Help Exe Valley Brewery Build a Beer Garden!

by Exe Valley Brewery in Silverton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 8th June 2021 we successfully raised £4,782 with 56 supporters in 28 days

We believe beer brings people together – Help Exe Valley Brewery build a beer garden to do just that!

by Exe Valley Brewery in Silverton, England, United Kingdom

Here at Exe Valley Brewery, we love beer. We also love Devon, and the beautiful Exe Valley that surrounds us. And we adore our local community. We are so lucky to have these wonderful things, and we want to create an inviting garden space to share them; hosting people for tastings, community events or just a pint!


Our Vision

We have a space at the back of our brewery that was previously a storage yard for our casks, and after a productive lockdown clearing and tidying, we started to see the potential of the space as more than just storage... 

We want to create a welcoming, relaxed, comfortable space that people can really unwind in. We'll use natural and recycled materials to create something that reflects and amplifies our location and nestles into our beautiful surroundings; from beer barrel tables and seating, to wooden benches; an outdoor kitchen area for pizza or bbq nights, and a raised deck to really take in the Exe Valley views. (See sketch below)


And this isn't just about people coming for a pint (although, we can't wait to do more of that!) but we want to create a flexible space that can benefit our community. A place where groups can come together and meet - whether it's the local theatre group planning their next production or hosting a pot-luck supper club for the people of Silverton - we'll provide the beer, everyone brings a dish, and we all get to know our neighbours better. 

We can even host events - mini beer festivals, live music or even a comedy night!


And with everything we do, we want to connect and include other independent producers and makers in the local area; from the incredible pies from the Exe Valley Farm Shop, to the beautiful pottery of RAMP studios. We'd like to incorporate and find space for as many local producers as possible, so that the beer garden becomes a real showcase of the best the Exe Valley has to offer.

Ultimately, we want the space to not just be ours, but the community's - something that benefits everyone, and makes them proud to have us on their doorstep. 


Our Story

Covid has been a tough time for us as new brewery owners. We bought the brewery the day before we went into Lockdown 2 (1st November 2020), and despite being fully aware of the risks involved, we hadn't quite anticipated another six months of pubs being closed! 

We've worked hard to come up with ways to keep the brewery going, and are really proud to have kept the brewery open, brewing and solvent during the past six months. It's been an interesting start to our journey, but we're grateful to be here and still so excited for the future!


Home delivery and gifts have kept us going, (and we are so grateful for everyone who's bought our beer for themselves or as gifts  - we wouldn't still be here without you!) but we need to keep developing the brewery for us to really thrive. 

We bought the brewery because we believe in great local produce, but also because we were keen to invest in and be part of our local community. Silverton is the most wonderful village, and the community spirit is really special. One of our goals was to find ways that the brewery could offer more to the people of Silverton, and at the same time provide new opportunities for the brewery and we think we have the answer, with the Exe Valley Brewery Beer Garden!


And with this location, we feel like it really would be a beautiful spot to come visit!


Why We Need Your Help

While we've managed to keep the brewery going, with the costs of brewing beer and paying the tax-man, we just don't have the funds to really transform the our storage yard into the garden space we want it to be. We've done as much as possible ourselves, but if we want to take the next step, we'll need some help from you!

But we aren't asking you to donate - we have put together an amazing selection of rewards in exchange for your support. Whether your a beer lover, or not, and wherever you are in the world, we have something to say thank you. 


What's on offer

We have come up with a whole host of rewards and ways you can support; from beer (of course!) to merchandise, from being part of the build and some unique brewery experiences.

These can be bought for yourself, but also make an amazing gift and can operate as gift certificates too, perfect for dad for father's day! (We can provide vouchers/ certificates for you)

If you're not a beer drinker, you can still support us with merchandise rewards, or your very own plank on our deck!


All of the rewards will be valid for 2 years to make sure they can be used as easily as possible. (We are happy to extend this as well if needed for Covid reasons, although we obviously hope that this won't be the case!)

We can also ship lots of the rewards too, so even if you aren't local to Devon, you can still support us, and we hope come visit us soon! (Shipping costs are not included.)

What We Need

As we said, we've made a great start having cleared the space, and tidied our side access, plus we are already fully licensed - so all we need to do now is landscape it, and furnish it. This would ideally include:

- Levelling the space (£1,500)

- Re-surfacing it (gravel/bark) (£3,000)

- Building a raised deck (£4,000)

- Building an outdoor bar & kitchen (£3,500)

- Furniture (benches, tables, umbrellas, heaters) (£6,000)

- Planters & Decor (£2,000)

- WC, Plumbing & Electric (£3,500)

- Storage Shed (£3,000)

- Marketing the space & the business (£1,000)


How it will work

The aim is to raise £27,500 to create the perfect space. If we can't raise that much, we will still convert the space, and will just work within whatever budget has been contributed, getting creative with suppliers, doing more of the work ourselves and adapting the plans. 

In the dream scenario that we get more than our target, we will invest the extra in other facilities, additional furniture or landscaping, and additional marketing for the brewery.



We'd love to raise the money by mid-June, so we can get the garden up and running in July. It's a tight turnaround, but having it ready for the summer is the dream!


We are happy to answer any questions and give more information on any aspect. Please do get in touch with us if you want to talk about the project.


Open to ideas!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for the beer garden, we'd love to hear them! Similarly, if you have any recommendations for suppliers or would like to volunteer to help us build it, we'd love to hear from you!


Whether or not you support us financially, thank you so much for reading our story. Please do share with whoever you think might be interested, and we hope you can come visit us in the garden soon.

Libby, Kevin & James

Team EVB Xx


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£60 or more

12 of 100 claimed

All A-Board & On Deck!

Be a part of the build, and a permanent part of our beer garden! Sponsor one of our deck planks and we will engrave the plank with a name of your choosing. Also includes an individual invite to the grand opening night.

£10 or more

2 of 100 claimed

Tipple for Two

As the famous TV show goes; two pints of beer and a packet of crisps! Come and enjoy a pint in our beer garden as soon as it's open, (or to take away if you want it sooner) along with some classic pub snacks. Beer & snack of your choice based on selection available at the time.

£10 or more

Badge of Honour (& Beer!)

Wear your support on your sleeve, (or more likley jacket!) with a lovely Exe Valley Brewery pin badge. Your pin will be sent with a hand-stamped postcard.

£20 or more

6 of 50 claimed

Grand Opening - Invite (1 Adult)

When complete, we'll host a private launch night for supporters, with BBQ (Meal Ticket for Burger/Sausage & Sides) Snacks, a special launch beer included, other beer available at discount. Reward is for 1 adult, but a family ticket is also available!

£20 or more

Beer Money - £20

A £20 voucher for Exe Valley Beer to be used either in the beer garden, or for take away/delivery beer or even party beer!

£28 or more

Exclusive Beer Wisdom T-shirt

Only produced for our Crowdfunder backers, made just for you with the text “Life is Brewtiful” or "Love is Ale You Need” - a little bit of beer wisdom you can share with the world. (We'll make these to order too, which is more environmentally friendly as it reduces production wastage.)

£48 or more

4 of 30 claimed

Pub in a Box

You'll get everything you need to create the pub feel at home! A Mixed Case of 12 bottles of Exe Valley Beer, a Bar Towel, Pint Glass, Coasters, classic pub snacks and pub quiz trivia game. Can be collected, delivered locally or shipped.

£50 or more

1 of 30 claimed

Grand Opening - Invite (Family of Four)

When complete, we'll host a private launch night for supporters, with BBQ (Meal Ticket for Burger/Sausage & Sides) Snacks, a special launch beer included, other beer available at discount. Reward is for 2 adults, 2 children, but individual tickets are also available!

£50 or more

Beer Money - £50

A £50 voucher for Exe Valley Beer to be used either in the beer garden, or for take away/delivery beer or even party beer!

£52 or more

1 of 30 claimed

"I Love Exe Valley Brewery!" Merch Madness

Show everyone how much you love Exe Valley Brewery with all the merch! This pack will include a Crewneck Jumper, T-Shirt, Hat, Tote Bag, Pint Glass, Patch & Pin. Can be collected, delivered locally or shipped.

£90 or more

Become an Exe Valley Beer Taster!

Be the first to receive new beers in development and provide feedback that will impact how we market and develop the beers we launch! Will include at least 3 beer packages and tastings across a year (2021/22) and you'll also get an official "Beer Taster" T-Shirt. Can be collected, delivered or shipped.

£100 or more

Beer Money - £100

A £100 voucher for Exe Valley Beer to be used either in the beer garden, or for take away/delivery beer or even party beer!

£150 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Get the Party Started!

Perfect for that next big celebration once lockdown has been properly lifted, we'll provide 2 Party PolyPins (that's 88 Pints!) of a beer of your choice for your next big party. We'll also include 4 pint glasses, beer towel and coasters for the full Exe Valley party experience. To be delivered locally or collected from the brewery.

£200 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Your Own Private Beer Tasting

We'll take you through a guided tasting of our beers, accompanied with snacks from local producers, for up to 10 people. Ideally to be hosted at the brewery in the beer garden, but could also be hosted online if you prefer. Perfect for a future celebration like a birthday or a stag party.

£300 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Beer Cocktail Masterclass

Learn some classic cocktail skills with a not so classic ingredient – beer! Our resident World Class bartender (previously ranked Top 20 in the World!) will teach you three cocktails featuring Exe Valley Brewery ales, alongside snacks, for up to 10 people. Hosted at brewery, but could also be hosted online.

£300 or more

4 of 5 claimed

A Year of Beer!

Receive a Mixed Case every month for a year, plus an extra gift on your birthday! Can be collected, delivered locally or shipped.

£350 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Be a Brewer for a Day!

Fulfil your dream and get a taste of the good life as you join us to become a brewer for a day. You'll help the team brew; from digging out the mash to adding the hops, before a well-deserved lunch of local produce served alongside some Exe Valley Beer. You'll take-away a Team EVB T-Shirt and once the beer is ready, you'll receive a cask of beer (72 pints - can be split into smaller formats), along with your own dimple jug.

£600 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Private Brewery Day & BBQ

We'll host you and up to 19 friends or family for a private tour of the brewery, including a tasting and a BBQ using the best of local produce. Perfect for special celebrations, such as a stag party, big birthday or anniversary.

£1,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Name the Beer Garden!

The ultimate reward! One lucky person will get to name our beer garden. We'll give them free-reign (within reason, for example, without profanity or other brand names) and once the name is confirmed, we'll have a sign hand-painted that will live above the bar in the new beer garden. Whether you looking for a way to comemorate someone, or have just always wanted to name a (sort of) pub, this is the perfect opportunity. Brewery McBrewface anyone..?

£1,500 or more

Your Own Label Exe Valley Beer!

We'll help you design and name the label for your beer, and apply it to 480 Bottles (40 Cases) of one of our wonderful Exe Valley beers, to make it your own. Perfect for wedding favours, corporate gifting or a big celebration! (We can increase the number of bottles too if needed.)

£500 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Name a Beer!

Come for a special tasting with our brew team, and come up with name for a new beer. You’ll receive a case once produced and bragging rights for life! (The name has to be unique, and align to the Exe Valley brand but we’ll help with that!)

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