Help us mobilise indigenous women in Mexico

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Help us mobilise indigenous women in Mexico
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On 22nd March 2023 we successfully raised £180 ( + est. £20.00 Gift Aid ) with 5 supporters in 42 days

Donate today to help us train 26 elder Indigenous women entrepreneurs in leadership, entrepreneurial mindset and feminist economy.

Our work in Mexico 

The Cooperativa Jpas Joloviletik has worked with The Hunger Project-Mexico since 2008 to mobilise women for economic empowerment. 

Together, we are equipping Indigenous women who have the least power and least access to productive resources with entrepreneurial and leadership skills and strategies to launch, innovate and grow their businesses. 

The Cooperativa helps women realise that they have a voice and shows them how to assert it through leadership opportunities. Through The Cooperativa, women produce and sell handmade textiles at a fair price. Women active with the Cooperativa are also using their organising skills to lead the creation of family gardens, using organic compost and conducting seed exchanges with neighbouring communities.  

How you can make a difference 

Our women partners in Chiapas, Oaxaca and San Luis Potosí have expressed interest in learning how to earn sufficient income through the sale of their products to achieve economic autonomy.  

Donate today to help us train 26 elder Indigenous women entrepreneurs in transformative leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, feminist economy, and commercialisation of Indigenous products.  

By doing this, you will be supporting her on her path to self-reliance. These 26 elders will in turn train and provide support to 26 young Indigenous women entrepreneurs to further their own path to self-reliance. 


The Hunger Crisis 

After decades of progress, hunger is on the rise again. Despite producing enough food to feed everyone, more than 800 million people still go hungry every day. Two-thirds are women. Hunger is an insidious cycle. It’s often silent, invisible and relentless; passed from generation to generation.  

Unlike famines which attract emergency aid, the millions living with hunger can’t buy enough food, eat enough nutritious food, or can’t afford the farming supplies needed to grow enough food. They’re forced to accept a life of dependency and inevitability. Yet, people living in hunger are not the problem. They are at the heart of a sustainable solution that lasts. 

About The Hunger Project 

At The Hunger Project, we believe passionately that ending hunger is possible, and that our generation has the power to end it once and for all. All our data, gathered over four decades, points to the same thing - supporting people faced with hunger to build their own solutions, is critical.  

That’s why, we don’t give handouts, only a hand extended in partnership.  

Our programmes across Africa, India, Bangladesh and Mexico - have clear, tangible goals, such as empowering women, improving maternal health, engaging local governments, supporting smallholder farmers on climate resilience, educating girls and ending child marriage.  

In 2021, we reached 12 million people with our programme work across 12 countries and there are now over 1 million people living a hunger-free, self-reliant future. 

Your donation today is vital. Together, we can end hunger. 

Photos by ©TheHungerProject-Mexico 

To find out more visit our website - The Hunger Project 


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Virtual workshop with Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa!

Artist, Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa has offered to hold a FREE virtual workshop. She designed two beach towels inspired by travelling and the joys of discovering new places through architecture and colour. They are made on 100% recycled polyester and 20% of all proceeds go to The Hunger Project. The workshop will be held on the 22nd March at 6pm.

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Dock and Bay FREE Towel

We have partnered with Dock and Bay and artist, Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa who will be donating 20% of their towel sales to The Hunger Project UK and two FREE towels.

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