Interrobang‽ A digital game to keep us in the game

by GideonReeling in Brentford, England, United Kingdom


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Help us develop an online adventure game. An immersive murder mystery using new tech to put you in the game & to keep us in ours.

by GideonReeling in Brentford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we start to near or exceed our target we will add more rewards for donors to be able to play the experience. 

(particularly the community reward for local young people to play)

This will mean there will be more previews and subsequently a more fully evaluated and shinier show.  

Every pledge will allow the show to run  for longer and our artists to be supported.

We won't stop til the money pot runs dry

A topical comedy encased in an immersive digital game: challenging, fun and uniquely original entertainment.


is genre busting theatre-meets-online gaming that you can play on any device.

Players will be drawn into a real time thriller, become investigators and race to solve a shadowy murder case.

It’s an exciting murder mystery meets surreal black comedy, that turns up at your doorstep, wanders round your house or drags you out to the local park. 

The game will use dynamic QR code technology to weave the gameplay journey through physical and digital spaces, tying up elements such as physical documents, outside spaces, original music and surreal musical numbers or social media posts. 

The development of Interrobang will put you at the center of the game and it will keep us in ours.

Support the development of the pilot and choose to:

  • buy tickets and be among the first to play
  • pledge community tickets to pay it forward for a young person to take up the challenge and experience cutting edge digital theatre
  • simply donate to support our theatre and performing arts community (we usually generate work for around 80 artists each year and this game will enable us to continue to work with them, to entertain you.)

When can you play Interrobang‽

Pilot shows will be held in April 2021.

Who are Gideon Reeling?

We’re an immersive theatre company who put the audience at the heart of the stories and experiences we make. For the past 15 years we’ve been creating truly interactive, site-specific theatrical experiences and interactive games for clients including Google, Cadbury’s, Dior, Hermes, Heineken, Cirque du Soleil and Penguin.  Our work's seen us delivering entertainment in unusual and elaborate locations such as onboard a transatlantic flight via Iceland, or in the Palace of Versailles.

Recently we were behind the ‘Hail a Panto” doorstep pantomime for clients FreeNow that made headline news this winter and now we’re taking our storytelling and entertainment skills to an online audience. Teaming up with tech and broadcast innovators Winkball/Touch TV we're currently developing this bold experiment in interactive and non-linear storytelling that you can play at home or in physical locations, alone or in a team.

Our work’s very varied, from city wide treasure hunts to fun hands-on education in museums. We are used to producing entertaining events & experiences from ridiculous public sports days or swanky press parties to spooky interactive shows or thought provoking installations..


How does Interrobang work‽

Players join a squad of investigators, who badly need help. 

Drawn into a thriller they follow leads, work out who to trust, and solve a case- with their ‘superior officers’ keeping them on track, or way off it! Trust no-one. 

It offers a unique experience full of puzzles, challenges, interviews and characters who entertain and intrigue. You can make it home based or street based, you decide.

This is theatre away from the theatre and gaming away from the console.

  • Do you love crime thrillers?
  • Are you into solving puzzles?
  • Are you up for a mental & moral challenge?

Then you will love Interrobang‽ 

Support us to allow us to bring our entertaining skills all the way to your home. Pledge your support now and be one of the first to play in April.


Playing Interrobang‽ will:

  • Keep us entertaining you and employing our staff (they're industry leaders and lovely people)
  • Bust boredom
  • Bring playful theatre to your door
  • Get you out and about 
  • Join a shared experience 
  • Increase access to theatre and funtimes
  • Stretch your brain and make you laugh

What does your support do?

You might choose a golden ticket to play or a simple donation to the project.

In return for your support as well as preview tickets we're offering various rewards that will make you laugh, allow you to name an Interrobang character, or even have a private Interrobang‽ Party. 

If you are feeling altruistic, donating to our community reward will help us to engage our local audience, in an area that has low engagement in the arts and more than its fair share of digital poverty. You might also choose a donation to pay for a local young person to play the game for free.

Or you may donate to help us to grow our relationship with our local theatre, Watermans, who will provide devices to local audiences for free and create a template for inclusive access across economic divides when the pilot is over. 

We really want this to be played by a broad and diverse audience and we don’t want changing lockdown regulations, lack of tech or lack of data, fear of crowds or differences in ability to stand in the way.

So please, consider joining us on the Interrobang journey, and step into the unknown. 


Your donations will allow us to:

  • Refine the story 
  • Make the films
  • Create all the clues and documents
  • Attach codes and links 
  • Design all the things players will see
  • Cast and pay the performers, director, producers etc
  • Design and make costumes and props
  • Work with our partners Winkball to make it seamless to play for everyone
  • Subtitle it to make sure it fully accessible for anyone to play
  • Do the admin for the rewards from this campaign
  • Make the marketing materials 
  • Roll out the marketing to guarantee ticket sales and further development

Testimonials on our shows:

Each experience was unique to the audience member. …. we were allowed to become part of the narrative itself. I hope such bold work inspires similar approaches by other producers. …ground-breaking Huffington Post on Patrick Ness’s Now That You’ve Died, Roundhouse Studio for RNIB

Their work is fresh and imaginative and it invites audiences to become players, participants and adventurers through their stories.Nina Steiger. NT/Soho Theatre

Gideon Reeling are the best in the book - devastatingly daring, pretty spooky, very talented and endlessly imaginative. Rob da Bank  Sunday Best

On The Red Death Lates: “like being in the performance party equivalent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.” Time Out  “If Bacchus threw a ball it would look and feel exactly like Red Death Lates”,  “a Disturbed dream… lively, sordid, incredible.” Londonist.  “Riotous Merriment” Evening Standard If you haven’t yet heard of Red Death Lates where have you been? London Lite

Gideon Reeling were inspiring, energetic and generous partners. together we.... delivered a truly spectacular experience. William Smith, Penguin Random House- Penguin Imagines at the Palladium




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