Please save our animals during the Covid-19 Crisis

by Middle England Farm in Ullenhall, England, United Kingdom

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COVID-19 has shut our farm. No visitors means no income. Many of our animals are rescues, our feed and vet bills are high. Please help us!

by Middle England Farm in Ullenhall, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 1st May 2020 we'd raised £2,791 with 58 supporters in 12 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Hello, we are Middle England Farm based in Warwickshire. We are home to nearly a hundred farm animals ranging from rare breed sheep and pigs to alpacas, ponies, emus, rabbits and geese.

We rescue animals from many different sad situations

We rescue animals from many unfortunate situations and over the years have given a home to unwanted sheep, ponies, donkeys, battery hens, ducks, goats and many more. They all have a home with us for life and receive all the love and care they could ever want! 

Our trained therapy animals bring joy to so many

We are also home to over fifty alpacas, many of whom are highly trained therapy animals! At the weekend we offer Alpaca Walking Experiences to the general public. This is our main source of income and ensures all of our animals can be fed and receive the vital veterinary care they so often need. 

But in the week our wonderful animals have a very special job to do. They work with people with additional needs  such as autism, ADHD, depression and anxiety. They visit the elderly in care homes across the area, they visit those in end of life care, they visit schools to educate children on the the enrichment animals bring to our lives. They've worked with the homeless, the disadvantaged, those out of education for various reasons, the list goes on! Our animals are amazing and bring so much joy to so many people.   

But Covid-19 has put an end to it all - dark days lie ahead. 

The arrival of Covid -19 has spelled disaster for our farm. No more visitors, no more therapy visits for our animals, no more income. To say we are devastated is an understatement. As a small family farm we don't receive any government subsidies or grants - we're not entitled to a single penny to support our animals. And as self employed people we won't even be receiving money to support ourselves or our children until at least June. To say we are devastated is an understatement, to say we are worried sick is no exaggeration. Already we've had to call the vet out three times in three weeks  - that bill has to be paid even though we don't have any cash reserves to rely on. 

So far we have been incredibly lucky. Our dear customers, family and friends have dug deeper than we could ever dream and supported us with wonderful donations of money for feed and vet bills, bags of animal feed, veterinary supplies such as syringes and worming treatments and fresh fruit and vegetables. We have been so incredibly grateful for every ounce of support! 

Then came yesterday's devastating news...

But then the news came yesterday that there is at least another three weeks of lockdown. At least... And lets face it, social gatherings will no doubt be the last activity to be reinstated. It's a sensible move because everyone's main priority is to save lives right now! We must stay safe, we must protect our NHS from being overwhelmed. But the reality for us is more stark... 

The animal feed we have bought or been given won't last a prolonged period of time. The vet bills will continue to build up. And now an even bigger problem hits us. It's time for the animals to move onto the spring grass. At this time of year we normally have a reasonable income and can afford to fence pastures so our animals can graze. Last year we were able to fence five new pastures. Grazing means way less hard feed is needed and our animals can receive the very best diet that nature provides - for free! 

But zero income means zero new fences. Our animals have to stay on their winter grazing land and not have any access to the wonderful fresh green grass on the other side of the fence. It's heartbreaking but we can't risk our animals wondering off or getting hurt or lost. 

Clearly we have to do more to help our animals during this terrible time and we so hope we can count on your support.... 

Here's our objectives and how you can help us during these dark days 

1) Donate whatever you can spare to feed our animals during this crisis - just a few pounds makes all the difference. Thank you! 

2) Donate a bag of animal food. We have an Amazon Wish List you can access here

3) Donate valuable funds to allow us to build fences so the animals can access the FREE grass on the other side of the fence! These will be permanent so our animals will benefit from these long after the current crisis is over. More fences = lower food bill. Every penny makes a difference! 

4) Sponsor a whole field! £599 would pay for a fully fenced safe paddock for our animals to eat the fresh spring and summer grass. The field will have a plaque dedicated to whomever you wish. For example you may wish to dedicate the paddock to your family - 'Kindly donated by the Smith Family'; to a loved one - 'Celebrating the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Joe and Nancy; to remember a passed love one - 'In loving memory of Alice who loved alpacas' or even a company field 'Kindly sponsored by Jaguar Landrover'. The options are endless and a wonderful way to show you care. 

4) Donate to pay off over £3000 worth of vets fees that we have already accumulated. Since the start of the crisis one of our sheep needed urgent care, a lamb had to receive vital veterinary help at birth, one of our alpacas became very poorly and needed several different treatments. Plus there's been routine vaccinations, worming and liver fluke treatments all required. Normally our alpaca walking experiences pays for all of this, sadly that income has gone for now.... 

5) Adopt one of our lovely animals. We offer several packages so you can choose your favourite - from Pye, our little bottle fed goat whose mum died at birth, through to one of our fluffy alpacas such as Jose, Apollo or Scooby, a rare breed animal such as Prudence our Tamworth piggy or Larry our 6ft 10in llama! All are available for adoption which includes goodies such as an adoption certificate, welcome letter, visits to the farm and a free gift! Have a look at the available packages and choose one to suit you.!/Adopt-a-Farm-Animal/c/24847979

6) Buy a gift voucher for your family and friends. The vouchers are valid for a whole year so there's plenty of time to visit when this is all over AND it provides us with valuable income right now.

7) Book your summer/early autumn/winter alpaca walking experience. You'll have something wonderful to look forward to and we will benefit from the funds immediately.

8) Share our fundraising page with all of your friends and family. This helps so much and doesn't cost a penny!

9) If you're a big business would you consider sponsoring us? Let's talk please! [email protected]

10) Follow us on social media and share, share, share! The more people that know about our plight the more help we'll get! Links are at the top of the page. 

11) Do your own fundraising on our behalf. A great way to raise funds for us. Walk laps of your garden like the inspirational 99 year old, Tom Moore. Do a 'steps challenge', do a 'push up challenge' and ask your friends to sponsor you. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to help and we'll show you how! [email protected]

Our animals are our family but more than that they bring so much love and happiness to so many people. We can't let them down and with your help we can and will get through this awful time.  Please help us in anyway you can. We will be forever grateful but most of all our animals will be safe. 

Some of the animals you will be helping include.....

Pip - a sweet pony thrown out of the back of vehicle and abandoned on the side of a road

Little Red - a battery hen who like so many others of her kind had never walked on grass or felt the rain on her back when we rescued her

Henry - a lovely cockerel saved from a terrible fate in cockfighting

 Balloo - a friendly bunny who was left homeless when his owners no longer wanted him. 

Every penny you donate will help them and importantly the people who get so much pleasure and support from spending time with them. 

Thank you so very much on behalf of the farm and all of our wonderful animals. 

Stay safe and hope to meet every one of you when these dark days are over. 

With love, 

Andie & Tom - Middle England Farm 

P.S. Take a look at our testimonials below to see just how much how our farm helps others...

" My late husband and I are started visiting Middle England Farm in it's early days and immediately fell in love with with the animals and the wonderful warm atmosphere. My husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and coming to the farm gave him such a lot of comfort. He loved a special little goat called Melody and would spend ages grooming her and feeding her treats. After my husband sadly passed the farm has provided me with a place to relax, enjoy all of the beautiful animals and remember many special times together. Andie and Tom welcomed us with open arms and we have become friends for life. When Melody's baby goat was born I was able to name him Pye, in memory of one of my late husbands favourite names! The farm is such a special place and I hope with all my heart that it makes it through this time of crisis. So many people in need rely on this lovely piece of paradise." - SP 

"My daughter has autism and some learning difficulties so it's not always easy to find activities she will enjoy in a relaxed location. She loves animals so we decided to visit the farm. We've never looked back! My daughter had a wonderful time and Tom and Andie were so amazing in understanding her and ensuring she had the best time possible. We're now regulars and can't wait to go back after the crisis is over."  - JS

"Middle England Farm is a family run, welcoming farm with beautiful, well kept animals. I have been lucky enough to visit with my family on several occasions and we have always thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Not only do you get the opportunity to get up close to the stunning animals, walk the alpacas and cuddle the goats, you also learn all about the welfare of the animals and how they came to be at the farm. Many have been rescued by the caring owners who work tirelessly to provide for them. My son, who has special needs, has also had the opportunity to experience alpaca therapy and he connected so well to a calm and friendly alpaca called Peru. This opportunity was so rewarding, boosting my son's confidence, deepening his knowledge of animals and also just allowed him to be himself as the farm is just so inclusive and friendly. I can not recommend the farm highly enough and feel privileged that my family has had the opportunity to visit several times. We wish them all the best during these stressful times as it must be so hard to meet all the animals needs, including veterinary care without being able to open to the public. We can’t wait for our next visit for cuddles with all the animals!" - SG

 "What a privilege to be able to get so close to such lovely animals. We throughly enjoyed our visit to the farm and didn't stop smiling the whole time. The farmers are so very friendly, knowledgable and clearly love their animals so very much. We can't wait to go back."  - JHA

"When I first visited the Farm I knew instantly it was a great place for my son to volunteer at! My son has autism and learning difficulties but has a passion and great love for animals. Andie and Tom welcomed him with open arms and have not treated him any differently than any of the other volunteers. In fact, all the volunteers are amazing and work so well together with a wonderful kindness to each other, as well as with the animals! 

The Farm is a haven for alpacas and all the other rescue animals they have there. Andie and Tom are totally dedicated to their health and wellbeing and in giving them as happy and free a life as possible! The love they show is humbling and very inspiring.  Darren has really grown in confidence since volunteering there and has learnt so much about the animals, the farm and dealing with the public on the alpaca walks. 

I am truly grateful for Andie and Tom for the opportunity they have given my son and the friendship and kindness shown to him and all my family.  My son is truly devastated at not being able to carry on his duties while this dreadful Coronavirus is all around us. We miss and worry about the Farm constantly!!! As soon as the lockdown is lifted, my son will return as soon as possible to continue helping out the incredible work at this fantastic place!" - CB

"A visit to Middle England Farm always brightens my day, and I can’t wait to get back there! Easily accessible yet in the heart of the countryside nothing soothes the soul more than a gentle cuddle from one of the alpacas, a bleat from a baby goat, or a welcome grunt or chirp from one of their many farmyard animals.  Ideal for young or old, a new visitor or a returning one like me, Middle England Farm is a ‘must do’ on your activity list, but be prepared to be photobombed by a limelight-seeking alpaca!" - JW

"Andie and Tom are perfect hosts, so passionate about their fantastically cared for animals and allowing you to see and be in close contact with them all. The farm is so close to the city, yet another world away and provides a mindful, relaxing experience. We've visited three times and can't wait to go again!"  - GM

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Pledge £599 and we will build a paddock for our animals and display a plaque with wording of your choice. Dedicate the field to a loved one, a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary or in memory of a passed loved one. If you're a company you can 'sponsor' a field and we will display your logo or name to all our visitors! You can choose whatever wording you like! Makes a perfect lasting gift!

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