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by Generation_2050 in England, United Kingdom

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Non profit publisher aims to raise £1000 to send 1000 copies of new children's book to charities in India for humane education programmes!

by Generation_2050 in England, United Kingdom

The Goal

Generation 2050 is a non-profit social enterprise which publishes children’s books to inspire a kinder world, because we believe that stories bring ideas to life. We are aiming  to raise £1000 to send 1000 copies of our new children's book ‘Rafi’s Indian Dream’ to charities in India who run humane education programs.

The Book

'Lonely street dog Rafi meets a young girl in a busy train station in India. Join them on the ride of their lives across the Indian railway.'

This is a heart-warming tale set in India with a message of friendship and compassion at it's core. Not only will the reader enjoy exploring the sites of India with the characters but they will also learn about the lives of children and dogs in another part of the world and develop an understanding and empathy with situations, people and animals outside of their direct personal experience. 

The book is aimed at kids between 4-10 years old.

Rafi's Indian Dream Preview

The Cause

Tree of Life for Animals, an Indian animal rescue charity, approached Generation 2050 to create a story that could help them deliver their humane education program and create and sense of empathy and understanding for street dogs in Indian children. Generation 2050 were delighted to help and set about creating the story and included TOLFA's key messages about animal welfare. The idea evolved and we wanted more charities to benefit from the book, so here we are launching a crowd-funder to send 1000 books to four different charities that run education programs to help children and animals in India; TOLFA,  Help Animals India, KISES and The Welfare of Stray Dogs.  

 The Indian edition of the story will be printed in both Hindi and English to reach the widest possible audience and help improve literacy in both languages.

Reaching our campaign goal would mean so much to the charities benefiting from these books and in turn the children and animals that they help. As well as being fun and educational for the children, we believe this story will inspire them to see street dogs as emotional, individual beings that deserve compassion.  

Charities Benefiting from the Books

We have teamed up with 4 charity partners in India who will use the books for humane education and literacy programs.

1.  Tree of Life for Animals

TOLFA  is an animal rescue centre in Pushkar Northern India. They  run humane education outreach programs for kids of all backgrounds because they believe education is crucial to improving how animals are treated.

"Rafi’s Indian Dream will be a fantastic asset to our education program. We 
believe that this beautiful story will help inspire children to see street dogs as 
emotional, individual beings and show them that forming lasting, loving 
bonds can be beneficial to both them and the animals in their communities."
-  Clara Nowak, TOLFA,,uk


KISES organise educational programmes for some of the most downtrodden and overlooked members of Indian society.  For example, KISES are introductng the Children of the Vijayawada Dump to education for the first time in their lives and they are in urgent need of teaching materials and story books to open the children’s eyes to the possibilities of the world around them. 

"These children, who have nothing, will not only learn about animal welfare through the Generation 2050 Project, but also the joys of story-telling and the thrill of owning their own books. These books can then be shared with the inner-city children who will attend the proposed new KISES school for slum kids in Vijayawada." -  Jem King, KISES,

3. Help Animals India

Help Animal India  supports many smaller grass roots animal welfare groups that provide community education across India. They believe that humane education is vital to changing attitudes from the ground up which is of utmost importance in improving both community safety and animal welfare as without community buy-in animal welfare legislation in India is ineffective. 

" Humane education is of utmost importance in improving both community safety and animal welfare and Help 
Animals India is happy to be working with Generation 2050 to distribute these 
educational booklets to countless children in India."  -  Jessika Ava, Help Animals India,

4. Welfare of Stray Dogs.

WSD is a Mumbai based animal rescue charity that focuses their education work on the need for sterilization and rabies prevention. They educate people from all walks of life in schools, public spaces and in slums. 

“The distribution of the book on humane education will help further our objective of making children more sensitive and kind towards animals, reduce cruelty towards animals, especially street animals and make  children role models for us, adults to follow” -  Abodh Aras, Chief Executive Officer. The Welfare Of Stray Dogs(WSD), 


Please help us make ‘Rafi’s Indian Dream’ come true and support our campaign today. Every book sold will pay for three more to go to India, so you can enjoy a good read and give the child in India the gift too, some of who will never had had a book of their own. We also have lots of other rewards for donations such as beautiful prints and even the chance for an advance copy of our upcoming title on the five needs of animal welfare.


More info:!rafisindiandream/z8gkh 

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Corporate Sponsorship: For £100 you will get a personal thank you from the children in India which will be shared on our social media.

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A hand-made patchwork dog bed featuring images from the book and a copy of 'Rafi's Indian Dream'. If you like you can donate it to an animal shelter and we will post it there for you.

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