Let's buy an ambulance for Ukraine

by Sergey Storm in Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom

Let's buy an ambulance for Ukraine

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To buy an ex-NHS ambulance car, load it with trauma and first aid kits, and deliver it to Ukraine.

by Sergey Storm in Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 21st May 2022 we'd raised £20,055 with 173 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

To buy two cars that are much needed for mobile medic units. Place bulk orders on Celox and other life-saving supplies.

Hi, my name is Sergey and I help to save lives in Ukraine. What is happening there is incredibly tragic, for many years we all repeated "Never again" but today we see almost in real-time how innocent people die. I wish I could stop it but we all have the power to help them to survive. To help the wounded, to save lives.

An ex NHS ambulance costs just £8000-£10000. We all can chip in to buy one or more.


 Collect funds to buy an ex-NHS ambulance car on a second-hand market. They are strong and ready for the mission to Ukraine.


Buy trauma and first aid kits and medicaments that are much needed all across the country to treat open wounds and injuries. Tools and equipment for mobile medics that risk their lives going to the frontlines to collect the wounded. Then I will drive it all the way to the border where it will be picked up by my colleague and driven to medics and Kyiv and then taken in smaller batches across the country.



To thank you for your donations, I've teamed up with Ukrainian artists and we would like to offer unique perks:

Donate £50 and we will write your name or a message onto the ambulance. It will be written with a permanent marker and a photo will be sent to you.


Donate £100 or more and get Zelensky's military t-shirt. 


Donate £250 or more and get Javelin or Mriya aircraft toy


Donate £500 or more and get a unique "Fight for Freedom" handmade silver ring in Ukrainian flag colours. You will not buy this ring anywhere else.


Donate £1000 and get 1-hour long flight to the Battle of Britain, the white cliffs of Dover for two.


Donate £10000 and fund the whole ambulance!!! Yes, this is the cost of one ambulance. For this top donation, you will get the flight to the White Cliffs of Dover for two AND an opportunity to name the ambulance car and place your company or personal message banner on both sides of the car. It will be driven across Europe to Ukraine and you will get in-transit and lifetime updates on the car.

New Reward! West Ham and Ukraine's national team player Andriy Yarmolenko signed t-shirt. Donate £800 or more and it is yours! And I will buy more medical supplies for Ukraine.



This project offered rewards

£100 or more

Zelensky's style t-shirt

Zelensky style military t-shirt

£50 or more

Your Message

We will write your name or a message on the car with a permanent marker and send you a photo.

£250 or more

Javelin soft toy

Unique soft toy made in Ukraine for the great cause

£250 or more

Mriya aircraft soft toy

Unique soft toy made in Ukraine

£500 or more

"Fight for freedom"

Silver ring in Ukrainian colours, "Fight for Freedom"

£800 or more

Yarmolenko signed t-shirt

Ukraine national team's player Andriy Yarmolenko signed t-shirt

£1,000 or more

1h flight for two to the White Cliffs of Dover

yes, take off in a small aircraft and fly to White Cliffs of Dover with an experienced pilot. Place of the Battle of Britain.

£10,000 or more

Buy One Ambulance

Fund the whole ambulance! Get the flight to the White Cliffs of Dover for two and place large banners with your message or a company logo to both sides of the car. Get in transit and lifetime updates.

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