I want to be A Creative

by Abi Meats in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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A book to expose kids to careers in the Creative Industries, written by inspiring professionals. We aim to supply all UK schools with a copy

by Abi Meats in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 28th November 2023 we'd raised £12,000 with 140 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

We would supply every school in the UK with a copy of this book for their library, to allow the importance of Creativity to reach as many children, regardless of background to read this book and discover their creative potential

Hello, I'm Abi and I've run a London based design studio called Rude for 25 years.

The creative industries are thriving in the UK but currently, the arts are not compulsory in schools, and we are worried. The talent pipeline that feeds the UK’s successful creative economy, and with it the economic backbone and cultural identity of the country is blocked.

We need strong, successful role models to inspire the creative minds of tomorrow.

Rude are publishing a book called 'I Want To Be A Creative', in order to get kids excited about careers where they can learn about the incredible professions our industry has to offer. Inside, discover dozens of creative disciplines and an all-star cast of career mentors including filmmaker Garth Jennings, musician Rae Morris, photographer Nadav Kander, writer Aja Barber and architect Antoinette Nassopoulos Erickson, and a whole host of award-winning artists and designers across the creative spectrum. Each creative gives advice about how to break into their industry, tips, insights and inspiring examples of their work.

This book also serves as a practical guide including engaging exercises, and resources for further inspiration. The aim is to be approachable with bite size paragraphs and fun tips. We want to ignite sparks and shed a light on the importance of brave thinking and innovation. 

At Rude, we firmly believe that an understanding of what jobs are available to you should not depend on where you go to school or who your parents know. So we want to get the book into the hands of as many children as possible. Up to now, production has been co-sponsored by Joseph and Joseph—fantastic designers of innovative products for the home. But our goal is to supply every primary school in the UK with a copy, around 25,000 books. So we need your help.

For the first batch of publication, our target is £10k—and there are tons of ways to support. With every book pre-ordered at full price, we will send a second copy to a school. If you want to get even more involved, you can pledge 10 books for schools, engage Rude for a creative assembly, become an official sponsor of the book with your own shout out in the book, or commission a giant mural at a school of your choice.

Creative kids become creative adults. And in a world where we have big problems to tackle like social injustice and climate change, we need creativity more than ever. So help us empower the next generation of creative change makers and cultural leaders! Let's do it!

Some of our famous mentors included in the book: Accept and Proceed / Aja Barber / Antoinette Nassapoulos Erickson / Asos / BBC / Blue Shop Cottage / Broken Fingaz / Cernamics / Chelsea Louise Berlin / Dave Rax / Dines / Eleanor Wyld / Fiona Lumbers / Foster and Partners / Garth Jennings / Harry Witham / Jagprops / Joseph Joseph / Luke Kirwan / Marvel / Moving Pictures / Nadav Kander / Nam Tran / Naomi Larsson / National Theatre / Newspeak Games / Penguin Publishing / Portland Museum of Art / Print Club / Rose Stallard / Rude / Saatchi and Saatchi / Sal Velluto / Splash Damage / Studio Blup / Thomasina Smith / Time Based Arts / Universal Pictures / Us Two / Wig Chapel


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A copy of 'I want to be a Creative'

A soft back copy of 'I want to be a Creative' includes a copy of the book being sent to a school

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High five for the project

Knowing that you support our beliefs makes us happy and we thank you enourmously.

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Kindle edition

A downloadable format of the entire book, in full colour.

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10 books sent to a school library

10 copies of the book will be distributed to 10 schools in the UK

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School package

5 copies of the book, 5 posters and a 2 hour assembly or worskhop taken by Rude in the school of your choice (expenses ontop outside of London)

£1,000 or more

Become a named sponsor of the book

Your donation will see that your logo, personal name or any other inscription of thanks is added to the sponsor page, which will be printed in every copy we sell.

£2,000 or more

Rude Mural

Rude will design a bespoke mural for your school and to your brief and specification. You would be supplied the designs and scale drawings to paint your own or employ Rude to come and paint it for you.

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