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by Deeon Boyd in Chicago, Cook County, United States

Help raise funds for DJ Deeon
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As I proceed to ask you what I need...

by Deeon Boyd in Chicago, Cook County, United States

 New stretch target

Invest in creating more music, more experiences, more opportunities to do what I love, and most of all, to keep the music playing...

It’s safe to say I’ve had a wild ride of a career, from the the Dance Mania days to being name checked in a Daft Punk record to things rebooting with the Freak Like Me remixes in 2016. And it's all because of you! You bought my music, came to see me play, gave me everything a man could want.

But now I need some help. Im not a money for nothing guy so in return I'm offering up a series of unreleased edits & remixes, exclusive t shirts & caps, even the chance for me to remix you. Read the full story below...

Love & Respect,




Whilst seeing the world change musically over the last 25 years, I myself have been through it all - years of ill education on health in my younger years led me to Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery, then suffering through Cancer and Chemotherapy, and then finally they took my leg. I cried like a baby. But I kept fighting, I said no to the wheelchair, so they gave me a prosthetic and I wore it every day since. I travelled the world to perform thanks to you beautiful people, I grimaced through the pain for the love you gave me. For the last few years this was my challenge, medicating, pain relief and keeping thick skinned. 

But then on Boxing Day 2018 my body had enough and I suffered a mini stroke which put me in hospital. I cancelled the gigs I was headed to and worked on my recovery. Like all the times before I never gave up. I love what I do and I’ll never give up. 


I got down in the studio and made more music, did remixes, anything to keep my spirits up. Then just as all was seeming well and in May 2019 I was making my way to the airport to travel to Europe again those bad luck Gods struck once and a freak traffic accident meant I missed my flight to Poland to play the Up To Date Festival launch party with no other possible options to get there. I was devastated.

I hate to let anyone down for whatever reason we worked to reschedule the date and a date was set in October 2019 and balance was set to be restored. Lady luck struck me down again however and I suffered another mini stroke in September 2019 so we had to cancel the date. A further mini stroke followed in November.

By this point I had had multiple mini strokes in twelve months - something inside me was really not happy and wasn’t getting any better. My recovery became twice as slow to get better each time it happened.

Doctors could not really pin point the reasons and I was put on a heart recorder to monitor my heartbeat as it often has irregular rhythms and they were tryin to catch it. 

I decided to take the rest of the year off to recover and recuperate as I needed rehabilitation and speech therapy. I longed to play music and to travel as it’s what I was born to do. We still had some outstanding gigs from the cancellations and we waited and waited to see if I would be okay to travel. At the end of January we decided to rebook two Polish dates for the end of February 2020 to make up for the fees already paid for the one show (originally spent on flights as part of the tour). As I said earlier letting people down isn’t something I ever feel good about so getting these make up dates back in the diary was important to me.

When the time came the doctors said I had not completed the required time In physical therapy and in their opinion I was not ready. As willing as I was to go, I was not allowed to drive or fly.

I was stressed out and couldn’t even say when I will be able to be independent enough to go back to how things were. There were so many risks and too many factors. Bad weather. The Corona virus scare. My prosthetic. I was tired of the fighting and disappointments and didn’t even know how to pay back the promoters. I was stuck. 

I hoped things would get better but I had no drive left, I’d given the process my all. The final stroke was different and was not working itself out like the past two. Every thing was so much harder with minimal results. I was tired. And sorry to have let people down.

The one thing that keeps me moving forward Is that I'm working on music whole lot more so that I would be ready to get out there again when the time was right. I got a good outlook and plan to do my absolute best. And whilst money can't buy the happiness to be working so fluidly it’s still what we need to make our world go round.


Fast forward six months and here we are. The COVID epidemic removed any chance of earning from gigs, the state took away my disability benefits long ago due to me earning from touring and the minute royalty checks just about covered my outstanding bills.

Im not one to ask for help - it doesn’t sit comfortably with me -  and i believe you should never get something for nothing so here I am offering to you what I can. Unreleased remixes, Back Catalogue Material, Exclusive Merch, Video messages, Remixes you name it

One day a Lil someone called Louis told me "you gonna live to do some major things and that you are a survivor." 

And thanks to you all, I’m still here and I do it all for you!

That’s all from me, God bless you all, in Jesus name I pray amen!!


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