Help Pembrokeshire people defeat DARC radar!

by PARC Against DARC in Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

Help Pembrokeshire people defeat DARC radar!

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We're campaigning to stop the US military building 27 huge radar dishes over the skyline of Pembrokeshire's Dewisland peninsula.

by PARC Against DARC in Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With our stretch target, we can reach every Pembrokeshire resident with a personal letter, fill the county with roadside signage and run ultra-targeted political campaigns in order to put the maximum pressure on the decision-makers to scrap DARC permanently.

The US military has proposed what may well go down as one of the most outstandingly ill-judged military ideas in the UK’s history: a radar array made up of not one but twenty-seven radar towers, spanning over a square kilometre, which would be visible across the magical skyline of one of Wales’s most iconic national parks and key pieces of tourist infrastructure, the Dewisland peninsula in West Wales.

The radar array, named DARC, would produce radiation levels completely unsafe for human habitation; drive a wrecking ball through the tourism, property values, ecology, animal and plant habitats of the people’s landscape; and stand as nothing more than a monument to the needless, sabre-rattling, expansionist vanity project that is the United States’ lurch into an attempt to dominate all of space, against the stated wishes of almost every nation in the UN.

Pembrokeshire residents, however, are if nothing else famed for our resistance.

In 1991, faced with a near-identical over-the-horizon radar array project barely a couple of miles away in Dewisland, the people of Pembrokeshire formed PARC (Pembrokeshire Against the Radar Campaign), and after one of the most sensational, national and viral UK campaigns of the 1990s, demolished the radar plans, and forced Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher herself to cancel the entire radar project.

Well, PARC is back—and we’re here to repeat history.

To pull it off, and defeat the US’s attempt to colonise space in a way that no citizen of the county, the nation or the world has ever voted for, we are going to need all the support and solidarity we can bring together.

Running a campaign of this magnitude involves many costs. Our website, flyers, placards, stickers, venue bookings and all kinds are some of the costs we will have to meet regularly.

PARC, however, has never been short of ambition. We have ambitious plans that potentially extend into writing to tens of thousands of residents, making roadside signage, and targeted campaigns designed to apply the maximum pressure at the critical pinch points in the political system where we can have the most impact.

Can you chip in to help us keep space safe for the next generation? Any amount you can spare would go a long way to help us in our campaign, and every penny raised will go directly to preventing DARC radar from ever seeing the light of day—in Pembrokeshire, in Wales, in the UK, or anywhere we have to fight.

If you can help, know that your kind donation, and the spirit with which it’s presented, are met with the deepest of appreciation.

Thank you for reading!

Join us in PARC Against DARC today. Let’s make DARC history!

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