Help to support our staff through COVID - 19

by HMSS & FILTHY XIII in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Help to support our staff through COVID - 19
We did it
On 27th April 2020 we successfully raised £4,378 with 130 supporters in 30 days

It means everything to us to continue to support our staff financially in every way possible through COVID-19. This is to help us do so.

by HMSS & FILTHY XIII in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We’ll get straight to the point - the first one of these for us. It’s actually really not our thing, but... well, it comes down to priorities. These have shifted radically for all of us over the last few weeks, though initially just in terms of toilet roll consumption.


We’re not gonna get into the political rally of whether or not our government has supported us adequately; the fact is we ended up with more than we expected. Being able to furlough the team has increased our chances of weathering this storm from ‘who are we kidding’, to ‘well that’s just crazy enough to work, maybe’.


So we’re lowering our eyes and asking for your help – we’ve now got a chance of making it through all this, and we’d really like to. For one, dunno about you, but we don’t wanna see all the good independent bars fade from Bristol’s scene – they’re part of why we moved here!


And more importantly, when this storm passes, all the hospitality staff are understandably gonna try to get back to work... and there cannot be as many jobs. There just can’t. When our team came to work with us, they became our responsibility, and that means we have to do everything to ensure we’ve still got jobs for them in a few weeks’ time.


These people are the best in their industry, both in terms of professional aptitude, and personal integrity, the very thing for which they were hired. And, in their choice to join our crew, they’re now in real danger.


So, for the first time ever, we’re calling on your help, because, shameful as it is to say, in present circumstances, we don’t have the complete confidence that we can financially care for our team.


If you’re ever been to HMSS or Filthy XIII and had a great time, it’s because of them. While we’re all financially pressed now, if you can spare anything, it will hopefully help us in lasting through this dire time and keep us taking care of them.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£9 or more

55 of 80 claimed

Drinks token

Poker chips make great gifts – ours are all kinds of sexy and act as a drinks token; grab one and when you pop by – all Bogart style – and throw it on the bar, we’ll exchange it with a nod that makes everyone whisper ‘baller’. One Poker chip can be exchanged for any cocktail, at any time.

£22 or more

43 of 50 claimed

LYCHEE MARTINI's & WOO WOO's (4 serves per bottle

A bottle of Filthys best selling Lychee Martini or Woo Woo, fridge ready for you to drink whenever. Pop the cap and pour over ice. Each bottle is 500ml (4 serves). Delivered within a few days of purchase, to Bristol only.

£25 or more

£25 Donation

Choose this option if you'd like to make a straightforward donation to our cause. Much thank and love for you – may 2021 shine gloriously upon your soul.

£35 or more

6 of 10 claimed

LYCHEE MARTINI or WOO WOO bottle with 2 x Coupes

A 500ml bottle of either cocktail but with two super sexy coupes to drink from.

£36 or more

26 of 64 claimed

Boozy bottled Cocktails x3 (6 serves)

Any combo of Espresso Martini, Vieux Carre or Old Fashioned Vodka Cola, all from the current FILTHY XIII menu. They’re not really worth bottling up in anything less than two, so there’s quite a lot of booze here. Oh sorry, did you need to be sober?

£50 or more

Straightforward Donation

A double helping of thank and love for you, with a gooey core of melted cheese. Can you handle it?

£100 or more

4 of 30 claimed

Masterclass for 4

Our masterclasses are super fun and focus on getting y’all to understand the fundamentals behind making any drink delicious, wherever you are and who you’re with.

£1,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Cocktail Hedonism

Yeah we’ll name a drink after you or anything really, to go on the HMSS menu for 6 months. We’ll even be open during those months hopefully. Obviously I really hope our bestseller is gonna be called the ‘Janice’.

£7 or more

80 of 80 claimed

When it hits the fan, crack open the can - £7

Canned cocktails to go straight in the freezer. Single serves, perfect for the duration of a govt announcement. We’ve kept to the essential rations here Martini (Vodka or Gin), Old Fashioned and a Sazerac.   Delivered in Bristol but can post to UK - Just let us know which you want.

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