Help to repair and restore 19B's firebox

by Peter Jordan (Treasurer of Darjeeling Tank Locomotive Trust) in Doncaster, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Help to repair and restore 19B's firebox

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Weʼre raising £80,000 to overhaul the firebox of our iconic Darjeeling Tank locomotive 19B.

by Peter Jordan (Treasurer of Darjeeling Tank Locomotive Trust) in Doncaster, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Help us breathe new life into the magnificent Darjeeling Tank locomotive, No 19B!

With your support, we acquired this beautiful blue locomotive from the late Adrian Shooter. It thrilled hundreds of visitors at its new home in Statfold Barn last year. However, 19B is in need of a ten-year overhaul costing £150,000, including contingencies. Thanks to the generosity of Statfold, offering £50,000 towards labour, and DTLT contributing £20,000 towards materials, we've made progress. We're also seeking grants of up to £30,000. Now, we're turning to you for subscriptions and donations to bridge the remaining gap.

Built in 1889 by Sharp Stewart in Glasgow, 19B requires significant repairs since its last overhaul, particularly a new firebox. While the chassis project is fully funded, the boiler restoration poses a greater challenge.

To return 19B to service, we need to raise £80,000, or £50,000 if the grant is secured. We've already raised £300,000 to purchase the locomotive and carriages, allowing it to operate at Statfold Barn and potentially visit other railways like Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland.

Your contributions will ensure No 19B remains operational and well-maintained for the next decade. With Statfold Barn providing expertise and resources for engineering and design, your support will help us cover the remaining costs.

We're proud to have the only Darjeeling Himalayan Railway tank locomotive outside India, bringing joy to countless visitors. Your generosity will help us continue this legacy and prepare for a grand celebration of steam's 200th anniversary in 2025 when 19B returns to service.

Join us in preserving this piece of history and ensuring its continued operation for years to come.


About Us

The Darjeeling Tank Locomotive Trust ( has been set up by 19B’s Support Crew (who have cared for and operated the locomotive for 20 years) to acquire and operate the engine, and to continue their work of developing young people through a common interest in heritage steam. The trustees are drawn from interested parties associated with organisations such as the DHR Society, the Ff&WHR, the 19B Support Crew and others, who wish to see the locomotive remain operational and in the public view. 19B is now based at Statfold Barn, which has the huge advantage of an operating railway to run her, a museum to display her, and a respected and highly skilled workshop to help care for her. The Support Crew particularly wish to follow Adrian Shooter’s established tradition of touring with the locomotive, visiting and operating on 2ft gauge railways elsewhere, in order to share her with the public as much as possible.

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