It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil

by Radical Independence Campaign in United Kingdom

It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil
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On 25th October 2021 we successfully raised £680 with 11 supporters in 14 days

Help RIC promote the Independence Bloc @ COP26. We're producing leaflets, posters, badges & more. Plus something special for the day itself!

by Radical Independence Campaign in United Kingdom

New stretch target

If you help us to reach out stretch target, you will be supporting us to work with artists and activists to create a temporary alternative to the Lord Roberts statue for our assembly point. Our alternative monument will reflect the values we would like to see an independent Scotland embody, rather than the celebration of British colonial violence that the current statue represents. 

Support the Independence Bloc at COP26!

On November 6, thousands of protesters will march through Glasgow to demand Climate Justice from the COP26 conference. The independence movement must be among the marchers.

The Radical Independence Campaign is helping to organise the Indy Bloc at COP26. We need your help to get the word out, and to make sure the whole Yes movement joins to demand urgent action.

From the Cambo oilfield off Shetland, to the nuclear weapons base at Faslane, a future for Scotland in the UK is one where climate danger can be imposed on us from above by Westminster. Boris Johnson’s Tories have proved themselves incapable of facing climate reality, and the world must know they do not represent Scotland’s voice.

Scotland played a historic role in creating the fossil-fuel economy – it’s our responsibility to take a lead in ending it.

With independence we can take that responsibility, ensuring a just transition for workers and communities, harnessing Scotland’s immense potential for renewable energy.

Scotland also must acknowledge our part in the British Empire’s violence and plundering of natural resources. Dismantling the British state isn’t a parochial issue: it’s an opportunity to end the UK’s neo-colonial, fossil-driven foreign policy. We can build a new relationship with the world based on solidarity with the Global South.

The bloc will be meeting at 12 noon, Saturday November 6th, at the Lord Roberts monument in Kelvingrove Park. The assembly point has been chosen to help send a message from the independence movement. Lord Roberts was a key figure of the British military at the height of empire, and the statue boasts of his role in conflicts in Afghanistan, India, South Africa and Ireland to name a few. Independence represents the chance to finally move on from this brutal legacy.


What will your donation support?

•To promote the Independence Bloc at COP26, we’re producing thousands of leaflets, posters and badges to spread the message nationwide. We’re offering these for free to Yes groups and activists* in communities across Scotland – but this obviously comes at a cost.

•We’re also promoting the march heavily on social media – but to make an impact and reach a mass audience, it also really helps to be able to fund getting a targeted message out.

•Finally, if this project is able to reach its stretch goals, you can help support the creation of a temporary alternative to the monument at our assembly point. We’d like to creatively celebrate anti-colonial resistance and represent values that speak to Scotland today, rather than the relic of another age that the statue represents. However, this is a very ambitious goal, and can only succeed with your support!

*If you would like to get leaflets and posters to use in your area, or to discuss arranging transport, get in touch via [email protected]


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more


Will buy a small batch of "It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil" posters to display in windows and venues.

£25 or more

Digital Advertisement

Will buy a digital advertisement to help get news about the Indy Bloc at COP26 to Yes supporters across Scotland. You will also receive a free "It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil" poster.

£50 or more


Will allow us to produce badges for the demonstration in addition to posters and leaflets. You will receive a "It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil" poster and badge.

£100 or more

Local Group Support

Will allow us to send a complete package of posters and leaflets to local Yes groups free of charge. You will also receive a "It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil" poster and badge.

£125 or more


Will allow us to arrange transport for local groups to reach the demonstration in Glasgow. You will also receive a free "It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil" poster.

£150 or more

Alternative monument

Will allow us to buy materials and support artists to create an alternative monument to the Lord Roberts statue at the Indy Bloc's assembly point. You will be listed as a supporter that has helped to create the monument. You will also receive a free "It's Scotland's Oil - Keep It In The Soil" poster.

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