to raise awareness and support for mental health issues. These can become little badges of honour that help people feel less alone in dealing with their problems through unity with other sufferers. As a small start-up, my aim is to create awareness in a way that directly involves sufferers and allows a conversation around mental health to take place.

After a promising launch and with support from some strong online influencers, I am looking to promote the collection to a wider audience, connect with independent retailers and ultimately welcome more members to the club.

-- THE WHY --

I am a sufferer of Anxiety. The biggest  influence in my own journey came with the realisation that I am not alone. Many people of my generation are suffering with similar problems day to day, I just hadn’t really realised that before. Perhaps that is due to the stigma that surrounds talking about mental health issues.

I began designing the collection simply as a way to take my mind off of my own troubles, however through showing them to friends and family alike, I realised that they could be of interest to many other people. I love the idea that a passerby might see someone wearing an Anxious pin for example and think, ‘Oh, someone else who feels a bit like me’ and then be able to take a little extra strength from that.


The aim of this Crowdfunder campaign is to raise some funds to help me to spread the word a little wider and so that more people can get their hands on their little badges of honour.  With this in mind I am looking to raise £2500 which will be split up to achieve a number of different goals as shown below:


I have put together a wide range of rewards to say thank you for supporting my campaign. These include exclusive discounts on the products from The Collection, lots of bundle deal options, brand new products and even a bit of my own expertise…! Read below to find out more detail about some of the rewards.

New Products

As part of this campaign I am offering exclusive presale for 5 brand new additions to The Collection. There are three new pins and two new patches. There is also potential for some more new things along the way...!

Hero Bundle

This bundle includes a few of my absolute favourite items; 1 x Irrational Fear Tote Bag, 1 x Helping Hands Enamel Pin Set (Gold), 1 x Semicolon Enamel Pin, 1 x Dead Good Embroidered Patch and 1 x Normal Isn't Normal Embroidered Patch.

The Whole Hog

This does what it says on the tin. Literally one of every existing product in the range! (Excludes all new products).

The Design Rewards

I have been a professional Graphic Designer for over 9 years now and in that time have been lucky enough to work on an incredible range of products and services from major album covers for Sony Records through to branding the best local cafes. With this in mind I am offering a number of rewards that give you large discounts on working with me.

Firstly there are the tutorial/critique sessions.  If you are a designer (or aspiring designer) that needs a little help on the Adobe design software, or you have a job interview coming up and would like someone to really critique your portfolio then these are for you. Options for 1, 2 or 3 sessions depending on your needs where we can discuss your project and needs and I will offer my professional advice.

Then theres the big daddy. I am offering 3 Custom Logo Design rewards at a highly reduced rate. If you go for this reward I will work with you over a series of meetings (in person or via skype) to create a bespoke identity for your brand/company/website.

My process for logo design of this type is in 3 stages. Stage one includes 2-4 initial ideas presented to you with my own researched mood boards based on the brief. Once one of those initial routes is chosen, stage two is a real drilling down into that route and refining the concept. Then once that is approved there is a final stage of completing the design and preparing the files for delivery (logo delivered in JPG, transparent background PNG and an editable and scalable version in PDF). The process usually takes between 3-4 weeks.

For examples of my previous work please visit www.iseesea.co.uk/design/


I am incredibly excited about running this campaign and thank each and every one of you for stopping by to look at my page. With your help I can really take The Collection to the next level and spread the word that we are not alone. The best way forward is to start a conversation. Acknowledgement is Power.

To follow my progress on social media I can be found at:

Instagram:  @iseesea  and  @iseeseastudio

Facebook:  /iseesea    Twitter:  @iseeseadesign


-- FAQs --

Q. Which countries do you ship rewards to?

Any! Shipping within the United Kingdom via Royal mail is included within your pledge. However if you would like to pledge from outside of the UK international shipping of £4.50 can be added by clicking the 'Pledge more' button before completing your reward payment.

Q. Can I pledge on more than one reward?

Absolutely, however you will have to complete a separate pledge for each reward you would like to receive.

Q. How do I choose my products for the Pick & Mix reward?

A. When this Crowdfunder project closes on 28th March, you will receive an email with a simple form for you to submit your chosen pins and patches. 

Q. Can I pledge anonymously?

Sure! Your pledge can be hidden from the other supporters yet I will still have access to your delivery details.

Q. What do your customers say about The Collection

If you have any additional questions please feel free to get in touch at [email protected]


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£6 or more

The One and Only

Your choice of any one pin already available from our website or pre-sale on a BRAND NEW pin or patch design! See the description for the designs.

£25 or more

11 of 20 claimed

Lucky Dip!

3 x Enamel Pins and 3 x Patches from the current range of designs. Lucky Dip packs are pre-packed, even I can't remember what is in them! However if you have bought a single item reward I will endeavour to make sure you don't get any doubles. Lucky Dip packs exclude the Helping Hands pin sets.

£35 or more

0 of 10 claimed

1 x 1hr Tutorial/Critique

This reward books you a 1hr tutorial on design software or a design critique over Skype. I will use my professional experience to share what wisdom I may have!

£36 or more

4 of 15 claimed

Hero Bundle

You're not meant to choose a favourite child... However there are a few 'Hero' products here at I See Sea. Get the lot in one tidy bundle. Includes 1 x Irrational Fear Tote Bag, 1 x Helping Hands Enamel Pin Set (Gold), 1 x Semicolon Enamel Pin, 1 x Dead Good Embroidered Patch and 1 x Normal Isn't Normal Embroidered Patch. Exclusive 20% discount.

£60 or more

0 of 10 claimed

2 x 1hr Tutorial/Critique

Exactly the same as the first reward, but two 1hr Skype sessions.

£111 or more

0 of 15 claimed

The Whole Hog

Do you love all of the designs? Struggling to make a decision? Own multiple denim jackets? or have a lot of birthdays coming up? Get your hands on the ENTIRE collection (one of each product currently available) for a Crowdfunder exclusive 40% off the retail price.

£600 or more

1 of 4 claimed

Custom Logo Design

As a freelance designer with 9 years of industry experience I will design your brand an identity based on a brief that we will discuss once the campaign is complete. For full details and a link to my portfolio please see the 'Rewards' section in the campaign description.

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