VAN-AID Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

by Mike Eastwood in York, United Kingdom

VAN-AID Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

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VanAid is in the process of becoming a charity org! Consisting of volunteers getting humanitarian aid to the Ukraine border!

by Mike Eastwood in York, United Kingdom

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Van Aid is in the process of becoming a registered charity!

Hi All,  

Given the current atrocities occurring in Ukraine and the significant impact this is having not only across Europe but worldwide, a team of logistics experts came together with a view to offering immediate support.

We began by exploring opportunities to deliver physical Humanitarian Aid.

At a very early stage and having developed a slick process rapidly, the team recognised that whilst it was dealing with an immediate need there was in fact a longer term opportunity,

This is when VAN-AID was born.

Van-Aid was initially formed as a means of offering immediate support to Ukraine by transporting physical donations from the UK into Poland.

These donations will help the many 100,000’s of Ukrainians who have been forced out of their homes into various regions of Poland.

As our infrastructure and team has evolved, it is our aim to further develop our services by registering Van-Aid as a Charity, something which is now underway.

We will continually tweak our services, fundraise consistently and engage in PR in order to raise our profile with a view to developing a tried, tested and trusted Logistics and Distribution entity capable of supporting all of Europe with the movement of Humanitarian Aid in the event of disaster.

In terms of the immediate need, we have vehicles handling the movement of donations at speed from various UK locations directly into those most in need.

It is not our intention to utilise third party freight forwarders, whilst they have scale they don’t penetrate directly the specific pockets of people in need.

We identify the need through in country connections, source specific donation types and transport them straight to the necessary destination.

Within our first week we delivery bulk supplies of nappies, Calpol, baby wipes etc to a Nunnery in Kielce which is housing almost 1000 babies and young children.

We have medical equipment on route to civilian fighting forces along with camouflage clothing, sleeping bags and protective equipment.

Food and water is being shipped in bulk along with many other necessary items.

With a current team of 40 to 50 volunteers each committed to the point that they are individually financing their own 2500 mile round trip journeys, we feel it necessary to formally fundraise so as to grow our offering which we see as critical and in need of longevity.

Should you be in a position to contribute financially bearing in mind that every penny counts, please do so…..we really would appreciate it and it will allow our Humanitarian Aid Missions to continue.

Thank you

The Van-Aid Team


Steve Marsh 

Adrian Thewliss

Martine Weiss

Mike Eastwood

Myles Lant

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