Homes for Ukraine Support Warwickshire & Coventry

by Hand in Hand: Ukraine Response in Ройал-Лемингтон-Спа, Уорвикшир, Великобритания

Homes for Ukraine Support Warwickshire & Coventry
We did it
On 27th May 2022 we successfully raised £7,375 with 69 supporters in 69 days

To provide a local support network for sponsors and guest Ukrainian families in Warwickshire and Coventry

by Hand in Hand: Ukraine Response in Ройал-Лемингтон-Спа, Уорвикшир, Великобритания

New stretch target

Our current target will allow us to fund the salary of a full-time coordinator for 2 months. Beyond this, with more funding, we will look to extend the time the coordinator can dedicate to the project (e.g. to 6 months).

Dear friends/дорогие друзья/Дорогі друзі:

Greetings from Helen, Michael and the whole team. We are a group of passionate individuals who have worked and lived in the region. It is absolutely heart-breaking to us that while we are fortunate to go to sleep safely every night, the nightmare reality for children and families all across Ukraine today is all too real.

More than 4 million people have fled Ukraine. 

In response, Ukraine's European neighbours have been opening their borders to welcome desperate Ukrainians. Hundreds of volunteers are stepping up to act, provide transport, shelter, basic needs, legal support, translation, etc. It's now time for us living in Warwickshire and Coventry to do our part.

What we are doing

We are matching interested sponsors with desperate Ukrainians in need. We are assisting sponsors and Ukrainian families with the visa application and travel arrangements. We are developing a support network for local sponsors and arriving Ukrainian families.

A local support network

We are concerned that at the national level there is no social or integration support planned for the sponsors or the guests, and that Local Authorities are not able to fill all the gaps.

We are therefore working to develop the resources and network which will cover these gaps. First, we will provide support to approved sponsors on how to best welcome and assist their guests. Second, we are allocating funding to support the running of local English lessons for Ukrainian guests. Thirdly, we will provide support and resources to Ukrainian families, when they first arrive, so they know their rights and that they have a point of contact is something goes wrong. We plan on staffing a hotline/walk-in clinic in Warwickshire where guests can be triaged and signposted appropriately to local resources.

How we will use your donations

A small part of the fund will be used for outreach and admin, while the vast majority will allow us to hire an arriving Ukrainian individual as a full time Community Coordinator for 2 months. This individual will staff the hotline/walk-in clinic, and will reach out to and interact with arriving Ukrainian families to address any questions and concerns.

This position has the added bonus of providing an immediate employment opportunity to one of the arriving Ukrainian individuals.

How we will handle your donations

Hand in Hand is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the UK, registration number 13973513. We chose CIC as our corporate entity as registering as charity with the Charity Commission in the UK is a lengthy process, and the people we are helping do not have time to wait. If we registered as a charity, opening a charity bank account alone would take 4-8 weeks minimum, during which time your donations will need to be transferred to a personal bank account, which is far from ideal.

By law, the assets of a CIC are "locked". This means that the assets cannot be sold under market value and can only be transferred to another CIC in case of wound up. A CIC like ours, which is limited by guarantee, also cannot issue dividends. Further, we will not be paying our directors any compensation, as they will be working on a fully voluntary basis. All these measures ensure that funds are effectively locked within the organisation only for uses that will further its community aims.

We will post regular updates on our work.

Thank you for your support!

Helen, Michael & Team

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