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by Benjamin Rothery in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Help save Hidden Planet! Sadly due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to close & move hidden planet to a new home in Hackney.

by Benjamin Rothery in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 29th August 2022 we'd raised £18,033 with 85 supporters in 63 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

If we get to £25,000 we'll develop an expanded range of natural history inspired stationery and homewares including 6 custom notebooks as well as our own plant food and other accessories with a portion of the profit from each product going to support conservation causes such as the Namibian Pangolin Conservation group, ZSL's Edge of Existence Programme and NHM London.

If we reach £30,000 or more we'll set up a project in my family's native South Africa with the aim of helping to conserve the Fynbos habitat.

We'll also look to create products inspired by this incredible area of biodiversity some produced here and some in Cape Town and funnel a portion of the profit from them back into said project.


I’m Ben and I’m a natural history author & illustrator, amateur strongman and the owner of Hidden Planet. I am and have always been utterly obsessed with wildlife, plants & latterly picking up heavy objects.


Hidden Planet

Hidden Planet is more than just a shop, it’s also the studio where I write and illustrate my books and the base from which we run our online business.

It’s a really special place filled to the rafters with conservation-led wildlife books, prints & stationery, a jungle’s worth of beautiful plants (over 500 species!) and a selection of beautiful ceramics & accessories.


Beliefs & values

At Hidden Planet we believe in attention to detail, quality & sustainability in all things.

So that’s not just my work and how I present it but also how we operate as a shop, how our products are made, where we source our plants and making sure that the publishers & partners we work with share similar values.

We even make our own soil mixes.


So why are we crowdfunding?

For the 4th time in a little over 2 years we find ourselves needing to move from our current home, in Seven Dials, and relocate somewhere more affordable and residential. Or permanently close.

Sadly for us, the combination of the first Brexit and then Covid has really affected small businesses like ours, not least because it's meant that people are simply not in Central London in the numbers that they were before - there are fewer tourists, fewer office workers and the people that are here have less money to spend. But our costs have remained the same or increased.

Additionally, our supply chain is now longer and less certain than it used to be - what had been a self sustaining and successful small business simply isn't in its current location but it will be somewhere else.

We're taking the lessons we've learned through the pandemic and acting on them so that we can become the most sustainable version of the business in these uncertain times and taking steps to future proof ourselves against the challenges to come.

It's not all doom and gloom though!

We’ve already found a new home on the bustling Chatsworth Road in Hackney, but we need your support to secure it.

This new space will be a lifeline for the business – not only is it significantly cheaper than our current location but it is nearly 3x larger allowing us to close our current studio & warehouse and consolidate all three sites into one location, lowering our operating costs even further. Located in a busy residential area, we will also benefit from an increased customer base and a much higher footfall.

In order to secure the new location and move, we require funds that we currently do not have. We’ll also need to close both of our Central London stores to avoid paying two rents and to allow us to focus on getting the new site ready which will mean 6-8 weeks of no income.

Our plan is to use the funds raised to secure the deposit, contribute for the year's rent upfront and complete the building work at the new site as fast as possible so that we can get back to trading. To install new doors, windows, lighting, flooring and signage and to dress the space. We’ll also put in place a new stock management system and overhaul the website.

For each pledge, supporters will receive items from the Hidden Planet collection, such as books, prints & stationery at a reduced price - that also includes shipping and a donation to a conservation charity. So, if you want to purchase something from our shop, now is the time!


When completed, Hidden Planet Chatsworth Road will be a light and airy botanical paradise - a place for nature-lovers, gift seekers and curious minds!

If successful, we have exciting plans  to expand in other areas including in store coffee sourced from local roasters, hosting educational talks and workshops for local schools, providing employment for local people and supporting conservation projects both locally and further afield.

Hackney is my home so the opportunity to create something beautiful here from the ground up is something I’m really excited about.


Should we reach our stretch goals, we’ll also develop a range of stationery products each inspired by one of the species in my books and with a portion of the profits from each going to a charity whose work supports that specific animal, bird or plant.

And should we reach our further stretch goals we’ll set up a not for profit in my family's native South Africa and a range of products inspired by where I grew up.


I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s supported us on our journey so far and continues to do so and I look forward to showing you all our new home over the coming months.

All the best



Books - Hidden Planet, Sensational Butterflies, Waterworld, Deadly & Dangerous


A4 Prints - Clouded Leopard, Red Deer, Bengal Tiger, Plains Zebra,
Blue Footed Booby, Atlantic Puffin, Guineafowl Pufferfish, Common Octopus,
Yellow Seahorse, Night light Jellyfish.


Large format prints - (For prints A2 & above, choose any print from the collection at my online shop: https://bit.ly/3golP8V


This project offered rewards

£100 or more

Own an original Ben Rothery Illustration sketch

To raise money for the new shop we're offering original Pen / Pencil sketches from projects spanning the last 10 years for the first time ever. Illustrations will be supplied signed & framed with postage included. To secure your piece, visit the site below to go to the gallery and then comment on your donation to let us know which piece you've reserved. Gallery: https://bit.ly/3bO8NDI Artwork will be shipped at the end of September.

£5 or more

£5 Thankyou

A heartfelt thank you for helping us start again.

£16 or more

£16 Deadly & Dangerous Book

A signed copy of my latest Ladybird book Deadly & Dangerous, 1st class post and a £1 donation to ZSL Edge of existence programme

£26 or more

£26 A4 Print Reward

An unframed, A4 print of your choice, a hand written note, 1st class postage and a £1 donation to Namibian Pangolin Conservation group

£26 or more

£26 Hardback book reward

Your choice of Signed Book (Hidden Planet, Waterworld or Sensational Butterflies) 1st class postage and a £1 donation to NHM london

£55 or more

£55 Signed book and any A4 print

A signed copy of any of my books and any unframed A4 print from my collection, a hand written note, tracked postage and a £5 donation to the Namibian Pangolin Conservation group

£85 or more

£85 Signed book collection

Signed copies of all 4 of my books, a hand written note, tracked postage and a £5 donation to WWF

£110 or more

110 A2 Limited Edition Print reward

Any signed, unframed, limited edition, A2 print from my collection, a hand written note, tracked postage and a £5 donation to the ZSL Edge of existence programme

£250 or more

£250 A1 Limited Edition Print Reward

An unframed Limited Edition, hand signed A1 print of your choice from my collection, tracked postage and a £10 donation to WWF

£500 or more

£500 A0 Limited edition print & book reward

A hand signed, unframed limited edition A0 print of your choice from my collection, a signed copy of the book of your choice, a handwritten note, tracked postage and a £10 donation made in your name to wildlife charity of your choice.

£1,500 or more

£1500 Framed, hand finished print reward

Any Limited edition A1 print from my collection, hand finished (worked back into by me to add detail and create something unique) and then framed in our classic gold moulding with anti reflective, 'museum' glass. You will also receive a handwritten note and a £10 donation in your name to a wildlife charity of your choice. Framed prints will be collected from the new shop once it's open, date tbc.

£10,000 or more

Original African Elephant Illustration

Own this original African Elephant portrait from my upcoming Ladybird book "Weird & Wonderful" Size A2 (42.0 x 59.4cm / 16-1/2 x 23-3/8 in) Media - @FaberCastell 9000 Pencil, Fineliner, Marker, polychromo & ink on 100% cotton rag etching paper by Hahnemühle. Supplied unframed, wrapped in acid free tissue. In addition to supporting our campaign, we'll also donate 15% of the sale price to the Herd Elephant orphanage in Hoedspruit, South Africa

£1,850 or more

Original Wallace's Flying Frog Illustration

Own this original Wallace's Flying Frog illustration from my Upcoming Ladybird Book "Weird & Wonderful" Size A4 (21 x 29.7 cm / 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in) Media - Faber Castell 9000 Pencils, Fineliners, Copic Markers, polychromos and ink on 300gsm 100% cotton rag german etching paper by Hahnemühle. Artwork will be supplied unframed, wrapped in acid free tissue. We will donate 10% of the sale price to ZSL edge of existence programme.

£3,000 or more

Original Starling Illustration

Own this original Eurasian Starling illustration for the Upcoming Red 70 book. Size A3 - (29.7 x 42.0 cm / 16-1/2 x 23-3/8 in) Media - Faber Castell 9000 Pencils, Fineliners, Copic Markers, polychromos and ink on 300gsm 100% cotton rag german etching paper by Hahnemühle. Artwork will be supplied unframed, wrapped in acid free tissue. We will donate 10% of the sale price to the BTO

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