Help launch a Kombucha Brewery in the Highlands

by Goodie Guts Ltd in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th February 2021 we successfully raised £20,033 with 63 supporters in 28 days

All-or-Nothing; help us get our Kombucha brewing in the Scottish Highlands so you can look forward to treating your immune system!

by Goodie Guts Ltd in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we get into the stretch target of £25,000 (which would be so amazing), then we would have to ask for less.

What I mean is that we still need to get to £50,000 to open shop but the more we get through crowdfunding, the less we have to ask for to financial institutions. 


You are going to put us one step closer to our goal! Thank you so much!! 

Who Are We?


I'm Clara, 29 years old and the founder of Goodie Guts Ltd! I have been working in the hospitality industry for 10 years now so you can rest assured that my customer service and accountancy skills are spot on! I'm obsessed with fermented foods and look like a bacteria and yeast scientist when I do my Kombucha experiments. 


This is Vanille, who will be working with me. She's younger but wiser than all of us, and the one making all these cool drawings you can see! Needless to say she's the creative one and Goodie Guts' personal designer. 

What's Our Goal? 

We want to bring fermented foods to the Scottish Highlands. Make sure the community has a healthy immune system so it can be prepared to fight nasty bacteria and maybe even viruses (especially roaming in winter).

Kombucha is our main product for the first year and the idea we are talking to you about on this page. But if all goes well, there will be much more in the years to come; sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass, fermented relishes, sourdough brownies etc. 

I, Clara, have read the following book when it came out as a bestseller and my life changed for the best after that: 


If you want to read it, i's featured in all rewards from £20 - kindle or paper version whatever suits best!

What Is Kombucha? 

It's a cold drink made by fermenting tea, that helps improve general intestinal well-being and thus helps your immune system. The most popular legend places the origin of Kombucha in China about 2000 years ago, whilst the first records of the beverage are from 19th-century-Russia. I like to think that both are true and that wherever it originated from, it serves everyone's health in the same way by providing:

- Probiotics: goodie bacteria that will help you fight badie bacteria

- A better digestive system: yummy necessary enzymes 

- Antioxidants (especially from the green tea that we brew with)

- Help to prevent lifestyle diseases like joint and heart problems

Remember that nothing is good in excess, but I recommend a 300ml glass every morning to guarantee a good physical and mental health.

I sure did have a happier and healthier lockdown with my daily dose! 


What's Clara's Personal Kombucha Story?

1609715138_img_0869.pngKombucha became part of my daily routine about a year and a half ago. Vanille was talking about the Kombucha she was buying from a health shop and promoted it as being "really tasty & with true health benefits". I had read the bestseller Gut by Giulia Enders and was already sold on fermented foods and the stomach being our second brain! So when I tried Kombucha that day and felt it's benefits a few days later, I was immediately sold!

1609416538_img_0860.pngMy partner and I were in Tasmania, Australia at the beginning of 2020 and we thought it was paradise. You might think it must be because of the perfect beaches and the cute wallabies? No (well a little bit but...)! It was the dedicated fridges that every shop had for Kombucha! Our minds were blown by the endless selections of brands and flavours...and them being accessible everywhere we went...YAY!

I was so inspired and intrigued that I bought my own Tasmanian SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast ) at a farmers market in Hobart and brewed my first booches (brews) there, having fun experimenting with it. We lived in an attic space and it was soooo warm, our first booch was super-explosive.

And yes, when we had to fly back to Scotland because of Covid 19, we could not leave that beautiful SCOBY behind*...


*Please note that if you put the SCOBY in your partner's suitcase and it explodes, your partner will have vinegar-smelling clothes for a while...

Now being back in the Scottish Highlands, I had access to some of the world's finest water! My brews became so much better for it and I realized that a lot of Highlanders weren't aware of what Kombucha was or what it could do for you. With all the hillwalkers here and the evidence of a community that is looking after its health, I started wanting brewing on a larger scale to give away to local friends. I bought a 15L oak-barrel and BAM, got my first delicious barrel-brewed booch about 14 days later (ok, my partner and I drank it all but we did give most of the second booch away...). 

It's after receiving extremely positive feedback that I got the confidence to start a business from it, so I started doing research on the market and the possibility of opening a brewery...

Why Trust Us? What Do We Believe In?

We believe that a lot of small actions can play a big part in creating an eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical and organic startup that plays its part in the local economy. Kombucha is our main product for the first year, but as soon as possible we will get heaps of different fermented goods for yous to try and give your advice on! It's not just about a product, it's a way of life. 

We are genuinely passionate about fermented foods and what they can do to maintain a healthy immune system. At home, I personnaly make sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough brownies and crackers...(Tricking yourself into thinking you are being healthy is not a crime...right?)

We promise to always do the best we can to be transparent about what we brew and how we brew it! 


There's nothing we value more than your trust! 

What's The Target Breakdown?

I need £25,000 for equipment, and £25,000 for the first 2 months of working capital and maintaining a positive cashflow! 

I we get to the £20,000 target, then I will have much more credibility in front of private investors to ask for the rest. I have only been living in the UK for 2 years and so the banks do not like my credit score... and thus will not allow me to borrow. 

But the more I rasie, the more credibility I have in front of private investors! So let's do this!!

How Do You Get Rewarded For Your Support? 

Goodie Guts' journey can only start with your help and support!

Remember, it's an All-or-Nothing campaign, so you will get your money back if Goodie Guts does not see the light of day. But if all goes well, we want to make sure you are receiving fair rewards for believing in us!


£2 or more: Vanille will be painting, by hand, this very special tree of ours on our Wall of Honour in our brewery in April. Your name will be the equivalent of one branch! 


£5 or more: You are one branch of our special tree and you get FREE Highland Shipping on your first order once we're up and running. For 6 bottles of Kombucha, Royal Mail will charge us something like £6. So it's well worth it ;) 


£10 or more: You get to try the booch and get our totebag, without paying any shipping for it! 

Each bottle if 300ml and is £2.95. To that you add our totebag and free UK shipping and you get a bargain.


£20 or more: You get 2 bottles of booch, a totebag and the bestseller book that got me started on gut health! It is a book-shelf MUST have and we are giving it to you today. When choosing this reward, you will be asked to choose in between 2 options: Getting the "Gut" book* or getting another one because you have already read this one. 

*Kindle or paperback :)


£30 or more: Now who said BAR-GAIN???? 

We are introducing this very special reward for only £30 that will knock your yoga socks off! 

Embark on a holistic journey as soon as safe to do so! You will be invited to our brewery and office space that are ex-stables and full of character.

In the brewery on ground floor, you will be able to learn more about gut health and get a tour to see how and why we do things a certain way...

Then you'll go upstairs to our office area, that is full of natural light, so you can enjoy a lovely hour-long yoga session focused on digestion and the importance of relaxation. It will be conducted by my good friend and yoga professor Kirsty McNamara, whom I have addicted to fermented products a few months ago...haha. So she know what she's talking about! 

After the session, you'll be invited to our picnic tables outside (weather permitted) for a lovely glass of freshly poured Kombucha of your choice (of course you'll have tasted all of them and can pick the one you prefer). 

This session will be sure to reset your gut-brain connection and you'll leave feeling relaxed yet energized. 

We will form groups of 6 people maximum and are aiming to be able to welcome you in May or September (as those are the Scottish-summer months ;)). But it will also depend of governement guidelines. We will keep you updates of course. 


£50 or more: This is our most eco-friendly reward and the one I would personnaly pick if I didn't already have a Chily's bottle haha. 

So basically, you will get delivered to your door: 

- Our totebag valued at £2 

- The 500ml stainless steel insulated Chily's bottle (will hold any cold or hot liquid at perfect temperature for up to 7's amazing), filles with our finest booch. The total is valued at £35 

- The "Gut" bestseller book or any other book about gut health, valued at £10

- Free UK Shipping for this reward + FREE UK shipping onyour first order, which total values at £12

BAR-GAIN and your helping save the planet but not buying plastic bags or water ever again...Give yourself a pat (or 2) on the back!


£100: Do you want it all and you want it now? Are you already a fan of Kombucha or do you just want to make sure you experience all the benefits for a full 2 weeks?

This is the option for you!

- You'll get everything that was explained in the £50 pledge

- 14 bottles of 300ml of our Kombucha (option to choose flavours when cchoosing the reward) of a total value of £41,3. 

- Free shipping of those bottle and other goodies 

- £10 voucher to use on our website! 

All for a value of about £108 but paid £100 :) 

Again, we love bargains and want you to get some! 

All pledgers, please keep in mind that we are not here to make money, that is why your pledges are actually of better value than what you will get from our website in April... 

You are truely a superhero for pledging and believing in us and that is why we are offering such rewards. You are special and we love you!

You're outside of the UK and want to help us? You want to give an amount that is not already mentionned above? Everything is possible! Contact me through this page so we can come up with something that suits all parties!

What's Left To Say? 

You rock! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. Thank you for believing in us and doing wathever you can to help!

If you cannot afford to give anything, just remember that it would help us a lot if you were to share our vision on social media or even talk to your family and friends about it. 

Some statsto make you feel guilty for not sharing? ^^

- One person in 20 visiting the page will actually donate

- That single person out of 20, will probably visit the page 5 times before actually pledging and that is IF that person keeps being called for action

So please help us by sharing! Talk to yourself, your boss, your partner, your animal(s), your neighbour, your coworker, or even a person walking past you in the street! (keep the safe distance though...) 

Any sort of help is welcomed just now. We thank you in advance and hope everyone stays safe and well!  


Clara & Vanille x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

5 of 24 claimed

A holistic journey

Featuring 2 hours in our brewery (Bunchrew, Inverness) where you will embark on a wellness journey! We will talk more about gut-health, show you around the brewery and get you to try our products. But the best part of it, is that you will also get a one-hour yoga session with my friend and teacher Kirsty McNamara, focused on relaxation and digestion. Come meet us and learn how to trust your guts. As soon as safe to do so...

£2 or more

Every Quid counts!

Get our eternal gratitude and be a branch of our Tree of Honour, on our Wall of Honour, hand-painted in our brewery!

£5 or more

Free Highland shipping

You get our eternal gratitude, a dedicated branch of our Tree of Honour and FREE Highland shipping on your first order with us!

£10 or more

Every Quid counts!

Give anything from £10! We'll hand-paint you name on the Wall of Honour of our Brewery! You will also have a vote counts double; everytime we are thinking of launching a new flavour or product. Your voice will be the first heard and be of double value compared to the rest of the folk voting on social media. And a code for free UK shipping on your first order! More than £10? Contact me!

£10 or more

Try our Kombucha

Eternal gratitude, a branch of our special Tree AND 2 bottles of our Kombucha, sent to your door, wrapped in our awesome totebag!

£20 or more

I want to learn more about gut-health

Good choice! You get all that is in the £10 reward + the bestseller book "Gut" by Giulia Enders! The book that got me started on fermentation in the first place. If you already own it, I will get you another book about the beauty of fermentation! I have so many recommendations...

£50 or more


This features a Goodie Guts' tote Bag and Stainles Steel Thermos (500ml ) that will be filled with our finest booch! These bottles are awesomely insulated to maintain the temperature of any type of liquid whatever the weather! Try our oak-barrel booch and help save the planet! Of course, you'll also be on our Wall of Honour :)

£50 or more

The GOODIES Guts...Get it?

Featuring the bestseller "Gut" by Giulia Enders (or another book about fermentation), a Chilly's Stainless Steel vacuum insulated bottle worth £30 (you will take it everywhere with you, trust me), and FREE UK shipping on your first order from our website! We'll even throw a nice totebag for you in that box...YAS!

£100 or more

The Featured

You'll be on the Wall of Honour, get all the eco-friendly goodies and...14 bottles of Kombucha! You'll be able to mix and match once we officially announce the lovely flavours of our brews :)

£100 or more

I'm a Kombucha fan, give me the works!

You get everything included in the £50 pledge + 14 bottles of Kombucha delivered to your door AND a £10 voucher to use on our website. YAS YAS YAS! (Just so you know what your money is going towards, the bottles of Kombucha are 300ml and cost £2.95 each)

£250 or more

Yummy 2-month-subscription

Above all, you will get a 2 month subscription to our Kombucha! I personally have a bit less than 300ml every morning, which means that I am planning to send to you the equivalent of 24 bottles a month :) You'll be able to get the subscription whenever suits when it becomes available, and pick the flavour you want!

£500 or more

1 of 40 claimed

Let's party

Above all, we would also like to personally invite you for a tour of the brewery, followed by a cocktail party (just outside Inverness). You'll be able to taste the booches, give your opinion, make pre-orders and learn how to brew at home if wanted. We are two French women so we can guarantee excellent cheeses at the cocktail! Come meet us as soon as safe to do so.

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