Help fight illegal roadside dog sales in Malawi

by Worldwide Veterinary Service in Blantyre, Malawi

Help fight illegal roadside dog sales in Malawi
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Every year dogs in Malawi are being stolen or bred in horrible conditions to be sold illegally. You can help give these dogs a safer future.

by Worldwide Veterinary Service in Blantyre, Malawi

For a puppy like Chandler, the world is already a pretty scary place, but when they have been bred to be illegally sold on the street, it is a living nightmare. 

1714144810_1.jpgChandler was only a tiny puppy when he was found on the streets of Blantyre, Malawi, in a terrible state, likely dumped once he had become too ill to sell. He was starving, dehydrated, and suffering from severe mange.Without medical intervention, Chandler would have suffered a painful death, scared and alone. Our vets treated him and patiently nursed him back to health, and now they are looking for the loving home he deserves.

Will you help stop dogs like Chandler suffering at the hands of people selling dogs illegally? Please act now to stop this cruel trade for good.

1714144823_2.jpgChandler is now safe, but sadly that is not the case for many dogs like him. Our vets are treating any dog that comes to us, but the illegal roadside trade is growing quickly, and not every dog is rescued.

 Our team is already doing all they can to treat the dogs that arrive at our centre, but we need to stop this illegal trade for good.  

Our centre in Malawi, is under increasing pressure due to the number of sick dogs arriving as a direct result of the illegal dog trade on the streets. These dogs are often stolen or bred in very bad conditions, arriving with parvovirus and other horrific diseases, infested with worms, fleas and ticks, and terrified of people.

Without urgent action, puppies and dogs will continue to suffer in silence. You can give them hope.

You can help put a stop to this cruel and illegal trade by donating towards fliers and billboards in Malawi, telling people the truth about those selling them.

It is not just dogs that are impacted by this cruel activity.  The dogs sold illegally are not vaccinated, so the transmission of diseases such as rabies is a very real threat. Through our Mission Rabies project, we have been working to stop the spread of rabies in Malawi, vaccinating almost 100,000 dogs in 2023.

1714144982_2891e43f-3824-4547-8730-8555050284ec.jpgWhen dogs are confiscated by the police, they are brought to the clinic for immediate medical attention. At least four dogs have died of rabies within the first week after arrival. Anyone who buys a dog through the trade could be bringing a rabid dog into their home, putting their family and community at risk of contracting this terrible and fatal disease.

This cruel trade is causing suffering for dogs and people, but together, we can protect them.

The WVS team in Malawi are already doing all they can to help the animals suffering from this trade right now, but together we can prevent others from going through the same cruelty. Your donations will help to educate people on the dangers of buying dogs illegally, and support work with the police and city council to stop this trade for good.

  • £20 will buy 400 fliers, to provide the local community with information about the trade, and the dangers it presents. 
  • £1,500 will buy a billboard for a year, raising awareness of the dangers of the roadside trade, and placed in locations where dogs are being illegally sold.

We need to raise £3,500 for billboards and leaflets to help educate people and stop this trade for good. Any additional money we raise will go towards treating those dogs that are rescued and giving them a better, safer future.

 Join us and protect dogs and their communities by fighting against the illegal roadside dog trade in Blantyre.




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