Install a beautiful new AV system at our church

by David Reed in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Install a beautiful new AV system at our church
We did it
On 14th September 2019 we successfully raised £4,865 with 45 supporters in 28 days

***UPDATE: our target is now £5,500 thanks to offline donations and a grant given to the church in support of this crowdfunder**

by David Reed in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Help us make a big investment in the way we serve the community of Hamworthy.

Exciting changes are happening in Hamworthy - but we need your help. 

Our church has £8,000 remaining funds we need to raise to cover the costs of a brand new, giant projector screen and full refit of our AV system.

This new equipment will allow us to transform the way we do church, giving us a dynamic, modern venue space that can be used for all our services and events for many years to come.

These plans are part of our ambitious, long-term mission to bring added life into this Parish, building on the ideas of our Vision Day in June, so that we can meet the growing demand from our community.

For the full story please read on. Please donate to help us meet our fundraising goal. 

The full story...

Last year, our church welcomed a new Vicar and church team from SML Poole, as part of a "graft" project supported by the Diocese of Salisbury. Our mission was to bring added life to this Parish so that we can better serve the growing needs of Hamworthy and Turlin Moor. 

In our first year, we have seen the church flourish and grow, but the time has come to make some big changes. 

In June, we held a Vision Day, where we invited everyone to come  help us dream up how our church can better love and serve the local area. Based on the ideas that came out of the day, we have developed exciting plans for changing the way we do church.

Out first priority is to modernise church.

We desperately need to bring our facilities into the 21st Century. 

To do that, we want to install a large, 4 metre wide projector screen in St Michael's Church, and pay for a complete refit of our audio system. This investment will equip St Michael's Church to function as a modern, dynamic venue for Sunday services, weddings, funerals, and other events each week and throughout the year. 

A new audio-visual system will transform what we can offer as a church. 

Having the ability to project words onto the screen means you'll never need to fumble with pages trying to find the right song. This will make church services more relaxed and accessible, especially for people with special access needs and comfort requirements.

But more than this, it will allow us to offer different kinds of events in our biggest church building - such as cinema nights for children, and larger events with speakers or live music. It opens so many possibilities for us over the next 10 years.  

Thanks to careful financial management, the Church is already able to cover a large portion of the costs from an existing building fund. But having investigated the options, our funds still fall short of what we need to install the best possible setup for our needs over the next 10 years.

By joining this crowdfunder, you will help us to buy and install:

  • A giant, 4-meter, retractable projector screen, that will be suspended from the ceiling in the chancel of St Michael's Church
  • A complete refit of our audio system, with a sound desk installed at the back of the church to handle images and sound quality
  • Two monitor screens installed on the columns facing forwards to support our worship band and to aid readers and speakers
  • Wiring of cables and microphone receivers so that this equipment is beautifully and securely integrated into the fabric of the existing church.

Here's a real world example of what we hope to be able to install. 

Please join us in taking this big step forward as a church. 

By joining our crowdfunder, you will be helping to buy equipment that will make a significant difference to the way we serve our local area for many years to come. 

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