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by Rosanna Costello in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Help Hilda to help your houseplants, because when we help plants to thrive, we enable ourselves to live healthier and happier lives

by Rosanna Costello in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We want to create the UK's first, fully equipped, custom built, Houseplant Hospital.

What is Hilda?

Hilda is a houseplant hub in Edinburgh, selling houseplants, offering varied workshops, and the houseplant hospital. All cultivating well-being, community and connection through plant care.


Hilda HQ at 128 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh

Hilda was founded by me, Rosanna, in 2020 following my personal journey of discovering the profound benefits that come from nurturing houseplants, for physical and mental well-being and for creating a sense of accomplishment.

We came across an abandoned shop on the corner of Ferry Road and Newhaven Road in Edinburgh in 2022 and fell in love with its potential. After 4 months of hard work, trips to the tip, painting, building, scrubbing and planting, we successfully renovated the front half of the space into the Hilda shop.

The transformation reel that we'd all been waiting for!


Rosanna, the founder of Hilda

Who is Hilda?

Hilda was my husband Tom's great granny. An all round legend and inspiration, we still have one of her houseplants - a Hoya - with us today! This houseplant legacy is proof that with the right care, our plants can live happily with us in our homes, improving our well being and becoming a generational gift within the family.

What is the Houseplant Hospital?

The Houseplant Hospital provides essential care for your houseplants, ensuring they receive the attention they need to thrive. Unlike in nature, where plants can find their own water and nutrients, houseplants depend entirely on us and the soil we provide. Therefore, they need to be repotted every 1-2 years, and this isn't that easy to do if you're in a flat, or you don't know how!

When I launched the first Hilda pop-up shop in 2022 it was clear to me that people needed a place to bring their plants to receive help and advice on how to repot them. I also know from experience how difficult and annoying it is to have a huge bag of compost taking up space in a flat, it always ends up under the kitchen sink! At the Houseplant Hospital we have all the different soil components required to make a custom, peat-free compost mix to best suit your individual plants needs. We have the space and the knowledge to care for your plants, and we can make a mess here rather than at your kitchen table!


A recent Monstera's transformation in the Houseplant hospital.

The Houseplant Hospital is housed in the second half of Hilda HQ that is still in need of renovation. We are able to help a few patients a week but we want to help more! Lighting, heating, storage, a custom repotting bench will help increase capacity and efficiency so we can help more houseplants and hold more workshops, bringing more people together and saving the plants of Edinburgh.


An extreme Houseplant Hospital revival!

1717505692_img_2500.jpeg 1717505882_screenshot_2024-06-04_at_13.57.42.png

Reviews and feedback from happy Houseplant Hospital patients

What is the overall vision?

The vision is to revolutionise houseplant care, making it easy, accessible, enjoyable and affordable to maintain your houseplants, repot them and care for them the right way.

How will the money be used?

The money raised will help to build a fully kitted out Hilda Houseplant Hospital, the first of its kind anywhere in the UK. This will include;

- custom repotting bench, designed and made by us

- LED spectrum specific grow lights to help plant patients flourish during their stay

- Larger and easier to use storage for our soil components, allowing us to make custom soil blends for all our patients

- A plant spray booth! So we can mist, clean, hydrate and target any bugs with our Hilda misters

- A dedicated space for workshops. Our range of workshops have been very popular so far, it will be amazing to have a dedicated space where people can come together

- Storage and shelving to create a clean, efficient workspace

This brilliant visual created by Alana at Studio Significant Others shows the huge potential and exciting possibilities for the Houseplant Hospital.


Thanks to Significant Others

Thank you for your support and encouragement on our journey, we can't wait to welcome you to the fully renovated Hilda HQ later this year, and help more and more houseplants to thrive!


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1 Hour House call

Usually priced at £60, our house call service is available for just £54. Rosanna will visit your home to provide personalised plant care advice and repotting. Everything is included, compost, plant pots and travel!

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Houseplant Hospital Drop Off - £10 Value

Get more for your money! Use these vouchers for drop-off services at our House Plant Hospital, giving your plants the care they need.

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Get more for your money! Use these vouchers for drop-off services at our House Plant Hospital, giving your plants the care they need.

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Houseplant Hospital Drop Off - £30 Value

Get more for your money! Use these vouchers for drop-off services at our House Plant Hospital, giving your plants the care they need.

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Zoom Consultation

Enjoy a 40-minute Zoom consultation with Rosanna for only £30. Get expert advice from the comfort of your home.

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Repotting - Workshop Ticket

Join one of our Repotting workshops at a discounted rate! Normally £45, get your ticket for just £40 and learn more about plant care in a hands-on environment, bringing in your own plant(s) to repot and learn how best to care for them at home.

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Aromatherapy Workshop

Join our exclusive aromatherapy workshops with àile at a discounted rate, normally £55.

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Founder's Wall

Join the ranks of our cherished founders! Donate £50 and have your name proudly displayed on our Founder's Wall. Your support will be a permanent part of our journey

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Embroidery Workshop

Join one of our embroidery workshops at a discounted rate, normally £70, join us for a wonderful afternoon learning a new skill.

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Exclusive Launch Party Brunch

Be the first to see the Houseplant Hospital come to life at the exclusive launch party brunch! We will celebrate creating the UK's first Houseplant Hospital with a party brunch, a big reveal and a good time!

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Founder's Wall and Care Kit

For a donation of £200, you will receive a spot on our Founder's Wall and as a big thank you an exclusive Hilda Care Kit. This kit includes everything you need to keep your plants thriving, available only to our special supporters.

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Home Visit House Plant Design Voucher

Transform your home with expert plant design. Rosanna will visit your home and create a custom plant design for your space. Taking into account the conditions, lighting, style and vibe of your home. This personalised service will ensure your home becomes a lush, green haven.

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Living Wall Design & Installation Voucher

Go big with a living wall! This package includes a £1150 voucher towards the design, consultation, and installation of a stunning living wall. All plants and materials included, creating a breathtaking feature for your home or office.

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