High Tide Seaweed Snack Bars

by High Tide Seaweed in Swansea, United Kingdom

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Snack Sustainably - Live Adventurously. A-good-for-you and better-for-the-planet snack bar made with sustainably grown Welsh seaweed.

by High Tide Seaweed in Swansea, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With more funds, we'll be able to create more seaweed bars, thus generating more funds for seaweed marine conservation projects across the UK and spreading the word about seaweed nutrition and sustainability! We'll also look to develop more seaweed products, promoting again the sustainable farming of seaweed and getting seaweed nutrition to more people.

Kelp! Our planet needs you:

According to the United Nations, we are going to need 70% more food to feed the worlds population by 2050. And given recent heat waves and wildfires, it’s clear that our current industrialised carbon intensive food system is not going to cut it. We need low carbon sustainable & local food solutions, and we need them fast.

The seaweed solution

Seaweeds, a.k.a the lungs of the sea, absorb up to 20x more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than land plants whilst also growing up to 30x faster than trees! Seaweed also requires no fresh water to grow, no fossil fuel derived fertilisers and no land space. Therefore, sustainable seaweed farming offers a super low carbon food source. 

Seaweed also delivers numerous health benefits, for example, it is rich in antioxidants, high in fibre and has an amino acid profile comparable to that of beef (amino acids are the building blocks of protein).

While there is no silver bullet solution to the complexity of climate change and food (in)security, we believe that seaweed offers significant untapped potential. 

How can a snack bar help with all this?

Despite its benefits and history in the UK, eating seaweed is a rather alien concept in modern Western cultures. A recent survey highlighted that the main barriers to seaweed use in Western societies include taste, not having recipes, being unsure how to consume it, and its unpleasant smell! All of which aren’t very conducive to making seaweed a popular food source. 

That’s where we come in ..

Hello, we're Beth & Flo - the founders of High Tide Seaweed


 Flo - Marine Ecologist 


Beth - Nutritionist & IBS Specialist 

We're on a mission to show the incredible potential of seaweed as a local, nutritious and super sustainable food source. We hope to achieve this by developing our High Tide Seaweed Snack Bars which not only taste amazing, look fantastic and smell divine, but also help support Welsh seaweed farms and help to mitigate some of the harmful effects of industrialised food systems.

High Tide is packed with nutrition and provides lasting energy, without the artificial nasties you’ll find in most mainstream snack bars! 


Take a look …


Beth has formulated High Tide using the highest quality ingredients chosen specially for their nutritional power and delicious complimentary flavours. Whereas Flo has ensured that our seaweed is grown in pristine waters, and that our other ingredients are all organic and locally sourced where possible. 

The result? ….

A nutrient-rich sustainable snack that is genuinely good for your health, and better for our planet!

Thats great! But does it taste good?

The short answer is, HELL YEAH! 

High Tide provides a complex, unique flavour like no other bar on the market - you can expect a delightful chewy base with a satisfying cacao-crunchy twist and a natural great tasting sweetness. 

WARNING ... High Tide is rather moreish! 



Here's a little more about why we're obsessed with seaweed - and why you will be too :) 




Where do we source our seaweed from?

We’re lucky to partner with and source our seaweed from Câr-Y-Môr - one of Wales’s first restorative 3-D ocean farms and is one of the most sustainable forms of food production on the planet. 

Câr-Y-Môr translates to “For the Love of the Sea”.


By creating and selling our seaweed bars, we'll be directly supporting Câr-Y-Môr restorative seaweed farm, and other seaweed marine conservation projects across the UK.


So whether your day involves a hectic schedule around the city, or pushing your limits on your next adventure, High Tide is the delicious snack that you can rely on.

How you can help us...

We have developed a recipe we love, but now we need help getting our bars ready for commercial production and into distribution and to develop an eco-friendly packaging. Your support would mean the world to us.

With your support we can:

  • Get our bars ready for commercial production (nutritional and shelf life testing, product manufacturing) 
  • Develop an eco-friendly packaging
  • Produce a larger quantity of our bars so we can get more people enjoying the benefits of seaweed
  • Fuel our day, elevate our health and take action towards a more biodiverse future.

    High Tide is not just another snack bar, it’s taking action to protect and sustainably manage our ecosystems, leading to a more biodiverse future. 

We're ready to snack sustainably and live adventurously ... Are You?

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