Help Nicola replace his 5 stolen instruments!

by Burrells in Saint Leonards-on-sea, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 20th March 2023 we successfully raised £3,715 ( + est. £583.75 Gift Aid ) with 80 supporters in 28 days

We would like to aim for £3,000 to help Nico although the total value of the items is £14,000. If 300 people give £10 each we can do it!

by Burrells in Saint Leonards-on-sea, England, United Kingdom


The wonderful Nicola Barbagli - oboist, recorder player extraordinaire runs Istante Collective  and the brilliant series Baroquestock in Heath Street Baptist Church, London, where the following items were stolen in one fell swoop together with his orange rucksack on December 8th at 10pm:

- BAROQUE OBOE plus Reeds 

- 3 x wooden baroque RECORDERS



- 2 x 4TB Hard-drives

- Passport and several other documents/cash/personal items

The police is been informed, Instruments and laptop were unfortunately not insured. The value of all the lost items it's about £14,000 but we now know that the church's insurance will contribute with the 70% of it. The Church's Choir has raised an extra £1.200 (thanks Emily Gray!!) therefore we only need a 'little bit' of extra money and If we all chip in a little, we will soon make enough money for him to help replace all the items. 

In the meantime one of the instruments (the bagpipe!) has been found on Hampstead Heath at the beginning of January. It misses some bits of wood and all the reeds are lost but hopefully still playable, oboe maker Joel Raymond will be in charge of the needed repair. At this point there is only a very slim chance that the other instruments  will be recovered, especially if they have been left outdoors on the Heath since December...

Specifically the raised money will help Nico in:

- buying the new baroque oboe from oboe maker Randall Cook

- buying the new 3 recorders:

descant & alto  from maker Lorenzo Lio 

tenor (still to be found!) 

- travel's cost to the instrument's makers' laboratories (Basel, Milano, St.Gallen among other..)

- buying new reed making tools/reed cane/cases

- paying back his new laptop

- paying maker Joel Raymond for the bagpipe's repairs 

Nico has also organised a small fundraising concert on 25th Feb , 7.30pm at Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead (London) as part of 'Little Things in Odd Shape 2023' - one of many series of concerts that him and Istante Collective's doublebass player John-Henry Baker runs at that church. 

The concert is free entry and any donation will be put towards Nico's instruments. Nico would really love that any donation you might decide to make, would be an 'imaginary-ticket' for the concert:)  AND if you happen to be free on that date, please do come to the live concert! 

Thanks to John-Henry Baker and his multifunctional audio-recording abilities the concert would be also live streamed for all the friends that can't be there in person. Please check  Baroquestock Festival FB page and Baroquestock Festival Youtube channel at 7.30pm on Saturday 25th Feb and help us to share the links on social media pages and with your friends abroad!



Little Things in Odd Shapes 2023
|| - Unusual Chamber Music - ||

Saturday 25th FEBRUARY - 7.30pm
Heath Street Baptist Church

G.Ph.Telemann - Triosonata TWV42:Es3 for oboe, obbligato harpsichord and continuo

Frescobaldi - toccata 

F. Mancini - recorder sonata in D minor
(amoroso, allegro assai, larghetto, allegro)

J.S.Bach - Sonata for oboe and concertante harpsichord in G minor BWV 1030b
(andante, siciliana, presto-allegro)

- Interval with homemade Italian focaccia/cakes and wine!! -

N.Mateis - Airs and grounds (on the scotch humor)

J.S.Bach - ‘Ich Habe Genug’ Cantata Bwv 82

baritone - Philip Wilcox
oboe/recorder - Nicola Barbagli
harpsichord - Sean Heath
theorbo - Ettore Marchi
violin - Oliver Cave
violin - Henrietta Wayne
viola - Francesca Gilbert
cello - Miriam Nohl
Double bass - John-Henry Baker

HERE the FB event link in case you want to help advertising the event on your social media pages! and Thanks 

If can't make this concert but you would still love to see Nico and his friends playing live you can come to the concerts on 4th March and 11th March (see below poster!) or SAVE THE DATES for next BAROQUESTOCK festival from 27th April to 14th May 2023!



Below you can listen and discover a bit more of Nico's musical life and playing, on some of his stolen instruments:

Live at Bucarest's Baroque Festival back in 2019:

Bach - BWV82 'Ich Habe Genug' :

Bach's BWV56 'Endlich, Endlich Wird Mein Joch' : 

M.Haydn's Divertimenti with Istante Collective:

ah, yes:) ...THE ACCCORDION, at Italian Sounds in London 2022, for PERGOLESI's LIVIETTA & TRACOLLO

Handel's Occasional Oratorio aria with Tenor Marco Angioloni, few days before Nico's instruments were stolen:

At the moment Nico's has started a long term recording project:  

L.A.Lebrun's 6 oboe concertos , never recorded before on historical instruments,  in a new commissioned chamber arrangements made for Istante Collective:


All this story of loosing musical instruments have undoubtedly disrupted both Nico's freelance work as well as his musical activities with Baroquestock and Istante Collective. If you want to get in touch with him, support any of his projects or simply have a chat... please contact him directly! 

here his FB social media account 

and his email: [email protected]

Thanks so much for reading all this, we hope you will be willing to help with this cause!

Naomi & the Burrell (& Nico:)









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