Help us fight corporate bullying from Purplebricks

by [email protected] in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help us fight corporate bullying from Purplebricks
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We are raising legal fund to prevent Purplebricks from suppressing customers reviews on UK's largest review site for estate & letting agents

by [email protected] in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help Us Fight Corporate Bullying

We believe in free speech, that everyone has the right to give their honest opinion. Yet Purplebricks is trying to quash free speech on our site, and is repeatedly threatening to sue us for posting genuine reviews. They’re not complaining about the positive reviews, just the negative ones.

We’re a small company, and we’re tired of being bullied by Purplebricks. Their lawyer’s letters keep coming, and we’ve had enough.

We’re asking for your help in our fight against corporate bullying, and we’ve set up a crowdfunding account to support any legal action.


Purplebricks have gone on record claiming there are ‘fake reviews’ on 

In a statement to The Times they said: 'Following an audit of 95 reviews on allAgents, 29 per cent appeared to be fake while 23 per cent lacked sufficient detail to authenticate.' (

Despite requesting a copy of this audit so we can investigate these claims, Purplebricks' lawyers have declined stating their client 'did not want to be put to further unnecessary costs.’ We are puzzled by this comment as they claim to have already done the work. Furthermore the letters from their lawyers keep coming.

Again, we call on Purplebricks to provide us with the results of this audit, failing which we can only assume that it simply doesn’t exist. has had to suspend Purplebricks’ profile page simply because we do not have the funds to defend ourselves against a billion pound PLC company with a £60M cash pot at their disposal.

As an independent review website, this suppression of genuine feedback does not fit comfortably with us at all.

Our Crowdfunding Campaign

In order to reinstate the Purplebricks account and give their customers the ability to share their experiences once again without the fear of litigation, we have taken the step of setting up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to cover our costs, should Purplebricks pursue their legal threats.

We are seeking to raise £50,000, which will be held with our legal team.

We hope that this fund will never be required and can be returned to the donors. However, until Purplebricks provides the results of their audit or accept these reviews are genuine, by providing an undertaking to allow us to continue to hosting their reviews free from fear of litigation, then it will need to exist. 

Any financial support will be a viewed as a vote for the freedom of speech.

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