70,000 Trees To Save The Planet Pledge

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70,000 Trees To Save The Planet Pledge

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We aim to collect 70,000 tree planting pledges from people and businesses to offset CO2 and help save our planet from the climate crisis.

It's simple to become climate changemaker. Being a part of our 70,000 trees goal will sequester 3,990 tCO2 in total from our atmosphere.

The trees planted provide local forest families in Africa with food security and an income, by trading the excess produce they grow. The trees also create homes for native wildlife and increase biodiversity on each 1 acre plot which is maintained by each forest family.

Can you help us to reach the 70,000 trees target? If you’re able to, please support our crowdfunder and pledge your trees to save our planet today! 

How can I help?

1. Click the blue donate button to plant a tree for 50p.

2. Start a 'Fundraiser' to start your own project and collect pledges using your unique link to share with your network.

3. Connect with us & share our crowdfunder link to help us collect more pledges.

What do I get?

Through our fantastic rewards on offer, our tree pledgers can opt in to be awarded a Trees To Save The Planet certification via email with their name or business name and the amount of trees and carbon they've offset.


"If just 1 in 4 of UK citizens pledged to plant 240 trees today, we would be a carbon neutral nation tomorrow."

Only together will we reach our target of making the world carbon neutral. With less than 35% of our wild forests left. We urgently need to make up for destroying over 50% of our forests to date. With the rate of tropical deforestation doubling in the past 15 years, according to NASA:

"If we continue at this rate of destruction, the rainforests will be gone at the end of the century."

Without our forested watersheds and wetlands, we will loose 75% of our world's accessible fresh drinking water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and ecological needs. Deforestation directly diminishes our neutral resources for the essential things we often take for granted such as the clean air we breathe.


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