'I'm Still Ethan' - Short Film about Imprisonment

by Phoebe Lorenz in Barnard Castle, England, United Kingdom

'I'm Still Ethan' - Short Film about Imprisonment

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We are on the FINAL PUSH - Freida Films presents I'm Still Ethan in association with Enon Films.

by Phoebe Lorenz in Barnard Castle, England, United Kingdom


I'm Still Ethan is a poignant and compelling story following the life of one young boy and his mother after his father is incarcerated. 

We believe that within the justice system there is a gap - a flaw - whereby children and families are becoming forgotten victims and aren't offered the support or guidance they need for a shot at a future. 


The British film industry has produced wonders for the lives of those who're detained and the systemic obstacles they encounter, but a film solely based on the perspectives of those left at home is unchartered territory. With 65% of sons returning to the justice system after a parent has served time, this is a cyclical problem that isn't improving and this film was made to fight for that CHANGE. 

WE ARE ON THE FINAL PUSH. You ALL showed up and helped us make something which will be truly amazing. However, we are asking for your help one last time. Compounded by reduced funding due to Covid-19 and the unexpected realities of making a film, we need your help to fully wrap this project up and make it fly.

Our final push is in order to get this vitally important story into the next batch of festivals. This will give us our biggest audience and chance of sharing Ethan's story and helping to educate and breakdown stigma.




This year many of us have experienced unexpected feelings of entrapment, loss and isolation. This is Ethan's story, but he doesn't quite have the words to tell it. For all the Ethans, we believe it's time to SPEAK UP.

In 2018, 310,000 children had a parent in prison. That's almost double the 160,000 in 2007. *

Imprisonment is an issue which can affect anyone and it's the families and children of offenders in particular, that we are focusing on. It is them that are often left gathering up the pieces, whilst facing prejudice through no fault of their own

We are actively tackling this stigma through the boundless power of storytelling. 

Our Team:

We're proud to have two female powerhouses at the helm of this project:

Created by Phoebe Lorenz & Produced by Amelia O'Loughlin 

Production by London-based Freida Films; in association with Sheffield-based Enon Films. 

Post-production is being carried out by the brilliant team who brought you Staged this year at Onsight Ltd. 

Directed by the BIFA-nominated Raffaello Degruttola - filmmaker and founder of  Contro Vento Films, and captivating cinematography by Newcastle-based Ali Hutchinson. 




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