Can you help young people in Morecambe Bay today?

by MORECAMBE BAY PARTNERSHIP in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, United Kingdom

We did it
On 13th March 2024 we successfully raised £1,480 ( + est. £328.00 Gift Aid ) with 35 supporters in 28 days

We need £4,000 as match funding to help young people from Morecambe Bay get outdoors & experience nature.


Many young people around Morecambe Bay live within 15 minutes of the coast yet never visit.

Imagine that?


Imagine never seeing the Bay's spectacular sunsets or big skies? Never hearing the gulls or feeling fresh air by the sea? 


Our shared Morecambe Bay is breathtaking but the truth is not everyone can experience or benefit from it.

And we don't think that's fair.


Poverty, social inequality, no access to transport, limited mobility or poor mental health means young people do not get outside and access the health and wellbeing benefits we should ALL be entitled to.

Will you help us change that today?

It's well known that coastal communities face many challenges. Teachers around the Bay tell us many of their children never visit the coast unless with school. 

If you think young people deserve greater access to Morecambe Bay, you can help. Through grant fundraising we've nearly secured the amount we need to run our outdoor learning programme for a year. However, we need just £4,000 to reach our target. 

Can you give £25 (or whatever you can afford) today and make a difference? 

  • Just £25 pays for 1 child to have an outdoor experience session that could change their life. 

  • £10 will pay for a pair of wellington boots for a child who doesn't have any.

  • £5 will buy a spotter's guide to help a group of children discover wildlife.

To support this and other projects we run, please give a vital donation to our charity, today. 


With £4,000 we can help more young people into nature and the outdoors, and to learn in the very best classroom of all – Morecambe Bay. 

How will your money help?

We create and deliver outdoor learning programmes for children and young people. School groups explore and discover Morecambe Bay in immersive, 'hands on' learning in areas of the Bay that reveal its history, heritage, wildlife, nature, food, farming, people and special places. 


Each outdoor session offers young people experiences unique to the Bay from meeting members of our fishing communities, talking to a local custodian of Cockersands Abbey, foraging and cooking samphire in Cockerham, learning about language to describe coast and landscape to creative storytelling and photography. All in the wild outdoors! 


Morecambe Bay's diversity offers a wealth of topics to explore ensuring that learning programmes can be dynamic and versatile - suitable for all sorts of learning experiences and outcomes. Feedback from teachers and young people show us that learning outdoors in Morecambe Bay can be impactful, memorable and inspiring but you don't have to take our word for it...

"I love this place! I want to come back here" 

Torrisholme pupil

"Thank you very much for that, it was brilliant... The kids need these opportunities to get hands on... it will be what they remember "

Year 5 Teacher

"Wow. this is amazing"

Great Wood pupil looking at the sea

What difference can your donation make?

Your donation will give more young people the benefit of outdoor experiences, help develop new skills, feel healthier and more confident & contribute to the protection of their local place. It also brings joy to children with tough lives.  

The outdoor learning you support will create unique experiences and memories that form future custodians and passionate protectors of our Bay's coastline. 

Donate now and you might just create the next leading ecologist, environmental campaigner or scientist right here in Morecambe Bay.

And it all started on a school trip… made possible by you.


Thank you 

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