by Bekkie Graham in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

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I need your help to raise the funds needed to take my project Unschooled Heuristic Outcomes to the Houses of Parliament the week of July 4th

by Bekkie Graham in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT EXHIBITION (or community venue exhibitions across U.K. if my arts council application is successful) 

On July 4th 2022 I am opening a multimedia art exhibition of my current project Unschooled ' Heuristic Outcomes' in the Houses of Parliament. 



The project consists of photographs & audio interviews with over 65 participants aged 16-45 from across the U.K. who were Electively Home-Educated as children. Asking the questions "What is success, what does it look like, & who gets to decide who is successful"?

Taking pretty much every life path you can think of , including travelling, working, at university, on long term benefits, apprenticeships, gap years, raising families, home educating their own children & much much more. My aim is to act as a conductor for the EHE community, bringing their voices, to people & communities across the U.K. who may otherwise not get to have those conversations, encouraging understanding, tolerance & strengthening communities

This opportunity could not have come at a better time with the Schools' Bill currently being read in the House of Lords & commons and I very much hope people are able to support the project in anyway they can, every £1 counts and helps in a small but mighty way. 

If you can't afford to donate thats absolutely fine and totally understandable, but if you were still able to share with friends and family that would be amazing as you never know when someone may feel like and be financial able to  do a huge bit of good in the world! 



I HAVE made an Arts Council application for the funds to hold this exhibition. However Arts Council Applications are notoriously hard to get (only 40-50% success rates). Should the Arts Council Application be accepted, I will use whatever funds raised through this crowdfunder, to instead, tour the exhibition to community venues across the U.K. throughout 2022/23 (including council offices, community halls, alternative settings, or even someones garden if you would like to invite me!) When you pledge to a crowdfunder your email is automatically added to my mailing list (you can opt out of this should you wish) and I will keep everyone up to date on this as time progressed. 



The exhibition will consists of 20 framed A1 images with accompanying audio interviews from a selection of participants from the project. 

Should my arts council application be unsuccessful, I am still going to go ahead with the exhibition & will need to fund it myself, (hence this page!), as the opportunity is just too big for the EHE community & for me for it to not go ahead. So all of the costs that I have outlined below are definite costs/invoices. 

I have outlined the costs like this for absolute transparency, but also so that people can donate a single pound, whatever amount they feel they would like to donate, or if they want, a certain amount to cover the costs of something specific within the exhibition.

Following the exhibition in The Houses of Parliament, this work will tour to -

Bear Bookshop in Birmingham (August-September)

Conwy EHE Summer Feté in Wales (26th August)

SummerHill festival of childhood (August 5-10th), and

The Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool (September-October) 

(do email if you have anywhere locally you think the work would work and you'd like to get involved in helping get it out to the world!)

There will also be the opportunity to come along to online events over the next few months, including artist talks and Q&A's , VR walkthroughs of the exhibition and more.

To clarify again, this money will only be used for the houses of parliament exhibition IF The Arts Council grant application is unsuccessful. 

If the grant is successful, I will instead be allocating the funds to tour the exhibition to community venues (in addition to the exhibitions above) across the U.K later in the year and in 2023.



Signwriter - Amy Godwin Signwriter - Falmouth - (£900)

Invitations (awaiting quote) *Edited to add 14.06.22 - £212.99

* Edited to add 14.06.22 Screen printing - Kiwi Print studios Cornwall - £250

Audio interview equipment - Amazon (£736.02)

Carpenter (£3500) *Edited to add 14.06.22 my original carpenter has now changed so I have a local joiners to me making me stands instead. I do not anticipate their being much of a change but will update as I can.

Courier company (£380.00)

Fuel (£565.20) 972.2 miles

Photographic printing - The Print Space online. Carbon Neutral printing.  (£874.15)

Photograph mounting & Framing Mojo Framing Newquay (£5,659.20)

Calligrapher - wild sea calligraphy (£450)

VR photography for accessible exhibition online Nick Cooney VR Cornwall - (Awaiting quote) *Edited to add 14.06.22 £890

Expenses £800 + £137.00 +£30 +£150 + £834 (£1951) - This is the literal costs for me being there for the week to talk to people viewing the exhibition. I *could* leave it unattended but it kind of defeats the point somewhat of it being in that space ???? It is actual physical costs, of the absolutely minimum it will cost me to stage. This is the one bit I could loose if I needed too as I don't need to stay there for the week to man the exhibition.

Total physical costs to house the exhibition £15,510.77

(As of 14.06.22 Final quotes have now come in taking the final figure to £16,368.56. An increase of  £857.79, which I will be covering myself and not adding to the crowdfunder.)


Should the Arts Council Application be accepted, I have decided to use whatever funds are raised and unallocated, to take the exhibition to further community venues across the U.K. throughout 2022/23 including council offices, community halls, alternative settings, or someones garden ! When you pledge to a crowdfunder your email is automatically added to my mailing list (you can opt out of this should you wish) and I will keep everyone up to date on this as time progressed. Please do shout if you have a venue and location you think would work for this project, I want to bring it to as many places as possible to help educate as many people as possible, to strengthen and boost our community in what has been an incredibly tough year or two !


Please be aware I have not allocated any money in the above for myself, it literally just covers my physical costs of producing, transporting and holding the exhibition. If anyone has any specific questions about the budget please do email me at [email protected] or add a comment here and I will try my best to answer them.

Best Wishes,




Link to original crowdfunded, that raised £1700 to help me get to some of the participants to photograph and interview them


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