by Ethan Holden in Poole, England, United Kingdom

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An avant garde factual film calling for sustainable change in fashion within the UK - from the workers, to the high street, to your wardrobe

by Ethan Holden in Poole, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Your donations towards our stretch goal will granting us to go even bigger... to call for change even louder! You'll be gifting us the opportunity to fund more time in a studio (something we really would like), to be able to afford specialist equipment, and to get even more beautiful textile materials (that will be return toward who are receiving some of our rewards). 

With this being our final production at film school, you'd be ensuring we have everything we've dreamed of. We'd keep those who on our mailing list for the newsletter posted on where our extra funds are spent. 

Thank you. Emily & the Irere Crew. 

Irere needs your support!

Irere aims to provoke the audience into understanding the value of the clothing they put on everyday. This is through a series of chapters all woven together as part of one avant garde factual film. We'll be unstitching the truth behind the social and environmental damage the UK's fashion industry isn't addressing. 


How Your Support Helps Us

Your support of our film will allow us to reach out to activists and those working towards sustainable and ethical change in the fashion industry. Being a factual film, it's important we connect with reality, connect with you.

We are relying on donations to fund Irere. The money raised goes directly into our production budget to support our departments to collaborate together with the relevant resources to make this film happen. Your donations will be covering vital costs like the hiring of a studio, renting kit, sourcing sustainable textiles materials, ensuring the crew are fed and looked after, ensuring we have PPE for the shoot and a whole lot more. 

We've been determined to persevere through the pandemic at our film school; we have a sustainable & ridgid production plan in place and with your donations we'll be able to bring Irere to the screen soon.


Sneak Peak at the Rewards

Your donations mean we get to make our final production at film school, something we've spent over three years working towards. As a thank you for larger donations, we'll be gifting rewards made of the materials and non-digital work we have from the production. One of these includes a handcrafted director's book: one of five unique books created by the crew. Feel free to take a look at some of the pages before you meet the crew!






Meet The Crew

Irere has a talented crew of creative filmmakers who are coming together to demand change in the fashion industry.

This film will be powered by the creative investment of every crew member – bringing their style (both cinematically and fashionably) to connect reality with the screen. From paving the way in the era of sustainable filmmaking, in shifting mindsets on the way the world wears it’s clothes; they are capable of provoking change.

Emily Marsh

1605783899_the_indesign_file10.jpgBeing from Leicester, Emily knows about fast fashion's impact in the UK, her hometown has gone from being historically glorified for its garment production to being the sweatshop capital of the UK. Passionate about environmental activism, she wants to use this documentary to push for change in how we view our clothes. After making documentaries since sixth form and now in her final year of film school, she hopes that her drive to create an intriguing film in both its content and form will engage the audience and crew in a dialogue about the issues facing the UK’s fashion culture.

Ethan Holden

1605784493_the_indesign_file2.jpgAt heart, Ethan is a filmmaker that wants to make a difference, and for him, he sees an opportunity for that in how he manages and supports his crew. Over his time at Bournemouth Film School, he has gravitated towards projects that have a strong social core; documentaries & films with sometimes sensitive subject matters and delicate shoots. His work ethic to nurture healthy and respectful working environments for his crew is something of importance to him – environments that foster strong creativity and fairly represent the communities the films are bringing to screen. On Irere, he looks forward to manage the production in a sustainable manner - a project where his loathing for injustices, his life of film, and also his love of fashion, can be as one.

Simon Bradley

1605783630_the_indesign_file12.jpgSimon, heading our Camera team, brings the Guernsey island charm to our team. His interest in the "weird and wonderful" has fuelled his avid passion for all things experimental and surreal. He’ll be exploring this in Irere through the experimentation of macro photography and the idea of following the narrative of the life of fabric. He believes this documentary needs to be heard, as the beautiful aesthetic of the fashion industry is superficial, what lies beneath this massive conglomerate industry is extortion and abuse. He believes that Irere will illustrate the true nature of the fashion industry and galvanize you, the spectator, to act.

Joe Domenet

1605783381_the_indesign_file14.jpgJoe has floated around this amazing country all his life, all the way from the Isle Of Wight, to the city of London that he’s been calling home for the last 6 years. Now in Bournemouth, surrounded by the most amazing creative like-minded people, he's here to join us on Irere. He’s extremely fond of fashion and says If he had the money, he’s be dressed to the nine. However this might just be the reason the substance to this project is so important, people aren’t usually exposed to the story of the clothes on their back. Joe believes that this film will fill that gap, and it means so much more that the main point of interest is so close to home.

Amy Curtis

1605784135_the_indesign_file8.jpgGrowing up in the former mill town of Bolton; Amy, the production designer for this documentary, has always had an interest in textiles and its cultural significance. Studying textile design at college and going onto specialise in Production Design at Bournemouth Film School, Amy is hoping through the visual design of this film it will encourage people to question the origins of the clothes they own and the wider social, political and environmental issues of consumer culture and the fashion industry.

Jacob Mansfield

1605783284_the_indesign_file4.jpgA southern boy with a penchant for record collecting, Jacob, the film’s editor grew up accustomed to charity shopping and with this, the repurposing of garments became common practise. His interest in film led to studying numerous related subjects at Worthing college, eventually specialising in editing on the film production course at the Arts University Bournemouth. Jacob is hoping that his love of music and rhythm can add some flavour to the edit of the documentary, creating an appealing cut to attract attention whilst allowing the message of the film to come through.

Tomé Ferreira

1605784415_the_indesign_file6.jpgTomé will be supporting Simon as part of the camera – using his technical knowledge to translate creative ideas into visuals. He joined us early into development and was the director of photography for our promotional video for Irere. The shoot enabled his collaboration with the Director and the film to flourish; his dynamic workflow allows him to be adaptable for the experimental and avant grand visual process the film requires. Tomé is dedicated to discover more about the fashion world and choosing to wear clothes that preserve the workers’ rights and values, he sees an opportunity to positively transform not only his understanding, but help the audience understand too.



We would also quickly like to thank you someone wonderful creatives who helped create content for our fundraising and awareness campaign. Thank you Fin Mcmillan, Jack Jefferys, Orlan Sharman-Dunn, Mino Kronwitter, Gian Calipa, Meg Sharp, & Joe Mullin.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

An Exclusive Link to the Film

As a thank you for donating £15, we would love to share with you an exclusive digital link to the film before we publish it.

£5 or more

A Thank You :)

Thank you for donating to our film, your support is everything to not only us but the people our film is for. You're £5 makes a difference.

£6 or more

Feed A Crew Member

With hard work comes hungry mouths. With back to back 10 hour days, your £6 will ensure a crew member eats well for a day and is raring to go!

£22 or more

A Monthly News Letter

On Irere, we are a small team and we'd love to be able to share what we are doing behind the scenes with you. Donating £22, you will be added to our mailing list and receive a copy of our monthly production newsletters via email with updates on the film, behind the scenes photos, and more. This will also include a link to the film.

£45 or more

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Handmade Upcycled Tote Bags

You will receive a bit of Irere with a £45 donation. With all the textiles we save from going to landfill across the production to use on set, we'd like to continue to let it live on. We'll be handcrafting a limited series patchwork tote bags that we'd love to post to our supporters of this reward.

£75 or more

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Large Upcycled Handmade Patchwork Piece

Similarly to our tote bags, we will be creating two large patchwork pieces out of upcycled textiles from the shoot. It was during our trailer shoot, we saw life in the beauty of patchwork, and we would love to be able to share that with you. We'll be designing and creating a large patchwork piece, similar to a blanket or quilt, and post it to you.

£100 or more

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A Handcrafted Director's Book

Once our film is made, Emily and her crew will be creating a series of five books filled with little pieces and many memories of Irere... from sketches, notes, behind the scenes photos, pieces of fabric, paperwork, designs, colour palettes. All the wonderful stuff that goes into making an avant-garde film. Each one will be unique to the next one. The book will be posted to you.

£200 or more

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Become an Associate Producer

With a donation of £200, you will playing a large role in funding this production. As an one of our associate producer, you'll be recognised for supporting this film, with your name in the credits. You will be added to the mailing lists to see developments of the film from our Newsletter. You'll also be able give exclusive access to the film before it shown to anyone outside of the production.

£300 or more

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Become an Executive Producer

To donate £300 to Irere, you'd playing an integral role in our production. Your support will be recognised being credited as an Executive Producer. You'll be invited to join a monthly production meetings via zoom to learn more of the film developments. You'll also receive a copy of our newsletter and access the film before anyone outside of the production can.

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